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Nov 6th, 2014

Dr. Rinella has been my Dr. in Temecula/Murrieta for years and he's fantastic.

May 15th, 2014

Let me save all of you a very big headache! My son has gone to him for about 3 years and in all that time only got to see the doctor one time. His PA was very good at the time though so we stayed and I recently joined them and of course no Dr. Rinella and a different PA. Previous dr had put me on Norco for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis pain. When joining this dr the PA named Pratt refilled my meds but said I had to come in one month later before she would refill to make sure I was not addicted. No problem I did it then she said just call in the next month and then come back in 2 months. My pharmacy called it in 6 weeks after last 30 day supply was filled and no response.Pharmacy faxed a second and third time. Finally a week later I called. Pratt is no longer there and Dr.Rinella will not ok it without an appointment which of course will take several weeks to get. Instead he calls in Ibuprofen which is clearly in my chart that I am allergic too! Of course he will not talk to me directly and has his nurse call me back to tell me I need to see a pain management dr. My insurance is an HMO which again he would know I need referral if he looked at my chart. I also had blood work done which they called and said all is good. I had them fax me a copy and my liver enzymes were high along with my cholesterol. My neighbor also went to him until they told her that her blood work was good, only to have her end up in the ER and diagnosed with Diabetes at which her blood work at Rinella's showed. This man is in no way a reputable Doctor! Stay away from him!!!!!

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patient show details patient
Nov 2nd, 2013

I have had Dr. Rinella for 4 years now. My husband is grateful that Dr. Rinella diagnosed him with a problem that had been overlooked for years, however in the last year it is getting harder to get appts with the Dr. I have only seen the PA for the last year and a half and have sat in the waiting room for over an hour for my appt. To see Dr Rinella is becoming more difficult and we have been told he is opening a new clinic in Temecula but we are not allowed to go there. As far as his staff goes I pray I do not have a serious diagnosis because I will never know about it. We have waited for test results for 3 weeks, assuming we would be notified about results. Had to call the office and got attitude and if you question their lack of skill they sound like they have a generic response. I was told results had been faxed off to a specialist. Of course that sends a sense of panic in my head and when I called the specialist they had no fax because Dr Rinellas medical assistant did not have the correct number. I left voicemails for the MA with no return call and when confronted she said she never got any messages. Felt like I was getting into a "he said she said" argument. I hope none of those girls in that office ever get sick or have a loved one that is ill and have to deal with incompetence from a medical staff like we have been. I am debating on finding another MD

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Sep 10th, 2012

Dr. Rinella has been been my dr. for about a year now and I have been in 3 times and have yet to actually even meet Dr. Rinella. Each time I have been in they have me see someone else. Not sure if he even exists.

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Doctor never in the office show details Doctor never in the office
Aug 14th, 2012

Dr Rinella is a good doctor, however he is never in his office so you always have to see the PA. High turnover in office staff, he did downsize the office. We told him we were going to be looking for another doctor, he asked us to stay so we did and honestly nothing changed.

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Aug 7th, 2012

I've been seeing Dr. R for years. I noticed a few things I didn't like the last time I was in. I just went to his new office and was pleasantly surprised. The new receptionist was really helpful and cleared up a problem I was having with my insurance. I don't like going to the doctor, and was glad that I was able to get in and out so fast.

Jul 17th, 2012

I went to Dr. Rinella's for the first time last week. I'm new to the area and have been trying to find a good doctor for me and my family. I went in and was pleased with how friendly the staff are. I didn't see dr Rinella, I saw his assistant. Very nice lady(wish I could remember her name). I'm glad my family and I have a good doctor close to our home.

Jun 14th, 2012

Office staff and PA are unprofessional. Very rude and give attitude during any interaction with them. Do not go to this office.

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Awful office show details Awful office
Apr 24th, 2012

It's sad to say that when I first started going to this office or medical treatment i felt very comfterable. The manager to this office is very awful, she's rude,and shows no respect towards patients. On the other hand the referral coordinator promises to call patients back when it literally takes her up to a week to call you back. Alot of patients reviews are regarding the front office, on my point of the the receptionist was the most sweetest and understanding person in that office. Dr.Rinella made a very poor decision by letting her go. I am so disappointed on how this office is been ran by the dr. Its such a shame to have such a good doctor and the employees are so worthless. I am looking into changing provider. I do not care for this office.

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no accountability show details no accountability
Mar 26th, 2012

Sadly, the poster below me is correct. This is an instance where the doctor himself does not seem bad at his job, but the front office is another story. The front office is clearly very disorganized. I won't go into details (I feel like the last poster's comment is damning enough as it is). And I know it is not just his office. A lot of people have doctors with poor front desk service, and those patients all complain that it is very hard to get a doctor's office to take ownership of anything. The first instinct is always to defend the office. However, it will hurt him in the long fun if he continues to run his practice this way. I've met more people who changed doctor's because the front desk was terrible than people who left because the doctor was terrible. The problem is that even if you get a good doctor, if the front desk isn't that good, it is basically like having a terrible doctor. Your care is going to be very compromised.It's a balancing act for sure when choosing a doctor, because you have to rate the front desk just as much as the doctor.

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Office staff unprofessional and irresponsible show details Office staff unprofessional and irresponsible
Feb 15th, 2012

Dr. Rinella's office staff at the Murrieta location is far from professional. On numerous occasions, I did not receive return calls even when talking with Cora in the office who stated she would call me back. I have filed a complaint with Prime Care and will also with Health Net. Below is one example that epitomizes the "care" I received at this office.On a Thursday at 11:30 am, I called and spoke with Cora to find out what the results were from my test I had done at a specialist. Cora stated they had "just" received the reports from the specialist and she was waiting for the doctor to sign off on the reports (I called the specialist who told me the results were faxed two days prior to this date). Cora assured me she would call me back; I already had previous experience with Cora where I did not receive return calls, so naturally I was skeptical. After not hearing from Cora Thursday, Friday and Monday, I called back on Monday at 3:15pm and spoke to Cora again. Cora told me my test was "clear" and after I asked why she did not call me back she told me the procedure is to put test results in the patient's file when they are clear. I asked her if this is the procedure even when she tells a patient she will call them back...silence. I then spoke with the office manager, Samantha who told me she would take care of the issue with Cora.The next day, Tuesday, at 4:30pm, Samantha called me to tell me my specialist test results were incomplete as they were missing the second page of the fax. So, how is it that Cora told me the day before the test was "clear" and signed off AND filed, if the test copy was not complete? Samantha told me, "We are not neurologists (specialist I saw)." She is clearly missing the point here. I explained to her the problem with Cora telling me it was clear when CLEARLY the entire report had not even been reviewed! Sam then told me Rinella's office had called twice to the specialist to get the second page and they still had not received it. I immediately called the specialist who told me they got no such request from Rinella's office and the specialist faxed the results while I was on the telephone with them that minute.I eventually was able to speak with Dr. Rinella who was reluctant to "crucify [his] staff" over "mistakes" (which includes a prescription I was given without a name on it). Dr. Rinella told me "that does not sound like Cora, I will have a talk with her." Of course it doesn't "sound like Cora," he isn't the PATIENT who is dealing with her lack of professionalism and lack of accountability. To say the least, I am completely appalled at the lack of professionalism and lack of BASIC patient care. Thank God I do not have a life-threatening illness or condition on top of dealing with this nonsense.

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Office visit show details Office visit
Jan 25th, 2012

He is a very good doctor. The waiting time not that bad at all. He is very good and is very accurate in diagnosing your problems. His assistants and practitioner are great very helpful and also caring. Yes, I would recommend this doctor to others.

Dec 9th, 2011

if you are looking for a great doctor, Dr.rinella is the one. he is AMAZING

Jun 10th, 2011

Dr.Rinella has always been very nice and seems concerns with my needs. I would highly recommend him.

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Great doctor show details Great doctor
Apr 23rd, 2011

I do have to say his staff is not always up to par. Front office is not as friendly as she could be & back office girls do not call with test results as soon as i'm sure they are available but the doctor is great.He has a great bedside manner, listens to what you have to say & seems concerned about you personally. I have been going to him for three years and have no problem.

Dr. Rinella is a very good doctor and well worth a visit show details Dr. Rinella is a very good doctor and well worth a visit
by A happy patient! on Oct 15th, 2009

My wife and I have gone to Dr. Rinella's office 3 or 4 times now over the past 9 months and have had excellent experiences with Dr. Rinella. His front desk staff could be a bit more pleasant when dealing with patients, but they're by far not as bad as this other review is stating. We've never waited longer than 15 or 20 mins before seeing Dr. Rinella...and he always has an excellent bedside manner...addressing issues...making sure we're ok...and bringing up other things that we should be aware of. I would definitely recommend anyone to Dr. Rinella.

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Terrible Experience With Dr. JOKE! show details Terrible Experience With Dr. JOKE!
by Fucking pissed off patient. on Mar 14th, 2009

Scott Rinella shouldn't even have his degree let alone his medical license. His choice in front desk staff is disgusting. He calls them "office girls" and his bed side manner is disgraceful. He made me cry the first time I saw him. He was demeaning and didn't care about my condition. He basically was a jerk. It took me forever to get an appt with a specialist and his front desk staff didn't do it correctly and had me waiting at the specialist office for 3 hours because they didn't correctly fill out the forms. This doctor is a JOKE when it comes to filling prescriptions. I would definitely not recommend him. Save your sanity, money and time and see someone else. A visit to a rotten clinic is better than this freak. EW. Disgusting.

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