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 |  DO NOT GO HERE!  |  show details
by Jaz on Oct 17th, 2013

My first visit I waited 1 1/2 hours before being called back to a room. I saw a P.A. and loved him. Because it was my first visit Dr. Seema came in when he was done. All she did was read to me the plan the P.A. prescribed. She was abrupt, unfriendly and left in a hurry. I wanted to make follow up with the P.A. but was told I must come back in 4 weeks as he wouldn't be there. I asked to make it the next week when he'd be back and was told no, it had to be 4 weeks so I had to make it with Dr. Seema. Today was my follow up appointment. The girl at the front desk said she tried to call and confirmed my home and cell numbers which were correct. I never received any calls on my cell. I was told the P.A. left the practice the end of September and Dr. Seema was out of the country for a medical emergency. The next appointment available was in another month! The only reason I went here is because my husband was going here but was seeing the P.A. as when he saw Dr, Seema he was getting ready to change doctors due to her uncaring attitude, not listening and walking out of the room on him while he was talking to her. He saw the P.A. and was very impressed with him. He did not rush you, listened with full attention and was very thorough. I called home from my car and my husband told me there were no messages so the girl at the front desk flat out lied to me. I went back in and got a form for releasing my records. I will be finding another doctor pronto!

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 |  terrible.  |  show details
Apr 15th, 2013

Literally was in the waiting room for an hour, took me back to another room to make me wait for 45 minutes. Dont come here if you are type 1 diabetic the don't know anything about t1d and your just waisting your time. ALSO i never even saw the doctor i came to see i got the guy doctor i didn't even know his name he never told me. He seemed to treat my diabetes as a joke he didn't even know how to set basal rates, gave me wrong thyroid medication. Pretty much just don't ever go to this doctor because they are the definition of unprofessional.

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 |  just like all the rest  |  show details
Mar 18th, 2013

Dr is not vary friendly but still gave her a chance. Second visit was with the PA he was nice and spent about 30 min with me. Will post how next visit goes.

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 |  show details
Oct 2nd, 2012

Didn't listen at all! Would not recommend this doctor

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Aug 22nd, 2012

This doctor has no bedside manner, or cares about her patients. She expects everyone to do what she says and not have any opinions for their care. She gave me my positive cancer reading in a monotone voice and then was curious as to why I was upset.

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 |  Worst EVER!!  |  show details
Jul 13th, 2012

the most incompetent doctor I have ever met. Prescribed incorrect medication. Diagnosis was incorrect. Malpractce suit pending.

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  horrible office  |  show details
Jul 9th, 2012

I have been a patient here since 2009. Honestly I should have switched offices a long time ago but I hate having to start all over with a new practice and I've read a lot of these endocrinologists run a poor office. They used to double book appointments at their Mesa office, which looked like a prison by the way and had no bathroom. Their new office is much better but they have teenagers working there who don't care. I've liked some of the PA's but every time I go in there is a new PA. Dr. Seema Awluwalia could care less about you. She asks you why your blood work is out of whack! Isn't she the doctor? At my last appointment on 7/6/2012 I waited in the lobby for over an hour. Other patients complained and just left their appointment (and the front desk girl still tried to collect a co-payment). I also heard them say the doctor went out to lunch while her patients were sitting there for hours. They put me in the room and I waited almost another hour! Finally I came out and they said the girl didn't leave the slip on the counter so the doctor did not know I was there. The doctor just happened to walk by and said she almost left b/c she didn't think she had any other patients. She spent 2 seconds with me and rushed me out even though I had questions. This office is so poorly run. I am finally switching doctors. I also just had a baby and had trouble getting this office to communicate with my OB. Usually doctors try to protect themselves even more when their patient is pregnant but I couldn't get anywhere with this practice. Go someplace else! This office does not care about you, or your time. This lady needs to stop practicing medicine! Oh, and don't let her refer you to her husband who is a gastro dr- he's worse than she is. Has the worst bed side manner ever!

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 |  clueless  |  show details
Jun 27th, 2012

This "doctor" has no idea what she is doing. It was clear to me on the first visit that she has no idea what I have.She left the room then came back and quoted the Merck manual to me as if it was her own knowledge. I advise others to research their condition and see if what you read in books or on the internet doesn't match up word for word. I observed her doing this to someone else as well on a subsequent visit (that must be the delay). So, my recommendation is to see a real doctor unless the free internet is worth $200 of "advice" and three hours of your time.

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 |  I've had it! You couldn't pay me to see this doctor again...  |  show details
Jun 16th, 2012

On my last and FINAL visit, I wasn't seen for 1.5. hours after my appt. time and it was with the PA, who had no idea what was going on. I had specifically scheduled with Dr.Ahluwalia, but she apparently went home early that day. Average wait time is about an hour.They are constantly changing PA's.They like to book as many office visits as possible when a simple call to go over blood work is all that's needed.

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Apr 4th, 2012

Horrible medical practice, they overbook appointments the wait time is unbelievable, Every visit I felt like i was throwing my money away, once you finally get to an exam room they rush you out in 5 min you are lucky if they get your blood pressure. All the DR. does is fill out a lab slip with multiple expensive labs and says follow up in a few weeks. No explanation of problems. I was told i had diabetes and that we had talked about it before, I was in shock I do not have diabetes I was there for thyroid issues...I don't think the Dr. even knows whom she is seeing, just trying to get as much money as possible. I would never go here again!!!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Oct 4th, 2011

New patient. Waited over two hours. Staff was loud and rude. She insisted I go on insulin (glucose 86) as I would feel so much better. Had to go to E.R. needless to say, as I dropped almost into a coma. Wrote Prescription on her husband's prescription pad and for incorrect dosage. Fry's pharmacy suggested I report her. I should have. Wouldn't send a rattlesnake to her.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Diabetic due to transplant meds.  |  show details
Oct 3rd, 2011

Reading the other comments I feel like I've been seeing a different doctor! The Dr. Seema Ahluwalia I see is a very good endocrinologist; she is very caring, allows plenty of time with me & answers (respectfully) any questions I have had. The office in Mesa was a dump, too cramped etc. The Chandler office is the 180 degree difference. I like this doctor very much and will continue seeing her as long as I can.

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 |  DO NOT EVER see this DR! SO RUDE!!!!  |  show details
Aug 12th, 2011

"DR Seema Ahluwalia is THEE most UNFRIENDLY DR I have ever met in my life! She is NOT knowledgeable in her field whatsoever! She RUSHES you IN and OUT of your appointment! She makes do tests that are unnecessary and unrelated to your issue. It's ALL to rack up a HUGE bill with your insurance company. She charged my insurance for an EXPANDED NEW PATIENT EXAM on my first visit. YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE ROOM FOR MORE THAN 45 MIN in order to BILL for an EXPANDED exam. I was in that room for 14 min. I timed it because i read previous reviews on this Doctor. I work in a DR'S office so I am familiar with Diagnosis codes, and she CERTAINLY gives you Diagnosis codes UNRELATED TO YOUR ISSUE! The waiting room is SO small it has about 8 chairs, and people all just STAND around waiting. SHE OVER books herself, so generally she is over 2 hours behind with each patient. I have seen her 2 times and i will NEVER go back. Her staff is SO rude! They do NOT greet you with a positive attitude! The staff is all over the place, NO ONE knows what they are doing, and if you ask them to call you back, OH MY GOSH good LUCK! DO NOT GO TO THIS OFFICE! PLEASE research OTHER ENDOCRINE DR'S who are WILLING to help you find out what your issue is! She is just in this field for the MONEY!!!!"

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  great doctor  |  show details
Jul 25th, 2011

The wait time was more than I expected, but the time spent with the Dr after I saw the PA was more than adequate. I was informed that there was a PA student so I saw 3 people actually, but it was overall a good experience. She is very experienced and has knowledge regarding my illness.

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  NOT AS BAD AS ADVERTISED  |  show details
Jun 29th, 2011

I had my first visit with the doctor today. Yes, the wait was long (greater than 1 hour); yes the waiting room was packed. However, being a complex case, I felt the doctor spent enough time to at least diagnose some issues; request the appropriate labs; and had one of her assitants call in an Rx to my pharmacy. The doctor seems quite knowledgable in her field. I did have some problems (not many) understanding her with her accent, but overall I am glad I had the chance to meet her. I have another appointment scheduled and hope it goes as well as my first one did. Bottom line, if you understand going in that it might take 90 minutes or so beyond your appointment time to be seen and get out, i don't think you will be disappointed.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  No way I'd go back!  |  show details
Jun 27th, 2011

Saw her last yr. briefly for less than 5 minutes. This was after a more than 2 hr. wait, and dealing with the rudest staff I have ever dealt with in a medical office. Their attitudes were shameless! And the office bldg. itself was a dump, and in addition, the waiting room was so cramped and uninviting. Three strikes-1) dr. spent no time with me, 2) Awful staff 3) Dumpy office, though since then I was told her office was moving to a better location. Three strikes and you're OUT!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Jun 1st, 2011

do not ask any questions ,looks at you like you are stupid cannot understand her, she in and out sends pa no way will i ever go back to her.

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Mar 30th, 2011

Okay so I waited forever to be seen in a very small cramped waiting room. The radio was on as was the TV. LOUD! I fist was roomed by the office manager. She was nice, polite, and helpful. I then saw a medical student. Seemed like a bright fellow. Next came the Physician Assistant. Pleasant and useful. The physician wait was a bit long for my preference. But a lot was accomplished in a very short amount of "face time" with the doctor. I was scheduled for a return visit. Hopefully it was just a busy day and that wasn't the norm. I am optimistic!

  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Doctor? What doctor? Never get to see HER...  |  show details
Jan 6th, 2011

I have now gone to this medical practice for three visits, no idea why I went back after the first except endocrinologists are hard to find here, and I couldn't believe that a second visit would be as bad as the first so gave it another chance.Rude front desk staff, they act like they are doing you a big favor.Over three visits, I saw the doctor ONCE, and she was sure to give the impression of how lucky I was to have five minutes of her time. She did not examine me, just did a huge battery of lab tests and repeated what the PA had just said.On each visit I have seen students working on their own, including a medical assistant student who dropped my entire chart on the floor, cussed about it and then stood there. I suggested he pick it up the papers and organize it in the room and he looked light a light went off in his head.Then on to the exam room where a student PA took my history, etc. She then went out of the room where I heard her tell it all to the regular PA, who then came in and did it all again. She gave a diagnosis, prescribed meds and ordered more bloodwork. I asked when the doctor was coming in and she said that she talked it over with her and there was no need for her to see me. AND that Dr. Ahluwalia was busy and not feeling so great - the same line I was given on each visit.I had to contact the office again later in the day because the written prescription from the PA did not match the one called into my pharmacy - and then again because when I asked how often to use the glucose meter I was given the girl at the front desk said "three times a day". So I asked,"At any particular time? (knowing quite well that it had to be at meal time), and she replied "Any time is fine". UNBELIEVABLE. FInally she asked the PA who said fasting and before meals. Scary practice, nonexisting doctor, stay away!, I will be.

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 |  She solved my mystery illness!  |  show details
by Melissa A at Insider Pages on Sep 22nd, 2010 on

She is a super SMART doctor. Plan on a wait time, but to me, that didn`t bother me. She was able to find the answer to a health issue that...

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Ridiculous  |  show details
Sep 13th, 2010

After waiting well over an hour (1hr 45min) for a new patient visit I was attacked by this doctor. When going over what condition I may have there was no explanation - just "that's what you have get over it" attitude. When asking questions such possible ways of controlling this condition I was attacked by aggressiveness. She took offense to all questions asked and provided no answer. The visit with her lasted 5 minutes, and the rest of the visit with the assistant last another 5. The medical assistant went as far as to tell me that I probably didn't take care of myself (even though I am not overweight, do not smoke, take no drugs, eat healthy and exercise). Would never recommend!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Very poor  |  show details
Sep 6th, 2010

Wouldn't ever go back to this Dr. let alone recommend her to anyone!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
by Manila on Jun 14th, 2010

Do not go to this doctor.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Great doctor  |  show details
May 24th, 2010

My husband has been seeing Dr. Seema for diabetes for several years and she has always shown compassion. She always takes as much time as we need to have our questions answered and gives us helpful suggestions. She is very knowledgeable and always has the best solutions. We haven't had any trouble understanding her. The only downside to seeing her is the wait time. The staff seems overworked and unhappy at times. The good thing is she has now moved to a new office; we've been there once and it seemed to be running more smoothly. Some of the same staff still works for her, but they seem a little more upbeat.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Zero communication..Worst doctor I've ever seen!  |  show details
by MP on Mar 15th, 2010

I waited close to two hours for this doctor and spent about 4 minutes with her. So unfriendly and does not make an effort to help you understand your problem. I left the clinic with a list of medications that caused me horrible reactions and no clue on the reason I had been given all of it. Yes, it is true a doctor should not be chosen based on friendliness, but at least be compassionate and explain the patient about her condition especially when dealing with Hormonal issues that are so complicated to understand. Will not recommend this doctor to my worst enemy!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Feb 17th, 2010

I would not take my wife's hamster to her.

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 |  Will never go back; will never recommend  |  show details
Oct 19th, 2009

Staff was unprofessional, unfriendly, and not helpful. I had called to see about getting my second appointment rescheduled; I had to leave a message. The idiots cancelled my appointment without even calling me back! They didn't tell me that they cancelled it nor did they reschedule it! I had to call them and find this out! The doctor isn't friendly. She hardly spent anytime with me. My wait was an hour after my appointment time and she spent less then 5 minutes with me! She talked to fast (and has an accent) so I left confused and uninformed. I never rescheduled the second appointment and never will. I do not recommend this doctor or her office.

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 |  show details
Apr 19th, 2009

Pretty much what another poster mentioned...she's rather qualified in her field, but she doesn't hold hands. She really doesn't tolerate you questioning her, so if you aren't a sheep, she gets annoyed with you. She knows her stuff, but she really won't take a whole lot of time explaining herself.

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 |  Excellent diagnostician/Poor Handholder  |  show details
Jul 12th, 2008

She's a brilliant endocrinologist with absolutely no bedside manner. If you want to hear the brutal truth, follow directions, and be cured or managed to the best of modern medicine's ability-hire her. If you want a Doc who holds your hand and commiserates with no pressure. . .forget her.

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