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Horrible service show details Horrible service
Jan 29th, 2015

Absolutely horrible experience. After waiting a month to get in, they had no record of me when I went to my appt and said to call back tomorrow to speak with someone. Somehow when I called back, they had all my information and said that my slot wad double booked so my appt was kicked. I was rescheduled for 1 week and a half. So when I went in the next week, I was the only patient in the waiting room. After an hour of waiting I asked how much longer and the front desk person said there's 4 people on front of you, so at least 2 hours more. Ridiculous. And the fact that you can't bring you children (which is understandable ) meant my husband missed work the first time for jo reason and my mother drove and hour the second time to watch my kids for no reason. No respect for patients.

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Jan 27th, 2015


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Why is he still in practice? show details Why is he still in practice?
May 20th, 2014

I was referred by a friend to this doctor, my friend has a different diagnosis but one that is one of my issues other than chronic pain due to numerous back problems from a car accident. I made the appt. and wrote it on my calender as well as put reminder in phone. when they called with my appt reminder the appt time had been totally changed?! Not by minutes but by hours! Once there i waited 2 1/2 hrs before being called back into the room, once back in the room it was another hour and 10 min untill the Dr. came in. Now i do credit him in taking his time and being very thorough with his questions. Re-asking if he didnt quite understand. Well as if my exsisting problems were'nt enough for a 39 yr old, he decided that something else must be wrong with me. Nevermind the fact I was referred by my PCP after asking, had surgery, numerous MRI's, x-ray's and was also currently under the care of an Orthopedic doctor and in physical therapy...again! So after being at his office for almost 5 1/2hr his staff sends me to the lab, which happens to be in the same building. Oops...they didnt tell me that the lab closed 25 min ago. I ended up giving 18 vials of blood, $4800.00 in bloodwork!!!!! Soooo....appt time again, had this set right after i "donated", they called with the reminder...different DAY & TIME this time! All to be told what was already know, nothing else was wrong! He then told me he couldnt treat me for my pain due to insurance issues (LIE) and that i needed an Internist as he just so suspects I have Fibromyalgia! Because all my other tests, doc's an surgeries were for nothing, right? WOULD'NT SEND MY WORST ENEMY TO THIS MAN!!!!!

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This Dr. is a liar, disrespectful, and horrible staff show details This Dr. is a liar, disrespectful, and horrible staff
by Ruined my life on May 1st, 2013

This Dr. wrote a report on me that I had to pay for That I would of swore was a different patient if not for my name. He never got closer than 5 feet of me but in his report he said he did all kinds of test. He should lose his license he gets paid for test he never performs. The wait is 3 hours ,his staff is disrespectfull, and very rude. Dr. tells you u dont need to make appt. for a shot but his rude staff tells u otherwise. Which the Dr. has lied many times to your face. Do not go to him, there are too many other Dr. that will treat you with respect.

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by Totally Ticked Off! on Apr 19th, 2013

STAFF UNBELIEVEABLY RUDE! They treat you like you are a complete idiot and with ZERO respect. Be prepared to wait 2 hrs just to be taken back to wait even longer in the exam room! Also be prepared for cancelled appts with no notification (so you drive 40 mins to make your apt that they cancelled without telling you) & to be "dropped" (at any time) from their service for no reason and no explanation. THEN be forced to pay for the records you NEED to complete your treatment plan and continue with the necessary medication needed to do so. All the while being treated like you are a terrible person for needing the treatment in the first place (even though you cannot help it)! This place is a class act, I tell ya, if you want to be treated like crap and raked over the coals... If this is how they treat their decades long patients I'd hate to know how they treat the new ones. I guess it's all just a money machine now so they don't need to respect anyone's time or health!

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Mar 19th, 2013

This doctor is very unprofessional. I had to wait 3 hours one night after work and had to cancel another appointment scheduled for the same night. It is very hard to schedule an appointment and the office staff has let people in to see the doctor out of order after people complain about waiting (if emergency, ok, but they had been waiting the same amt of hours then complained about sitting there. It can be very rude to patients who've waited a lot longer). Patients in the waiting room have talked about waiting 4 hours. Parents whose younger children need the doctor wait just as long. The doctor can be rude and judges you not based on medical opinions. He lets people know they "Do not have to wait"? I've never seen that happen. I would recommend changing doctors or looking into other doctors first.

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Great if you don't mind waiting show details Great if you don't mind waiting
Aug 7th, 2012

I hate waiting, and if you dont have the first appointment, you're bound to wait 1-4 hours. Because of this, I've switched doctors several times. However, I always ended up going back to Dr. McPherson who I first saw 12 years ago. He knows his stuff, he really truly cares, and other than the long waits, I couldn't ask for a better doctor.

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Jul 16th, 2012

waited for 2 hrs one night, a patient in the waiting room told me the longest they waited once was 4 is also hard to get an appt when needed

Insurance Fraud show details Insurance Fraud
Mar 1st, 2012

He had ordered prostate exams, charged my insurance company, ordered bone marrow tests, which were never conducted but insurance was charged. I reported him to the State of ohio board of medicine. Hopefully he will lose his practice when they look further into this fraud of a "doctor".

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WOW show details WOW
Jan 23rd, 2012

Horrible dr.

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Ms. Darlene Canty show details Ms. Darlene Canty
Oct 17th, 2011

Im satisfied

Bad Experience show details Bad Experience
by Anonymous on Jul 25th, 2011 on

I had this doctor for a long time treating my anxiety and chronic headaches. Then one day out of the blue he switched me from tylox and xanax to some ...

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good for parkinson's show details good for parkinson's
Apr 7th, 2011

Bit of a wait to see this doctor, but he takes all the time you need to answer any questions and he explains things so I understand. I like this doctor. Know that others don't like him, but he works great for me.

Educator show details Educator
Jan 24th, 2011

Very bad doctor, all about money and very selfish.

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Poor service show details Poor service
by Unhappy in Ohio on Dec 20th, 2010

Shows no compassion, staff acts like they would rather be home.

Not an epilepsy expert! show details Not an epilepsy expert!
Oct 6th, 2010

At first, McPherson seemed to be an epilepsy expert. After none of the meds could stop my seizures, he just suggested I go to a psychiatrist in Kent. I then went to the Cleveland Clinic, where they know much more about epilepsy than he does.

Great Doctor! show details Great Doctor!
May 6th, 2010

I have been seeing Dr Mcpherson for 7 years after breaking my neck. He is thesweetest man who listens and respects hispatients. If I have to wait I know it is because he is talking with others as he talks with me to understand their problem.I was Blessed to find him and may God always Bless this man. He is wonderful. Rose Brown (

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Feb 15th, 2010

I loved Dr Mcpherson at first. After a few appointments and a handfull of tests, I could get none of the results. My appointments started getting cancelled, one without a phone call. I took time to be there, and they would not see me. He should not even be practicing medicine. Do not go there.

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Oct 15th, 2009

It's been 7 months & all I get are more pills that don't make me sleep. Our medical card for prescriptions is almost depleted & I have a cabinet full of drugs that I have only taken a few of. What a waste of money!

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Jan 20th, 2009

At first I thought the world of him...but then due to the lack of prompt response from his office people, lack of being able to get prompt prescription renewals and providing prompt prior approvals. I am very disappointed in him.

Aug 20th, 2008

My son's experience was very similar to some of the others. At first, he too loved Dr. McPherson, but when the tests did not back up the original diagnosis of a stroke, Dr. McPherson refused to consider anything else. He would not order physical therapy or any further tests even though my son's condition continued to worsen. He then began cancelling appointments at the last minute.After going to a doctor who is more concerned with finding the cause of the problem than with his own ego, my son now has a diagnosis and is being treated for MS. Unfortunately, the damage done while proper treatment was delayed cannot be undone.

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