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Dr. Sharon Maturo, MD
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Apr 17th, 2014

When I read reviews regarding long wait times and time spent with patients I am shocked. Yes, you may have to wait, especially when seeing an OBGYN, babies don't come as scheduled. I will never complain about waiting for a good doctor. My experience with Dr. Maturo has been nothing but positive. I was probably the patient before you that made the Doctor behind. I'm sure Dr. Maturo spent longer than 45 minutes with me going over my cancer diagnosis and our plan. The nurses handled all of my appointment scheduling with the many specialists I had to see. The morning of my surgery, imagine my surprise to see Dr. Maturo walk through the doors at KU Cancer Center just to sit with me and hold me hand in pre-op. Dr. Maturo and her staff went above and beyond. I am forever grateful.

Feb 28th, 2013

Waited over an. Hour and a half for apothegm. Nurse rude. Then they had wrong chart. They did not even apoligize! This is my last visit to this doctor.

Doctor's Response

I remember this unfortunate situation because it has only occurred once. I completely agree with you that it was unacceptable to have the incorrect chart. I brought this incident to the attention of our office manager. We looked at each step in the process that led to this problem. I completely understand if you don't recall my apologizing to you several times. Lastly, I spoke with my nurse about the frustrations of dealing with people who are frustrated in a more gracious manner. She is usually quite caring and concerned. We would love to continue to see you, but understand if you choose to obtain care elsewhere.

Jan 18th, 2013

I got in to see Dr. Maturo the same day that I called. I had symptoms of a yeast infection after having been on steroids and antibiotics for 2 weeks from a respiratory infection. She did a blood test, took a culture. She came back in the exam room and told me that I do not have a yeast or bacterial infection and that she THINKS that I have Stevens Johnson Syndrome and that she doesn't treat that. I would need to see a doctor that does. Handed me a slip of paper with this written on it and left the room. I came home and googled it and about fell out of my chair. It was potentially fatal. It was Friday evening and I could not get in to see a doctor until Monday. I called 4 ER's in the metro area. Three of them said "we are turning people away because of the flu epidemic" and the other one said "if you come in, wear a mask and gloves". I decided, even though hysterical and still in a lot of pain, to wait til Monday. I got in to see a dermatologist who was appalled that I was given that kind of diagnosis without the tests to back it up. Dr. Maturo also did nothing to see to it that I was helped. If you have Stevens Johnson Syndrome, you are ER material. It turns out I had a big reaction to the steroid injections that I took for the respiratory problems. DOCTORS LEARN IN MEDICAL SCHOOL THAT YOU NEVER GIVE A DIAGNOSIS TO A PATIENT WITHOUT TESTS TO BACK YOU UP. THIS WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR AND PUT ME INTO A SPIN FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. I couldn't sleep and did a lot of crying. THIS SYNDROME IS F A T A L. What kind of doctor does this!!!!!!!!!!! If she did this to me, she has probably done this to other patients.

Doctor's Response

First, I have to say that I am truly sorry for making you worry to this extent and would have appreciated a call to know that you were this concerned! You were worked in as a new patient with a problem, and unfortunately we had not met before. Perhaps this is why you did not call? I am very sorry, but also concerned that you were "hysterical" and did not let me, nor my office know about this. Though you understandably made a number of assumptions after reading the internet - I will attempt to explain what I would have told you if you had only called the office... You likely did have a case of Stevens Johnson Syndrome which, as I explained, is a reaction to a medication (whether it was the antibiotics you had been on or the steroids - I do not know which, but I suspect the antibiotics). I examined you in the area of concern. (Dermatologists often do not look at this area.) It is likely your doctor was simply unfamiliar with this rare presentation of the vulva. Though I have read extensively on this, I have only seen it rarely in my entire career. Acutally, any kind of physician (even another gynecologist) would likely have little understanding that this very uncommon diagnosis can actually be localized. This is why you got the response you did from the emergency room to wear a mask and gloves. This was technically correct on their part since they had no other details. You did not go to the ER though, I noticed. Why would you wait until Monday to see anyone if you were this concerned? I suspect it was because you did not have any of the worrisome symptoms that sounded life threatening that you read in the internet description. Though this diagnosis can be fatal, it certainly does not have to be. In your case, a small area was affected. Without question, I would have sent you to the ER if I thought you were in danger anyway, and I would have told you of my concern I also would have worked you in to be seen with another type of physician while you were still in my office. You may recall I prefaced the diagnosis with "I don't know if this is what you have, but it is not something that I treat." I have never myself told anyone else that they have this diagnosis because it is so rare. In fact, I have not seen it in many years before you presented with it. There is not a specific test for this condition. I also wish that medicine were as black and white as so many people think it is. Even though I very much believe that you were given the correct diagnosis, I very much sympathize and apologize for the upsetting nature of the weekend you endured. I would hope this unfortunate situation might help others learn to be very cautious about interpreting things on the internet. In any case, I am certainly glad you are doing better and wish you the very best.

Sep 11th, 2011

I was not satisfied at all with my experience at this location. I can see my review a not typical, which is encouraging, but I for one will not return. I had never had a pap smear primarily because of fear and I expected a lot more time and explanation of the procedure. I was very uncomfortable and left feeling confused. Not to mention I waited 45 min in the lobby and then another 45 min in the doctors a doctors gown. I apologize for the bad review but this was something that needed to be said. I don't recommend this location for any first timers. Perhaps the experience is different for returning patients. Sadly, I'll never know.

Doctor's Response

Pap smears can certainly be frightening to women who have not had them before. I usually make it a goal to explain the procedure as I go through it. I would encourage you to ask questions if you don't feel comfortable especially, so that we can discuss and address all of your issues. Part of the reason for your wait sometimes is that I AM explaining things and making sure everyone's questions get addressed. We also attend to deliveries, emergencies and hospital calls throughout the day. I would love to spend more time with you at your visit in the future so we can revisit any and all of your concerns!

Mar 14th, 2009