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by Monica on Dec 17th, 2014

Dr. Pickel is the worst doctor to have for any pregnancy! This was my first pregnancy and she was compassionate or personable. She just wanted to get things done and get out of there as soon as she could. The first time hearing the heart beat, me, my boyfriend, and my mom all cried and she looked at me like I was crazy and just left immediately. Not even a "congratulations" NOTHING. I just switched doctors. I have yet to meet my new OB (Dr. Gordan) but I'm sure he'll be twice the doctor Dr. Pickel is!! I wish I knew about this website earlier to read reviews about her.

by MJ on Aug 10th, 2013

Omega OBGYN is the biggest scam!!! They don't care about you as a patient and don't value your time. I took time off work, had my appointment set months in advance, showed up to my appointment 15 minutes early like i was asked. Only to sit in the waiting room for 1.5 hours and no one ever having a courtesy to let me know they are running late, nothing! When I came up to talk to the receptionist, I was told the Dr was busy. I asked when will I be seen and was told that "I'm too busy to find out, you'll just have to wait". Seriously!!!!! This is how they treat their patients?!! When asking for the 3rd time after being there for over TWO hours, I was told that the doctor had more important thing........wait what?!!! The doctor wasn't even in the office?!!! NO ONE said anything to me on the phone when I set up the visit. When I asked if doctor was on call and if maybe i should reschedule my visit, the receptionist stared at me like I was an annoyance in her day. I will NEVER go to this practice of any other associated with it, and trust me I'll be spreading the word. I have never been treated in such disrespectful manner. I've read the review and though, oh they can't be that bad, I'll give them a try. BIG MISTAKE!!!! If this is how they treat new patients, I can't imagine being treated by them as an existing patient. Go spend your money somewhere else, where you will be treated properly and with respect.

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Agree...bad dr. show details Agree...bad dr.
Feb 7th, 2013

These are not crazy Internet reviews. Dr. Pickel is not a good dr. She is rude. She didn't introduce herself to me either and acted like having my 3rd baby was a bad thing. She made a big deal to put me on medication, but then never even called it into the pharmacy! If your looking for a caring dr with a nice bed side manner, dr pickle is not the dr for you.

No. Way. show details No. Way.
Aug 15th, 2012

I started going to Omega years ago & I just found out that my husband and I are pregnant with our first. I was a patient of John Pickel for years but found out with my pregnancy that he didn't deliver anymore, thus we were pushed off to his daughter. I haven't even had the chance to meet this woman yet, and I don't plan to. I have made an appointment with another Dr. (another facility all-together) because of the difficulties I have had with Omega over the years. I made this decision after SEVERAL conversations with the front desk staff and Dr. Pickel's nurse. Every single person I spoke with treated me like I was incompetent for asking questions, the favorite comment to make was "I'm guessing this is your first?" I feel like they should already know the answer since they have been my doctor since I moved to Texas... I was also repeatedly asked my due date when they were the ones who assigned me one in the first place. I called Omega after my at home test and asked to see a doctor to be sure. They assured me there was no reason to do that, but I insisted and made an appointment. I was seen 48 minutes after my scheduled appointment and was told "Well, just like we told you on the phone, you are pregnant." Okay, so now what? These people are completely lacking in compassion, I dont know when to schedule my appointments because I have never done this before. I feel like the staff needs to be re-trained on what it is like to deal with a woman who has just heard the biggest news of her life! The final straw was when Dr. Pickel's "friendly" nurse called me to discuss financials. They wanted a certain percentage of my payment (what insurance wouldn't cover) on my first appointment. I told them that I hadn't even met her and still needed to discuss my options with my husband, I had also planned on meeting with another doctor and a midwife. She then told me that I had a week until my scheduled appointment and advised me to figure it out by then, and that it didnt matter because I wouldnt get to meet Dr. Pickel on my first visit anyway. Im so happy that my girl friends all recommended someone else to me, they have been so supportive when I call and have questions. They aren't charging me anything other than my standard copay on my first appointments in order to give me time to decide what is right for our family. I will never recommend Omega to anyone.

Mar 23rd, 2012

I just got off the phone with my cousin who took her daughter for the first time to a gyn. Her daughter was crying on the way home-dr walked in the room and first of all didn't even introduce herself-never even smiled! During exam was ruff and didn't hardly say a word to her (making her feel very uncomfortable). The patient had a couple of questions and her answer was "girls like you need to see a psychiatrist". I hate it that her first experience to a gyns office had to be like that.

Dr. Pickel show details Dr. Pickel
Oct 18th, 2011

Dr. Pickel delivered my daughter earlier this year. She got me in so quick when I decided to switch of Matlock OBGYN at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had a very hard and emotional pregnancy and she was helpful and caring through every part. It really showed she cared when she would actually ask me about my life and use the names of people in my life. She listened to me whenever I had something going on, and she even noticed things I did not. When she had asked me about my "kick counts" at the very end of my pregnancy I mentioned that I could feel the baby moving, but wasn't doing the 10/2 hour amount. She scheduled me for an emergency sonogram and come to find out my daughter was running out of fluid and who knows how long she was going to last in there. They decided to throw me into labor and my daughter was born the next day. I never once thought that anything was wrong in me, but she took what I said and realized something was wrong. I have a very healthy baby girl. I am so thankful that she listened the way she did. She has an amazing bedside manner. She is the only doctor I will recommend, and I had one of the top rated doctors in the metroplex for about 7 years.

risked my life! show details risked my life!
Sep 9th, 2011

Her dad delivered me so I thought I would like her helping me with my first pregnancy. HUGE mistake! TO make a 9 week long story of wrong diagnosis short... After FINALLY finding that my pregnancy was ectopic and having a methotrexate shot to dissolve it, I started having pains and went to the ER. The fetus measured 4.2 cm, twice the size when had the shot and the Dr at the hosp said its their procedure to operate on anything over 4 because my tube could burst. They called and told Pickel they think i needed surgery asap and she told me to wait and see her tomorrow. DIDNT even try to see me that day! I went to see her and she said that it was up to me if i wanted surgery but it for sure would not get bigger and my body would absorb it. Surgery would just to eleviate the discomfort so it was up to me!I left and didnt feel right. I called a Dr a Baylor and told them what was going on and they told me to come in right now they were going to do emergency surgery. Good thing they did because when they got in, my pelvis was already filling with blood and my tube could have burst any minute and if that would have happen i would have bled so fast i may not have made to the hospital. She has no idea what she is doing and it is dangerous! She is awful and her nurse is even worse. It took 5 calls and 2 days for her nurse to call me back to let me know if I was still pregant or not after a miscarriage scare. KIND OF IMPORTANT NEWS!Going to Baylor was night and day from Omega. I had gone to omega since i was a teenager so i didnt know any better but now that Ive gone to Baylor, i cant stop thinking of how amazing and caring they were. They saved my life.

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Pick another doctor show details Pick another doctor
Apr 26th, 2011

I took my daughter here believing Dr. Pickel was a good doctor. WRONG!! The very first visit she NEVER introduced herself! She merely walked in & basically said to my daughter 'so you're pregnant' (bedside manners??). I stood up shook her hand and introduced myself! Most importantly my daughter never received the care she deserved, thus delivering a month early to a very low weight baby due to Pre Eclampsia something she was never told she had. I believe this office is all about making money - bottom line! Never choose a doctor with more than 1 office, money is their main goal. This doctor has 3. Don't go here if you are looking for a doctor with compassion.

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