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STEVEN FALATYN IS A BUTCHER, Stay away, or live the rest of your life in pain. show details STEVEN FALATYN IS A BUTCHER, Stay away, or live the rest of your life in pain.
by Darin Arthofer on Jan 28th, 2015

If you have a simple operation planned, this simple mind MAY be able to handle it. Due to the abundance of information available and printed on the internet I found NUMEROUS other patients who have had botched surgeries by STEVEN FALATYN. What the problem is, he tried to make me believe, reinforce the notion, I was getting better. Month after month I felt worse. This went on for over a year. At the year and a half point this idiot makes me take a mental stability questionnaire. Are you depressed? Well yes, you didn't fix me, and now I am worse. Who would not be. The more I read I have found others this guy butchered. Over and over I read how they questioned him, just as I did. Falatyn became irate, until the one visit he had to admit I didn't fuse. But once again it was me, so sorry, I was the problem. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HACK. He pushed me off, pushed me off, by the time things were done, so much time passed. I went to an attorney. He told me this was not the first time he had a client visit him in regards to this Dr, and the Dr did exactly the same thing to the other poor patient. Falatyn, you ever read this, you can call me. I request you call me. Please, do. The last office visit I had you walked out on me saying you couldn't do anything for me...that was right after the statue of limitations past. Maybe he is smarter then I gave him credit. Patients beware.

Dr. Falatyn show details Dr. Falatyn
Jan 8th, 2015

I was referred to OAA by my family physician after I fractured 2 vertebrae and was in extreme pain. My first initial visit was with Dr. Falatyn. He walked into the exam room, with barely a hello, turned his back on my husband and me to look at my ex-rays and didn't utter another word other than to say......this could be cancer, you need an MRI. He then proceeded to walk out of the room.That was it! I looked at my husband and asked him what in the world just happened? A nurse came in to escort us to check out. By this time, I am in tears, so we asked her to bring Dr. Falatyn back into the room to answer our questions. His condescending demeanor when he came back into the room only added to my fears. He was VERY reluctant to answer questions and made us feel like we were wasting his time. Due to the nature of my injury, and issues with insurance, I was not able to switch doctors (I tried, believe me!!) At my last visit, when I told him I was still in significant pain, he proceeded to ridicule me and tell me that if I expected to go out on permanent social security benefits, that I was sadly mistaken and I was NOT disabled.I never even mentioned going out of work permanently. I left his office and I pray to God that I never have to deal with this man ever again. Please do yourself a favor and do not subject yourself to the demeaning attitude of this man. He has the personality of a rock, the bedside manner of a wolverine and all the compassion of a snake. I was forced to select one star, but if I could have, he would have received zero!

disrespected show details disrespected
by Gary baker on Jun 28th, 2014

the worst experience I've ever had with a dr.I was still going through quite a bit of pain after surgery and therapy.l asked for some pain meds.He told me that l should never ask for pain medication again! I was done with him that day.

I am so happy that I found Dr Falatyn show details I am so happy that I found Dr Falatyn
by Sally on Nov 18th, 2013

I was in such pain before I saw this wonderful doctor. I was limping for about 6 months and was about to lose my job. My leg pain was terrible. I got an appointment without much trouble and I was surprised that we talked for a good 10 or 15 minutes about all the non-surgical options for my back before he even mentioned anything about surgery. I wanted surgery and I am doing great. No pain! I saw him for one year check and I thanked him for doing such a wonderful job. He is very skilled and has great bedside manners.

After statute of limitations runs out.. show details After statute of limitations runs out..
by John McCauley on Oct 10th, 2013

so are you, the patient, out of his practice.... I was in an accident back in 1995.I had only missed approximately 2 weeks work after accident. After seeing numerous doctors & chiropractors I saw Dr. Falatryn in August of 1998. He noticed my last lumber vertebrae was fractured in 3 spots & that I needed a spinal fusion & laminectomy at L5-S1. He told me it would require a small incision, he would use hardware to fuse my last vertebrae, and cadaver bone mixed with some of the bone he'd have to remove for the hardware & that I'd be back to work in 6 weeks maximum. That surgery took place on 4/20/99, at St. Luke's Hospital of Bethlehem, PA & I was 32 years old. I went under anesthesia around 5am on 4/20/99 & didn't come out until 1am 4/21/99. I couldn't feel or move my legs & had severe lower back, hip & chest/rib pains. Never saw Dr. Falatyn again, the whole time in the hospital which was around 10 days. I complained constantly that I wasn't getting any pain relieve from morphine drip until the 9th day when I woke in a puddle of morphine. The needle was broken in my arm & just collecting in the gauze that was rapped around my arm like a cast. I walked into the hospital but had to roll out. To use a walker, I could only drag my legs. The pain in my hip was incredible that no drug could mask. Apparently that's where he took bone out of, when he was supposed to use cadaver bone material. He kept seeing me, giving me false hope, Said that it was normal & part of the healing process. He NEVER took any blame for making me extremely worse. Then he started telling me it was ALL in my head. He did the surgery correct & I was possibly faking it. He kept getting nastier & nastier at visits & the visits got shorter & shorter. He just kept prescribing more & more drugs, as well as physical therapy. At the 2 year mark, almost to the day, he had his new assistance call me & tell me I was no longer wanted in his practice & that I had reached full medical potential. In this time, he expanded his practice & went out on his own. That's when if I physically could, I would've broke his back, paralyzing him to make us even. I had been looking into numerous law firms to sue him for medical malpractice but was unsuccessful. They were just as incompetent & arrogant as Dr. Falatyn was. Apparently, he was "the main man in Lehigh Valley" & I couldn't get ANY spine doctor to dispute my fusion in court, in any capacity. Then one day I caught a live feed on PCN TV, of a bunch of back "specialists", including Dr. Falatyn, discussing his "break through & 100% success rate, of spinal fusions." I called in, told the operator I was one of patients to discuss his "successful" methods. Well, I did the opposite & spoke the truth. Dr. Falatyn was cringing the whole time, stuttering & making up BS excuses. After the break, they switched subjects. Once he's paid, he wants nothing else to do with you, especially if he feels that you fall into his unsuccessful stats. Eventually I became a patient to Dr. Steven Mortazavi, pain management. He ordered a nerve conduction test, where it was discovered that the higher the current, I could move toes that where completely paralyzed.I also had some sensation back in my legs, especially my right leg which suffers from more nerve damage than the left. He told me about a company called ANS which had back stimulators & it their unit could possibly help me. In 2006, Dr, Mortazavi installed a unit & I could eventually walk again. No more pain meds, wheelchair, walker & eventually no more braces & cane. This lasted until early 2012, when the wire lead in my spine broke. (i'll do that review & the Doctor responsible soon.) Since this horrible experience with Dr. Falatyn, who RUINED my life since from age 32, I'm gonna be 46 in a couple of weeks, I've had numerous tests, numerous procedures & indescribable pain, BECAUSE OF HIM. Other than the period between 2006 to 2012, thanks to Dr. Steven Mortazavi, my quality of life was tolerable. Before him, I was involved with my children's athletics & auto racing. I was a mechanic & welder at CSI Enterprises of Bethlehem, PA. So many years of severe pain & paralysis, taken away from me & my family. Simple things like playing catch with my sons were robbed from me. Most of the time, I couldn't make it out of the house to watch them, never mind participate. I can't believe he hasn't been sued into obscurity. I'm still battling this fusion with severe chronic pain, even with a "new & improved St. Jude's" stimulator, to no avail. I wouldn't recommend this monotone, emotionless, money hungry butcher to anyone.

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Ruined my young adulthood show details Ruined my young adulthood
by Victoria Kelly on Jul 28th, 2013

I had 3 failed surgeries performed by Dr. Falatyn when I was in high school. I could not lay down, breath, walk, or have a normal teenage life. These failed surgeries led to 2 more surgeries done by Dr. Boachie in NY. I lost 7 years of my life going in and out of hospitals. I was in chronic pain until the doc in NY could fix the horrible job Dr. Falatyn did. Dr. Falatyn refused to believe he did something wrong, even when he looked at a post op X-ray and was surprised to see that he left metal in the was meant to come out because I was allergic and rejecting it. RUN! BAD!

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Miserable doctor stay away show details Miserable doctor stay away
Feb 7th, 2013

All I can say is don't waste your time. Worst doc I ever seen in my life. Very nasty. I don't care if he might be good surgeon his bedside manners really suck.

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I am never going to recover only worse. show details I am never going to recover only worse.
Oct 1st, 2012

This doctor has no bed side manner and after he does fusion he is done he calls it a failed fusion like i would let him cut me again.. Never have had so much pain in life will never get better . He is mean and acts like he is to good to be in same room oh only after surgery before seems to care then see you go to pain management not his job. Terrible person Truly .

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refuses to see patients show details refuses to see patients
Sep 19th, 2012

Don't even bother wasting your time with this doctor or practice. He will refuse to treat you since obviously he has no morals.

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Amazing! show details Amazing!
Jun 22nd, 2011

My friends just got surgery today.. (6/22/11) for her scoliosis.. and he did the surgery for almost 9 hours. From 8:30 AM to 5 PM and im so happy that my friends parents picked this surgeon. He is the best of the best. It will take time for my friend, Holly, to heal.. but thanks soo MUCH!

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A miracle worker show details A miracle worker
May 29th, 2011

My mother kept falling, losing her balance and could never figure out why. She was treated by internal medicine and orthopedic doctors in St. George Utah with no relief. Neurosurgery on her spine in Las Vegas NV didn't help much either. Eventually, she went to Dr. F, while spending the summer here in the Lehigh Valley. He diagnosed her correctly, operated on her and now she's like a new woman at 81. Dr. F has all the attributes you'd ever want or need in a physician and surgeon.

May 4th, 2011

He took the time to explain to me what was wrong with my back and he helped me to make the right decision for myself. Office experience was excellent. Very satisfied with my care.

Don't waste your time show details Don't waste your time
by BEWARE on Mar 10th, 2011

I do not know how he gets such good reviews. Do not trust him. Two surgeries and four years later all he can tell me now is "I don't know". That is his answer. BEWARE It is only your back.

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Jul 29th, 2010

Treated me horribly and in a demeaning way. He is not the person he appears to be initially. Have serious physical limitations and chronic pain following surgery. Have been told by other specialists I have to see now that he performed a needless surgery. I am now being seen by several specialists. He has anger problems and I feel he is desparate just to make a few dollars. I may never recover. What it has done to me emotionally is horrible. What it has put my family through is horrible. He takes advantage of vulnerability and is ONLY in it for a quick buck. I am concerned for people that may also be taken advantage of by him.

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Bedside manner (caring) show details Bedside manner (caring)
by Joan Wielgus on Apr 27th, 2010

Dr F is the most caring attentive doctor I have Dr Helene Leonetti runs a close second.He would give me a hug and supported me prior, during, and after surgery. The survey would not let me give a "4 Star" Rating

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