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Repeated failed surgeries. show details Repeated failed surgeries.
by Charlemagne Killough on Feb 8th, 2015

I had to have repeated surgeries, because his failure. He talks like he's perfect.. But he's full of it. Wish I never used him. Never ever follows up.. NEVER.

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Nov 21st, 2014

Dr. Cyr is a wonderful, compassionate, and committed surgeon with a proven track record of positive outcomes for his patients. I had a spinal fusion three years ago with a nearly 100% recovery. However, it is unfortunate that I have had a negative experience with his office staff, including the nurse. During the summer, I had an unfortunate situation happen when I fell on my spinal fusion and several months after the accident, I had (and still have) pain around my fusion area (l4-S1). As expected, after the first visit, nurse Ross recommended an MRI and CT scan as well as x-rays. After all was said and done, I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks so I made another appointment at the Boerne office, and she reviewed the Radiologists notes during my appointment while I sat and watched. Afterward, she then turned to me and said she didn’t understand his notes, and would need to order a re-read from the Radiologist. At that point she assured me she would follow up with me as soon as she received it, and she would even ask Dr. Cyr to review it himself, and that I would not have to pay for a third visit. Two weeks came and went and nothing. I called and left multiple messages and finally received the call. She explained that the Radiologist had a typo, which made perfect sense, and then that was it. I said, did Dr. Cyr review the MRI? Her response was yes, and that everything looked good. I was quite surprised that she had no recommendation for physical therapy, or a Neurologist or other specialist. This clinic has essentially left me behind as they move forward with their massive amounts of surgical candidates. I find this to be an unacceptable approach to practicing medicine. Moreover, I’m offended by the lack of professionalism that I have received. Nurse Ross was certainly nice but disorganized, unprepared, made unfulfilled promises, and had no recommendation for what to do next. The last thing she said was, "give us a call if you have any problems". Seriously? After some phone calls and other meetings with doctor friends, I am well on my way to working with a more caring, supportive group that can respond to the diverse needs of their patients.

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You"ll never see him after surgery. show details You"ll never see him after surgery.
Feb 17th, 2014

If you need surgery, he is great. Eloy is great. Ms Ross should not even be in this field. She is totally incompetent and has no idea what she is doing. Unfortunately, after surgery it is IMPOSSIBLE to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cyr. He will do a complex procedure and give no pain medications, and kick you out of the hospital too soon so they can move more money making patients in. Yes, he is a great surgeon. His office policies and incompetent staff are tiresome. The first review stating "my recovery after my surgery is entirely my responsibility" couldn't be further from the truth. You will need good follow-up, and you will need someone that doesn't only want to see you before surgery. If you need a minimal surgery, go for it. If you need a complex surgery, beware of never seeing him again after he cuts on you. Mixed feelings here.

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Feb 7th, 2014

Unfortunately Dr. Cyr, being a military Dr., does NOT see Tricare Prime patients. How very very sad is this?! I guess he is going for the $$.... Very very disappointing.

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Dr Steven Cyr show details Dr Steven Cyr
by dp on Dec 5th, 2013

I've known Dr Steven Cyr one year, I'm currently under his care and making the decision to have lower spinal surgery. Twelve years ago I had spinal fusion on C5/C6 and C6/C7, so I understand success requires an outstanding surgeon and personal commitment to therapy and health after the procedure. I'm certain Steven Cyr is the outstanding surgeon to perform this procedure on my spine, but the determination and focus on therapy, health and healing after surgery is fully my responsibility. I find Dr Cyr's conservativatism regarding the recommendation to have the surgery, prescribing the accurate and correct amount of medication and the consideration he willingly gives shows true experience and dedication for his patients. Steven Cyr is a very busy man; dedicated to helping people, giving to the San Antonio community and loving his family. However, when Dr Cyr consults with me as a patient, Steve is laser focused on my well being and the procedure required to get me back in the gym at 100%.

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After surgery in worse pain and no help show details After surgery in worse pain and no help
Jun 21st, 2013

Dr. Cyr does explain things well, take his time explaining things and answering questions prior to surgery. After surgery even with significant postoperative problems good luck even seeing him again. They even have the office set up to reduce sightings of the doctor. The hall is a U shape he's on the right side where you go before surgery. The left side is where you go after surgery. You are seen by the nurse practitioner or the physician's assistant. Both useless especially if you have any serious question. The PA hardly look at you unless you take off your jacket and happen to have a cleavage then he stares at is and carries on the rest of any communication with your cleavage it's almost comical if it wasn't so sick and you desperately need some real medical assistance. There's much worse just to much to write.

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Wow show details Wow
Oct 2nd, 2012

This doctor is to busy so they pass you around in there group till they can really figure out what is wrong.

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Best Doctor in the USA hands down show details Best Doctor in the USA hands down
Aug 17th, 2012

I have sent my family and buddies this Mayo trained spine surgeon helps all and is humble and very down to earth better than any spine surgon you will find in the USA. It takes time to see him but he si worth the wait he cured me after 2 others surgeons screwed me up. HE is handsome smart and no bs! LOVE THIS DR!!!!!!!!!!

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Great surgeon.....but show details Great surgeon.....but
May 16th, 2012

Excellent surgeon. However, they need to be careful in expectation setting to family members. Able to run jump and play post operative is not the same for all patients. Some of us older people do not heal as well as others and to go cold turkey of pain medications one has been on 5 years prior to surgery is not well understood. A good pain doctor would have been helpful. But again being out of town is a problem.Keep in mind the physicians in Texas are PARANOID about pain medications. Thanks to the illegal pill mills. Getting pain medications when your surgeon is in another city is not easy.Also, if from out of town and you have a 12 hour procedure and 3 month recovery it is not always easy to travel and get an an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Despite that! EXCELLENT SURGEON!!!!

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Dec 1st, 2011

Thank God for Dr, Cyr. I had surgery on my shoulder 2 months ago....My surgoen spends less than five minutes with me, i went today for my knee, he though i was going back for a follow up on my shoulder?????? no comunicaion on he staff. so now i have to go back in one month..... He is a good surgen but he does not spend he time to see how u r feeling, five minutes and he is gone to the next patient....I LOVE DR CYR,yes u wait an hour or maybe two i waited four hours, and i will do it again, im having surgery on my spine and he spend a lot of time with me and my husband, he explain step by step the procidure and he answear all our questions, so if u want the best.....he is the best,so it is worth the wait.

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Morty show details Morty
Apr 26th, 2011

Hi! I recently visited Dr. Steven Cyr's clinic to get a second opinion concerning a lumbar fusion surgery. I incurred a back injury whilst playing Rugby as a youth in Stoke-On-Tent, Staffordshire, England. 30-some odd years has passed and the on-again, off-again pain was beginning to adversely affect certain moments in my life. I relocated to the San Antonio area about 4 years ago, and recently sought advice from a large local surgical group. Their chief spine surgeon recommended very aggressive surgery, giving me no other recourse on the non-operative front. I quickly made an appointment with O.S.I., and spoke with Eloy Castaneda. He explained that from all appearances my injury could probably do with conservative treatment, and if that did not work then other options could be discussed. He explained that Dr. Cyr would make the final decision as to whether or not a conservative approach would be adequate. I saw Dr. Cyr a few days later, and he said that Mr. Casteneda was spot on, and that I should begin physical rehabilitation and stretching exercises as soon as possible. After some weeks my back pain began to lessen, my range of motion increased, and I began to feel great! Suffice it to say that this less involved approach was refreshing, required no invasive treatment and saved me a lot of time and money. I never required long-term pain killers and I am now pain free. Thank you to the staff and most especially to the compassion and professionalism of Eloy Castaneda, and the kindness, patience and expertise of Dr. Steven Cyr. I could never recommend another Spine Surgeon or practice. O.S.I. is a Godsend!!!

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Apr 25th, 2011

I saw Dr Cyr a few months ago for a neck issue. He took a lot of time with me and was very informative. I was really touched by all of the testimonials from patients on his web site. Has a very good reputation as a surgeon and is the highest trained spine surgeon in San Antonio! I will only go to him for surgery.

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Regarding the wait... show details Regarding the wait...
Apr 20th, 2011

Anyone fully reviewing these comments can clearly see that the wait is due to the amount of time Dr Cyr spends with his patients. In a era where patients are accustomed to doctors spending 5-15 minutes with them, this lack of patient (customer) service has become the norm. The problem could be resolved by spacing the appointments out further, but, unfortunately, that would require the office staff to know what the problem is prior to setting the appointment. Unfortunately, the administrative staff is not manned by MDs so therefore they would have no way of discerning that. The complexity of the Spine is something only a well-trained surgeon (or surgeon's NP/PA) would be able to diagnose. When the patients actually get in front of the doctor and they start to discuss their issues, it is not in Dr Cyr's nature to cut them off. He will answer all their questions, no matter how long it takes, then he will ask if their family members have any questions. That is also how he has trained his mid-level providers to treat the patients. Consequently, sometimes that will cause a back-log in the clinic, but for good care, that is the price. At the Mayo Clinic, patients routinely waited up to four hours for the same reasons. I know as my Father was a patient there. Having said that, my Dad is 100% healthy now and so are his hip joints. The result of superb care. Dr Cyr trained there and that is his style and personality. However, he does not know until the patient is in the room if all they need is therapy - which is simple; or if they need a complex spinal fusion, which is not. When you lay that information on a patient, you can't just cut them off and say, "your 15 minutes is up". He won't do that. Often times the patient is in shock and has a lot of questions - he will literally hold their hand and walk them through this very scary process. After all, it's just your spine, right? Thank God for people like him. And, by the way, he is just as good and conscientious a Dad and Husband. I would know. God bless all of you who take the time to do your research and write comments. Have a wonderful day. Respectfully, Leann Cyr ;-)

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TO GET SUCH AMAZING CARE, the WAIT didn't matter show details TO GET SUCH AMAZING CARE, the WAIT didn't matter
Mar 14th, 2011

Yes, I waited two hours but who cares? if when you get to see the doctor, you get the best care you have ever gotten in your whole life from any doctor, let alone a SURGEON! Easily solved, just bring a book!Dr. Cyr is just, what can I say?, EXCEPTIONAL!!! He recognized my deformity and was willing to tackle it which dozens of other doctors over the past four years could not see or did not acknowledge they saw it because, then, they would have to admit they didn't know how to fix it.Dr. Cyr actually MEASURED my bones and knew exactly where the problem is and how to restore my spine.Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience his superb surgical skills because the hospital turned the surgery down. The reason given was because they would lose money on such a big case. Get ready if you are eventually going to be a Medicare patient, save your money to pay for your care; Medicare is going to pay for less and less.Those of you who have easily found a doctor probably can be handled by the rest of them out there. So, leave Dr. Cyr for us difficult cases! We really appreciate him and don't mind putting up with the wait or the terrific office management to find the "GEM OF A DOCTOR" Dr. Cyr is. Lilly Purrier

Feb 24th, 2011

I waited over 2 hours, wow! This clinic is run by morons. The dr is good but his staff is horrible. They acted annoyed that I asked how much longer at the hour and a half mark. On top of that I was seen by a family nurse practitioner. Again the doctor is a life saver but his practice is garbage. Trust me see a different doctor with competent and correctly trained staff.

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Dr. Cyr gave me my life back!!! show details Dr. Cyr gave me my life back!!!
Sep 15th, 2010

Low back pain was a 9 out of 10! Cervical pain was a 10 our of 10...after Dr. Cyr my pain is 0 on both. I have seen 2 orthopedic surgeons in San Antonio and 1 neurosurgeon, nothing worked for me until some divine intervention occured and I found Steven Cyr! Some people do not care if you can bond with your surgeon or not...I DO. Not only did I feel immediate relief upon waking up after surgery, I could talk to him. He took the time to see me, he did not send a resident to check me out after surgery. What an exceptional, personable,gifted remarkable surgeon. See Dr Cyr, he is San Antonio's newest gem in the world of Orthopedic Spine!!!

Dr. Steven Cyr You've loved and I can't thank you for giving me back my life! show details Dr. Steven Cyr You've loved and I can't thank you for giving me back my life!
by Mum Toby Miller on Jul 28th, 2010

This letter is to thank The Lord for creating the heart and passion to help those less fortunate within Dr. Steven Cyr. My name is Mum Toby to many who know me in the mission field. When I first met Dr. Cyr he was contagious! I loved him the minute he shook my hand and greeted me like we were old friends. I've been struggling with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA ) for 35 years. Back in 2007 I had been struggling with severe lower back pain for over fifteen years. I figured it was due to my JRA and was living with it. Dr. Cyr knew we ran a small non-profit called Wheels of Love, by providing manual wheelchairs to those in need in Kenya; but the pain was becoming unbearable which made the mission trips very painful. Once Dr. Cyr took all the tests we scheduled my operation and I headed off on a five week mission trip to fit kids with wheelchairs in Kenya. Knowing when I came back I was ready for my operation. I love Dr. Cyr because he let us pray about the surgery (and for him) and because Dr. Cyr had 50% of my back I knew God had the other 50%, I would be just fine. Just to let you know the mission trip was grueling and I was looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Little did I know the day of the operation Dr. Cyr discovered my back was fractured and fixed it right there. I remember waking up in CCU and seeing his beautiful smile saying Toby everything is fine your back was fractured but I fixed it. After hearing he took care of everything and the pain medication kicked in I rested peacefully for a long time. Just to let you know I am wheelchair bound and have had all my joints replaced and what leaves me bound to the wheelchair is being without hip joints. In stating all that I am so thankful for Dr. Cyr for putting me back together so I can go and help others half way around the world. Just to let you know the operation was Nov. 7 2007. Dr. Cyr stated it takes about a year for the fusion to become solid with someone like my condition. So Nov. 17, 2008 I departed on a 11 month mission trip to Kenya. Ninety-seven children received brand new manual wheelchairs that were made in Kenya. Dr. Cyr you have part ownership in all that I do for The Lord. I cant thank you enough for being patient with me and loving me as your own. Your Sister, Friend and Patient, Mum Toby Miller

by Edee Stephens on Jun 1st, 2010

Dr. Cyr was great! His bedside manner and his ability to communicate was outstanding. He took time to just talk to us and even had the time to answer my eight year old boy's questions! Not many doctors would do that. His diagnosis was right on the money. We would definitely recommend him to all.

The most amazing doctor in the world show details The most amazing doctor in the world
Nov 17th, 2009

I have never in my life had a Doctor spend more than 15 minutes with me. Dr Cyr sat a listened to me for almost 2 hours! He went over every aspect of my treatment and problem, making sure I understood all the details of my issue. He was compassionate and caring. He wanted to be sure I knew exactly what he was saying and never once talked "over my head". He described the options available to me both operatively and non operatively. I never felt like he was in a rush. I had heard from other family members and from other patients in the waiting room what he was like but I had no idea. He is just an exceptional human being. G. Martinez

Great Dr and staff show details Great Dr and staff
by Monica Enriquez on Sep 22nd, 2009

I have had two procedures with Dr. Cyr and his partner Eloy Castaneda. I have had great success and have always been treated with respect and courtesy. Your waiting time before an appointment might be long but it's well worth it. They take their time asking questions and getting to know their patients and don't try to rush exams which is why sometimes you have to wait. When they get to you they treat you like family not just another case. I have recommended these doctors to my friends and family and they have never pressured anyone into having unneeded procedures.

by dylan4consideration on Mar 31st, 2009

Dr. Cyr did a 3 level fusion on my neck. I am still healing, but feeling much better already. I spent two years going to doctors who acted like I was wasting their time. Dr. Cyr spent plenty of time with me before my surgery answering all my questions, and even when I was being prepped for surgery he made sure I was comfortable with the procedure. He is very confident and compassionate, never leaving you feeling unsure. I am going to need another procedure done and feel secure with him and his team.

One of the best Orthopedics Doctor. show details One of the best Orthopedics Doctor.
by Cynthia Quinones on Oct 22nd, 2008

I have had a few surgerys with Dr. Cyr and he is one of the best doctor's I have been to in a long time. He ended up doing surgery on me when nobody wanted to, and I really appreciated it very mcuh. I am doing very well and he give me the time I need when I go see him, he's the best.

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