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Quack Job!!! show details Quack Job!!!
Apr 28th, 2014

If i had a choice i wouldnt give this fake even one star i went in to see him an i was already diagnosed as being bipolar but tryed saying i wasnt an chose to act like this my disorder is horrible im in an have been in rapid cycling in my disorder for a long time i have horrible outbursts of violence anger where people even had to hold me down so i wouldnt hurt myself an break anything more an ect. An also have horrible depressive states where i have attempted suicide multiple times i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy or on anyone i dont chose to have all this feelings an actions happen its a horrible thing to live with this so called "Doctor" has no idea what he is doing an i feel sorry for anybody he has seen or tryed to help because mostly they didnt get the right help or diagnosis even before i went in to talk to him he already had this mind made up just by the paper filled out with out even asking me an question or anything he said i was choicing this without even knowing me or what my feelings are an my episode that have happened to me he stereotyped me an jusged me before i even walked in his office with out me saying a word especially when i am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict but i was diagnosed before i even started but he wouldnt even listen i only used to self medicate to feel happy insted of feeling like dying an ect. Because i wasnt getting the help or treatmented i needed for my bipolar disorder even before that i self harmed to help me feel better but i went to treatment for my addiction an got better before i even went to see him trying to get help he is nothing but judgmental quack job that has no business in the mental health area when he cant even listen to the people that come in an already has his mind made up about them before even metting them an talking to them just by the paper they have u fill out that doeesnt even go in depth about things he shouldnt have a license in this practice just imagine how many people that saw him that didnt get the help the truly need or anything because he did the same thing with them like he did to me