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 |  Thank God for Dr. Hotze.  |  show details
by Thankful in Texas on Dec 11th, 2014

He helped me get pregnant with my first baby with progesterone, and then on my second baby he helped keep me healthier during the pregnancy with thyroid supplements and a few other vitamins. Now I'm a working mom of 2 with lot of energy and happiness. Thank God for Dr. Hotze.

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 |  Money making scam  |  show details
by Rose M. on Nov 25th, 2014

I was so hopeful that the Hotze Center was the answer to my medical problems. The Hotze Center was recommended by a medical professional. I think it is a money making scam. The costs were ludicrous. I had to pay $4200 up front and they tried to discourage me from having any testing prior to my appointment. I had several tests done prior to my appointment so that insurance would cover some of the costs. I would not have any coverage for anything performed or prescribed by the Hotze Center. I think they prey on desperate women. I wasn't treated as an individual. I believe everyone is prescribed a mammoth amount of hormones and vitamins. The vitamins alone were over $900. One hormone prescription cost over $78 for a 30 supply. I was prescribed many hormones. I began to experience many problems. I developed gastritis and esophageal erosion, likely due to the overwhelming amount of pills and vitamins I was ingesting. I feel like a fool to have spent so much money. They prey on desperate women that want answers to their post menopausal symptoms. They do not believe in taking calcium, therefore I discontinued my calcium and I got a tibial plateau stress fracture within a few months. My hair started falling out likely from the testosterone I was prescribed. My personal physician recommended discontinuation of all the prescribed hormones and to restart calcium immediately. I do not recommend treatment from this center. I do not think that you receive personalized care related to your existing problems and this can affect you negatively and can be very dangerous. I also experienced plane expenses to visit the center. So much money.... and not a positive or helpful experience.

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 |  Very disappointing  |  show details
by Sherry on Aug 5th, 2014

His office was very nice but he is a salesman. I wasn't even diagnosed properly.

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 |  A little late in adding my review but important still...  |  show details
by Sick Girl on Aug 1st, 2014

I was VERY sick when I decided to visit the Hotze Clinic and it was much cheaper than it is now (I had a friend call this week and I was FLOORED at how the prices have gone through the roof almost $5000 for the first visit). I was a patient there in 2006. Some of their protocol helped me but I too, like others, ended up in a cardiologist's office with heart problems and the minute I said I'd been to the Hotze Clinic, the dr shook his head and said they like to put women on elevated thyroid meds because it helps with their weight loss. He took me off that and my heart was normal again! I did learn many things and saw some good improvement but the bad taste they left in my mouth was a bummer. After my first visit when I bought everything that they pushed... if they were out of a Hotze vitamin they would replace it with a NOW Brand equivalent and I thought.. .hmm... if it's good enough to be their replacement, why not take ALL of the NOW brand items of what Hotze has me on. I saw no decrease in my health making the switch. HOLY COW PEOPLE... 75 percent mark up on one supplement. is where I got the best prices on my NOW supplements. I understand they are a business but come on.... give people a break. If you really want to help them, then listen to their issues and don't just increase their hormones!

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 |  My frustrating & expensive experience at the Hotze clinic  |  show details
by Bett on Jul 17th, 2014

I have been going to the Hotze clinic since January 2012. There are a couple “packages” you can buy there which include various tests. I decided to get all tests done including a bone scan and thermography since it had been a few years since I had had these types of tests. That “package” was $5,000 and they do not take insurance at all. I had a battery of tests done there including blood tests. I am a difficult draw and getting my blood drawn there was pure torture. Even their “best” person had to stick me several times in both arms. Between being nauseous because you have to fast before the blood test, and the tests taking hours to complete and being tortured, I nearly threw up and almost passed out by the time they were done. My follow-up visits with more blood tests were just as horrible. In fact, in one visit they were unable to get enough blood to run all of the tests. So I finally told them I would get the blood tests done somewhere else for future visits. Having all of those blood tests done repeatedly also sort of aggravated me as their big “advertisement” is that they do not go by blood tests—they go by how you feel. So, why am required to take blood tests over and over and over? Seems like it more of a way to make money. But, I did it. I finally saw the doctor at the end of the first visit and he prescribed a bunch of meds and vitamins and their “yeast free” diet. The visit sort of felt like they have one prescribed plan, which varies very little from patient to patient. (That feeling would persist with future visits.) In fact, the Hotze doctor prescribed Cortisol during my first visit, before my lab tests came back. I had been tested at another clinic before that and that clinic said that my Cortisol levels were too high. They gave me a “diet” to reduce my Cortisol levels, yet the Hotze doctor told me my Cortisol was low and prescribed Cortisol meds. They also wanted to prescribe estrogen but I refused because I have had Endometriosis for years and that is caused by too much estrogen in relation to progesterone. Estrogen only makes the pain worse. (Another "one size fits all" feeling) Before I could get out of there, someone from their onsite vitamin shop came to my exam room and gave the hard sell for buying a huge list of vitamin that had been prescribed--at their onsite vitamine shop. I was already taking much of what they had prescribed so I told him I would wait until I ran out to buy more. The hard sell was if I bought the vitamins that day, I would get a discount (annoying to say the least). I’m glad I didn’t buy any because I have since found that their vitamins are overpriced compared to other stores. I had been to another doctor before Hotze who said my thyroid was low and prescribed meds. Those meds did not help the way I felt, so I went back. She then said my thyroid was “normal” on the meds and my Cortisol was too high. After finding no relief following her instructions, I went to Hotze’s clinic thinking they were better. Hotze’s clinic prescribed different thyroid meds and a lot more of it. I was increasing the dosage every few days. When I got to around 6 caps, I started having chest and left arm pain and numbness. I had been under a lot of stress, so I thought that was the cause. But after a few weeks of it, I ended up at the Urgent Care Center and then a cardiologist office thinking I was about to have a heart attack. The cardiologist said it was too much thyroid meds, so Hotze’s clinic lowered the dose. I felt better (not great) for awhile, but the exhaustion and other symptoms came back. So they upped the thyroid meds dosage. This happened repeatedly. In fact, my thyroid medication has been changed more times than I can remember. Most of the time, it helps for a while, maybe a few months, but then I start feeling horrible again. It is clear to me that something is still missing. I was also having awful and bizarre anxiety attacks that would occur right as I was waking up. I was waking up several times a night, sometimes every 2 hours, so I was becoming more and more exhausted… to the point of feeling nauseous and lightheaded. Several weeks ago, I stopped the Cortisol and that has helped some. I still wake up several times a night, but at least it is not every 2 hours. I would like to point out that after my initial visit I have NEVER seen my doctor again in 2 ½ years. A Nurse Practitioner showed up at my 2nd visit and has been providing my care. There was no explanation. I thought she was there to take the initial exam and the doctor would come in later, but no. I’ve never seen the doctor again. No one asked me if I minded changing doctors or if I minded if someone, who is not a doctor, was going to provide my care. I know they are probably trying to save money by hiring a Nurse Practitioner instead of doctor, but this made me very nervous as she has been prescribing my medication---and it is not working for me. I had new blood tests drawn a couple weeks ago and they show that what the Hotze clinic has been prescribing is not working for me. In fact, the blood tests show that my thyroid levels are getting worse. It is clear that what I have suspected for some time is true… that Hotze’s treatment plan is pushing me in the wrong direction. I have been doing research on my symptoms and discovered a book written Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (which is thyroid related but requires a different treatment plan). I found that I have about 98% of the symptoms listed for this syndrome so I asked the Nurse Practitioner to prescribe the treatment protocol for this syndrome to see if it will help me. Other patients have found that many times this treatment protocol actually resets the thyroid and they are able to get off of thyroid medications completely or at least greatly reduce the amount of medications that they are taking. Since I have most of the symptoms of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, and what the Hotze clinic has been prescribing is not working for me, I think it is worth a shot to try this treatment protocol. The Nurse Practitioner at first refused and just wanted to add some T3 to what I am already taking (which is not working). I told her the WTS treatment plan was adamant about a very specific treatment plan, and what she prescribed was not it. We had to have a long discussion about it. Then she said she would look at Dr. Wilson’s book again that night. I told her that I had talked to Dr. Wilson online and he offered to talk with her or my doctor about my treatment plan She said she would call him. The next day, she said that she tried to call Dr. Wilson once and couldn’t reach him, so she gave up and did not try again. Needless to say I am VERY frustrated at this response. Then she talked to another Hotze doctor (not my doctor) who said that he had tried the WTS treatment but some patients had side effects, so he did not want to prescribe it for me. They simply want to add T3 to what I am already taking --- which has not worked for me for 2 ½ years. I had serious side effects taking the medications that the Nurse Practitioner prescribed which landed me in the Urgent Care center and a cardiologist’s office so they made modifications, but the Hotze doctor is not willing to do the same with a treatment plan that might allow me to get off thyroid medications completely. I am VERY, VERY frustrated with this clinic. They claim to think differently from other MDs and that they think outside the box when it comes to treating patients individually, but this is not true. The doctors there think inside the box that they have drawn for themselves. They have a treatment plan that they basically use for everyone and refuse to vary much out of that box. They refuse to entertain the idea that another doctor may have a more effective treatment plan for some patients. If their treatment plan works for you, great. If not, apparently you are out of luck. I have probably spent at least $7,000 on tests and office visits, most of which my insurance did not cover. I have spent at least $2,000 or more on medications, most of which my insurance won’t cover. I am so angry and extremely frustrated at the 2 ½ years that I have wasted on tests and visits to this clinic and the huge amount of money that I have spent to only end up back at square one again. I feel pretty much like I did 2 ½ years ago. I am now working on finding another doctor who is willing to think outside the box and who is willing work with me on a treatment plan for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome to see if it will help me. As a separate issue, I also had allergy tests done at Hotze clinic. They prescribed allergy drops (instead of shots) that I took for about 2 years. Except for about 1 or 2 months, I was absolutely miserable the whole time. The sinus pain was horrendous, worse than before I took the drops. After months of this, I called to tell them that they weren’t working. They told me to double the dosage. I did. It did not help. They kept telling me to take over the counter medication until the allergy drops started working, but I was taking A LOT of sinus pain medication which I do not like to do. Another thing I do not like about Hotze’s clinic, is that it is a rotating bunch of nurses that you will talk to. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to the same person twice and it seems like I get different answers each time I call. Honestly, sometimes I don’t think they know what they are talking about. For instance, one time when I called about the allergy drops not working after nearly 2 years, I was told that I might have to take them for 7 YEARS before they began to work! Then, she said I would have to take them for the REST OF MY LIFE. That is not how allergy shots are supposed to work. They are supposed to build your immune system so you don’t have allergic reactions to allergens anymore and you can stop taking the shots/drops. At that point, I told them to stop the allergy drop shipments. They were really expensive and not working at all. About 6 MONTHS later, my doctor called (only the 2nd time I’ve talked to him in 2 ½ years) and said he saw that I had stopped the allergy drops. I told him what had happened. At that time he said if the drops were not working, that the dosage should have never been increased! Seriously? This is the opposite of what one of the nurses said. He then tried to talk me into taking some shots that are supposed to work better. Oh yea, and you have to go on some strict diet before you can take the shots. I’m a vegetarian, and their allergy tests showed I’m allergic to a big list of foods including gluten which is in everything, plus they recommend a “yeast free” diet which excludes a HUGE amount of food. Honestly, there is nothing left to eat if I do everything that they say. I declined the shots. Also, after going to this clinic, I started getting non-medical related emails from Dr. Hotze. They were religious and political in nature. I do not agree with Dr. Hotze’s religious and political beliefs and it was very aggravating to get those emails. I really think it was unprofessional to use his patients' email addresses to send out his religious and political emails. Like I said, I am VERY frustrated with the treatment I have received at the Hotze clinic.

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 |  Costly and of no help, made my situation worse  |  show details
by Lee S. on Jun 23rd, 2014

My husband listened to Dr. Hotze on the radio and encouraged me to see him. I was already taking a low dose of Armour Thyroid, but I was feeling so badly, that I made the appointment, The facility is lavish, the staff are professional, and the Doctors spend a great deal of time with the patient. They administered some tests as well as a Thermogram, which was suppose to be a better test than a mammogram. When I saw the doctor, he prescribed hormones, more Armour, a new diet, a boatload of supplements, based on the answers I gave him and assured me that they could "help me get my life back". One thing bothered me about the doctor, he seemed to be speaking rotely as if he memorized a speech which he gave each time he saw patient. I never felt like he was talking to me. I should have heeded my instinct. I ended up spending about $8000 the first day after paying the initial fee,and purchasing my meds and supplements. They do not accept insurance so I had to pay cash or charge it on a credit card. The next visit was a few months later, I still was feeling badly and even more sad than on the first visit. The doctor changed the hormones, increased the dose of the Armour Thyroid and prescribed more supplements. (I was taking so many supplements, it was as if I had another"food group" with my meals.) I began to feel worse and worse, and called the clinic. They had me get off the Armour for a few days, reduced my dose to something less that the doctor prescribed but more that the dose they put me on the first time. They tested my thyroid levels at each visit, and told me my Thryoid levels were high,(over the range considered normal by medical standards) but said it was "not unusual", they didn't really go by the "lab tests". Not once did they ever check my hormones. I begin going further downhill. I kept calling (they encourage you to call with problems) and they kept changing my hormones, and increasing the Armour. A year after my first visit, I learned that the Thermogram doesn't detect important things like "breast cancer" and was told I needed to have a mammogram. I felt somewhat abandoned. I think as soon as the clinic became aware of the problem with the Thermogram, it would have been prudent to call every patient who had one done and advise them of the faulty test (and refund the cost of the test). After about 15 months and several more thousand dollars, my life became unbearable. I became deeply depressed, cried constantly, had panic attacks every day, sometimes more than once per day, started loosing my hair, (I mean it is really thin now), and had no energy whatsoever. I followed their regimen diligently and lost my desire to even go on with life. Finally I went to an internist. She tested my Thyroid levels said they were much too high, immediately reduced my dose of Thyroid, changed the thyroid medication, gave me an antidepressant and explained to me that if I could get my Thyroid levels right, I would probably began to see and improvement is my energy and mood. I was unable to tolerate the antidepressant, but within a a few weeks, I began to feel so much better. I had new energy, my moods improved, and I have begun to actually "get my life back". I still have issues with sad moods at times, and I am presently in the process of having my hormone levels checked. Hopefully, once that is corrected, I will be back to "normal". I am sure that the doctors at this clinic have helped many people, and I believe they sincerely desire to help their patients. What frightens me is that they seem to have one approach to making you feel better...give more thyroid medication. A person can actually get too much thyroid and have the same symptoms as a person who is not getting enough thyroid. Just be cautious if you choose to visit this clinic. I don't know if it would do any good to tell the clinic this, I saw in other reviews that they will blame the patient, so I hope they read this.

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 |  show details
May 12th, 2014

Be aware, can mess up your hormones with overdosing

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 |  Hoaxe Center....Such a Hoax  |  show details
Feb 19th, 2014

The Hotze Wellness Center or as I prefer to call it the HOAXE Wellness Ctr, is a money making scam from start to finish! I arrived at their center in Nov 2013 & was given a battery of test and blood draws. Spoke to the Doctor about how my concerns, issues and how I was feeling. He gave me a very quick exam, prescribed me thyroid medication without reviewing blood tests. Prescribed their bio identical hormones (steroids). Hormone is a hormone! And I proceed to purchase all their vitamins etc. I was very rigid with the program. Within a 2 1/2 month period I was feeling worse. I then went to the world renowned Mayo Clinic and they were appalled at the program. They took me off all the Meds immediately!! They were shocked that I was on thyroid medication as my thyroid was fine. All the medicines and vitamins are very costly. However, when you are not feeling well, you become desperate! But, that is what they prey on. This Center is a Hoax!

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 |  special doctor who shows his concern by what he does  |  show details
by Frannie on May 23rd, 2013

I am delighted that finally there are medical doctors that see the benefits of natural health, and bio-identical treatments. These Doctors are wonderful as they really attempt to heal your health, not just prescribe drugs for your symptoms. I could not me more proud of Dr. Hotze and for taking this approach. I have heard that he is willing to take the current health care issues before the supreme court, on his dime! I could not be more great full.

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Jul 29th, 2012

If you have a thyroid spike ,you are on your own... no emergency services!

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May 18th, 2011


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 |  I feel like I did before menopase  |  show details
by J.K. Kerschner on Apr 20th, 2011

I have been on the Hotze health & wellness program for 7 months. I feel great. I have more energy. I now exercise 3 times a week. I have lost 30 lbs and 2 clothes sizes. I take 1/2 the amount of BP meds.

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 |  Hotze undeserving of the title Doctor  |  show details
by jen on Dec 16th, 2010

He had come recommended by a friend of mine; however, by body did not fit his protocol, and he was lost on how to help my disorder. In fact, he made my condition so much worse, that I began having terrible panic attacks on his regimen- from my hormones being so out-of-whack. It took me several years to get back to healthy. I should have run out of his office the first day I saw him when he prescribed three different hormones to me before ever receiving bloodwork back. The nurses (at the doctor's office I saw after seeing Hotze) said that I was their 5th patient that year to come from Hotze's office. All of them had terrible reactions, as well. One of the nurses told me of a close friend of hers (a nurse, too) that had committed suicide after being on his regimen. Only after being through his treatment, could I ever see how someone could do that. Additionally, I considered filling charges against him, but lacked the mental faculty/strength for several years after seeing him. In my eyes, I can have no greater disdain for him and his practice.

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 |  Hotze Wellness Center is the BEST !!!  |  show details
by Rhonda from Rhode Island on Jun 9th, 2010

The Hotze Wellness Center has been the ONLY support and REAL help I've been able to find, and for that, I'm truly blessed.

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