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Horrible Man! show details Horrible Man!
Apr 6th, 2015

I have seen quite a few Lyme doctors and a number of specialists and can honestly say that Dr, Bock is the very worst doctor that I have come across in nearly nine years. It is 100% about the bottom line with him. After my monthly appt's which alway ran close to $600 after buying his incredibly marked up supplements, he would always make me make a weekly call for five minutes that cost me $150 each time. It is like he had an egg timer going to because at the end of five minutes, he would abruptly say something like "increase by one drop such and such supplements" and hang up. I got incredibly sick under his care and was rushed to intensive care. I lived two hours away and he refused to take my call from the hospital telling his staff to tell me that I needed to be at his office for him to treat me. I tried to explain to them that I needed Dr. Bock to speak to the attending physician to explain what his diagnosis and treatment of was. His staff said they would relay the message to him but he never cared enough to call. After spending literally thousands and thousands of dollars at his office, it was as if he didn't even know me. My local Lyme doctor who I had seen before Dr. Bock literally ended up saving my life. This fellow is a heartless crook. I know that his staff will jump on and try to post a bunch of 5 star reviews to negate my post after this but I don't care, if I deter just one person from making the same mistake countless of his patients have made by seeing him, posting this will be worth it. Doctors who prey on the suffering of others are beyond despicable. Lyme sufferers are the most susceptible to this because we will do anything to get our old lives back. $150 five minute weekly phone calls - you should be ashamed of yourself Bock (purposely omitting the title Dr.).

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The best LLMDS. show details The best LLMDS.
by Joe sudowski on Feb 7th, 2015

Dr. Bock was on cutting edge of treating chronic lyme disease in the 90s when I was a patient. .I move to Georgia and my lyme got so bad (no LLMDs. Here in Georgia ) but had to move to a warm area ..

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Jan 18th, 2015

We have made personnel changes at the office. I'm the new nurse in the office and have been reading the ratings. I want to apologize to all who have had negative experiences. We look at the change as a new beginning and will be striving to improve patients' experience. We hope over the next few months to see our ratings go to excellent.

Sep 16th, 2014

Dr. Bock saved my life.

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Office staff TERRIBLE show details Office staff TERRIBLE
by Lyme Patient on Apr 28th, 2014

Dr. Bock is very knowledgable and is willing to help us with Lyme in any way. He spends a lot of time with you. Very positive. His staff on the other hand. I stopped going to him for 6 months because I couldn't deal with the frustration of trying to get a call back..the last time i went through this, i waited a week. calling every morning and being promised i would receive a call by the end of the day. NEVER HAPPENED. I was in pain and had to travel (to work for the first time in 6 months) and needed a prescription filled. I allowed a week to accomplish this. Finally i was in tears the day before i was to leave and the nurse Kimberly (worst ever-avoid her at all cost) finally said you cant get a refill until you get more blood work done. WHAT? Now with 24 hour left there was no time to do that! I was livid. SAying i was calling every day for a wekk and they say this on the Friday. I had to travel out of town without the meds I needed and was in excruciating pain and compromised my health and course of antibiotics. The staff ALL needs to be fired. They have a terrible attitude. And they all cover for each other- as though we as patients are "crazy" They are rude and if I wasn't a fan of Bock, I don;t thiunk i would ever return. AS it is, after this experience it took me 3 months to go back....I wonder how many patients just find someone else. Oh and Amanda told me on the first visit she didn;t have thim eto take my blood and sent me on a 2 day goose chase to area hospitals to have blood drawn for a kit to be sent to iGenex (special lyme testing lab) No ONE would do it...finally a nurse at the third hospital took pity on me and snuck me in and delivered me my blood while I waited in the parking lot so she wouldn't get in trouble. RIDICULOUS.... I shoule have gone somewhere else when that happened...PLease tell Dr. Bock how bad his help is....I'm set back with my treatments because of his staff.

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Mrs. show details Mrs.
by Annonymous! on Feb 24th, 2014

I would recommend Dr. Bock for treatment of Lyme disease. I believe he is very knowledgable on the subject and a year later I can say I am 90% better than when I started with him. Dr. Bock was very thorough and did listen, has a good bedside manner. I agree with other reviews that his expertise is expensive! It is very difficult in this day and age to make ends meet and when you can't rely on your medical insurance to help - It's rough. The doctor ordered A LOT of blood work and various tests be done in the beginning and I am not convinced that it was necessary? Like 10,000.00 dollars worth of blood work. I also agree that his nurse, while she may be knowledgable, does NOThave the personality for the job. I always felt like I was a bother to her and she was very snotty and rude. I never felt like she really cared about my health or well being. I do not like his nurse at all. The other staff memebers were always patient and kind with me both in person and on the phone. Over all it was a positive experience and good treatment. I would go to him again if needed

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Success for three family members... show details Success for three family members...
by The "W" family on Feb 21st, 2014

In 1996, Dr. Bock was the only doc I could find who was truly knowledgeable about lyme and as an integrative MD, he looks at all body systems, doesn't just throw antibiotics at you. He also is educated in alternative treatments. I am one of the few people I know who got well and stayed well. He also treated my daughter when the pediatrician had no idea what he was doing, including not knowing how to read the western blot. My son has been in treatment for nearly two years and is now well enough to study abroad. Yes, the initial appointment is expensive, but half the cost of the LLMD the next town over and it is very, very comprehensive. You need to also take responsibility for your own health and advocate for yourself about symptoms, ideas, your own research and discuss. It is an ongoing dialogue in which Dr. Bock listens, engages and does his best to find the best treatment in your individual case. And you can file receipts and get partially reimbursed for visits.

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Sep 17th, 2012

Cash only. Money mill. Crazy, unorthodox treatments.

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Watch Your Wallet show details Watch Your Wallet
Mar 14th, 2012

RHC is a money mill. No insurance assignement... cash only. Extremely high priced.

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Jan 19th, 2012

Dr Steven Bock is a really intelligent professional doctor. He listens to your input and is willing to discuss options for treating your condition.Receiving a call back from his nursing staff is another matter. When asked to call and "report" there is never a response to your answering machine message.Getting a script called into a pharmacy is somewhat like pulling teeth.It is so frustrating.Perhaps another person is needed just for call backs and calling the pharmacies for prescriptions needed by patients.Going without ones medication because there is not enough staff is dangerous.

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Extremely knowledgable and through show details Extremely knowledgable and through
Jan 20th, 2011

Dr. Bock is very professional, but really cares about your wellbeing. For the intial appoinment the patient must fill out an extensive medical history and symptoms discription (about 25 pages). He and his staff spent several hours with me at the initial apointment discussing my symptoms and history, performing additional tests, explaining the purpose and results of the tests. He also ordered a number of additional tests. I had one very obvious problem that he began treating immediately and that responded to treatment with a complete cure. The results of his additinal analysis, discussions with me and testings revealed that I have multiple disorders with overlaping symptoms. I had been to numerous doctors before, none of them took me seriously, and didn't even diagnose a readily apparent problem. Dr. Bock is very busy, and may seem abrupt, but if you ask him specific questions about diagnoses, treatments, testing etc. you will get good explanations. If you have a need to get answers or treatment immediately and make that clear when requesting to speak to him, to his nurse, to get an Rx or are having an unusual/severe reaction, I have never had to wait extensively for a return call. You do need to be involved in your own treatment, be specific, ask questions, etc. But that is a very reasonable thing to expect of a patient. I think he's great!!!!!!!!

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Platinum Visa show details Platinum Visa
Sep 15th, 2010

I heard about him from a friend, for lyme disease treatment. His 'laboratory' charged me for blood work I already had recent results for, AND MADE ME PAY. He wanted to start antibiotics that I was ALLERGIC to, thank God his Black nurse (can't remember her name, but she was the smartest person there) asked me about my allergies before she gave me the prescription. I spent a lot of money on chinese herbs and supplements, all without any benefit.

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Jun 29th, 2010

Doctor correctly diagnoses health problem. Treats the entire person, not just the symptoms. Doctor does not clarify treatment plan approach. Does not give patient explanations of test results, significance of disease that is diagnosed or the disease's ramifications. Does not explain the reason for using supplements. Doctor is friendly, courteous, polite, and extremely knowledgeable. Integrates many different treatment methods to attain a positive outcome for a patient. Follow up is the patient's responsibility because they are expected to be a participant in their own medical care. Nursing staff and receptionists are polite and courteous in the office setting. However, a rating of poor is given because contact via phone for nurses or doctor is virtually non existent. The phone call is always routed to an answer machine. A patient can wait days for a reply to their inquiry, if they receive a response at all. If a serious health problem arises, it is best to go to an emergency room rather than wait for a reply from the office staff. It is nice that there is a store available to allow the patient easy access to high quality nutriceuticals at reasonable prices. The supplements are well researched and very helpful at managing certain aspects of diseases, controlling symptoms and improving health.

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Not the best experience for me... show details Not the best experience for me...
by still sick on Jun 22nd, 2010

Dr. Bock took on my case of very odd symptoms when no other doctor was willing; however, he does not take health insurance, and after paying around $300 per visit (first was over $700), I feel he is throwing different meds at me, with no regard to my (sometimes severe) side-effects. When I do call the office with a problem, the nurse is cold and abrupt, the communication is minimal and I sometimes do not hear back for over 4 days. (Robotic comes to mind in her way of speaking). The last med I was on was the last straw for me, it caused debilitating side effects, and when the nurse (not the doctor) finally got back to me, I was told to cease the medication, with no further instruction from the doctor. I am unable to get an appointment for another 6 weeks. I am done with him, it looks like I will just keep getting sicker. He "prescribes" various expensive holistic medications from his convenient brand from his healthcenter, that have debatable efficacy. He is limited on feedback during the office visit, and I often felt completely in the dark...he spends the whole visit taking notes, then leaves the room and the nurse comes in and tells you what your directions are. Poor bedside manner if you like communication, or just like to know what's going on with your treatment. *side note-I saw Dr Bock at his Albany, NY office on Wednesdays, I live 3 hours from his regular office. However, I did have a great deal of phone contact with his main office, of which any positive aspect from his nursing staff was severely lacking. I think he immediately diagnosed me with lyme disease, as that is his specialty, and when treatment stopped working, he started a guessing game with very dangerous meds. Unless you know you really have Lyme, find someone else.

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