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by John on Mar 2nd, 2015

Great Doctor in the McKinney/Stonebridge area early AM hours

by Jerry Watts on Dec 24th, 2014


Oct 8th, 2014

Dr. Overn has been my PCP for 18 years. His staff is always accommodating, courteous and helpful. Dr. Overn is always thorough in his analysis of my ailment, follows through with additional help and referrals. He spends more time with me than any of my other Drs.

I definitely would not reccomend show details I definitely would not reccomend
by .Pat H on May 12th, 2014

I went to this doc. some years ago someone had recommend him to me. If you don't care if a doc over charge you, have bad bedside manners, and don't ask many questions--then this doc is for you. He started out ok but then changed. However the staff was nice.

patient show details patient
by ajay214 on Apr 21st, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Overn for many years and I find the reviews very surprising. He has shown nothing but competence and care all the times I have seen him. He is approachable and very nice. He has taken care of me for nearly 20 years and have never had a complaint and bad experience. He has taken the time to discuss how my medications affect me and changes when they don't seem to work. To me, he is a very good doctor. Everyone has something they expect out of a doctor. I expects results and that's what I get. If he is short or rude, I have never seen it. Perhaps I don't dwell on stuff that makes no difference.

Very disappointed in this Doctor show details Very disappointed in this Doctor
Jan 4th, 2011

I will be brief. Dr. Overn has a 'God Syndrome'. His attitude comes across as condescending. When I tried to discuss a problem I had with how he had spoken to my wife, he was insulted that I would try to discuss his office demeanor and walked out on me. I could not believe it and I believe his office staff must apologize for his attitude often. He has misdiagnosed simple maladies causing multiple returns to his office. He does not respect women or their female medical challenges. I will not let this person touch my children again! How he stays in practice must only be attributed to a lack of quality GP's in McKinney.

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90% of the bad & 10% of the good when it comes to Net reviews show details 90% of the bad & 10% of the good when it comes to Net reviews
by "Why not blame Bush? Scape Goats are easy to find these days." on Aug 24th, 2009

After reading some of the comments on this post I would take a wild guess and say a few of them are from the same person who expected to to walk in, and get a magic pill to cure what ever issues they were having. My personal experiance with Dr. Overn has been acceptable over the past 5 years. I do not like being on medication but it has become clear to me that I do not function well with out it. We have tried on and off the med's as well as other options. Haveing experince in the world of insurance and after dealing with many dr's all I can say is find one that works for you. If you think Dr. Overn is more concerned with cosmetic than family medicen, then find a Dr. that better suits your needs. Do not expect the Dr. to change on your behalf. Good luck out there to everyone, when it comes to health care in this country we are currently doomed.

A pompous primadonna! show details A pompous primadonna!
by Soon to be Ex-Patients...Family in McKinney, TX on Jul 8th, 2009

After 16 years I have had it! Overn's (he does not act like a doctor) staff is what saves him. He cannot speak to his patients...he speaks DOWN to them. He comes across as thinking he is better than you. Does not listen nor does not show any empathy for his patients! He may impress some, but we have known him long enough to get away from his pitiful arrogant attitude. If only someone of authority would enlighten him that he is not God!

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by Doogie M on Jan 21st, 2009 on

Don't go to him instead find another doctor. He doesn't care believe me. I went to him and he did nothing to help me get well. If I didn't have the sense to find another doctor 3 days later I would have been in the hospital or even worse dead. I found another doctor and she gave the medicine I needed to get me well. He told me I had a virus, ended up I had bronchitis and the start of Pneumonia. If you go to him good luck to you believe me you'll need it.

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by unhappy on Dec 24th, 2008 on

Not happy at all. As someone else previously mentioned, I went in with painful sinus congestion (cold related) and rainbow colored mucus and was only told to do salt water rinses. I already know that.. I asked for something else. He said what do you want? Then proceeded to say as he was walking out the door "keep your germs to yourself." Very offensive.|I am typically a very healthy person and don't go to see doctors often for little things. Not worth the time off work or even the bill being charged.

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by Ryan on Oct 13th, 2008 on

Very lousy. I scheduled a physical a week in advance. I fasted and showed up early. I spent 20 minutes filling out their paperwork and then I waited patiently for another 20 minutes. Then I was called over by an attendant who informed me that they lacked the competency to validate my insurance. To make up for this lack on their part, they wanted me to pay up front and out of pocket. I told them to forget it and I walked out; Overn is fired as my doctor. The correct, and only, thing to do in such a case is for the doctor's office to assume the responsibility of contacting the insurer whenever they are able to, however they are able to. The smart thing for the office would have been to acquire my insurance information over the phone and validated it in advance.||Two other items: first, the privacy disclosure is 5 pages long. Every other doctor I've seen has had about 1/2 to maybe 1/5 pages. It's preposterous. Second, part of the paperwork states that if you are being seen for a physical, Overn will not address any specific problems you are having. If you are being seen for a problem, Overn will not give you a physical.||I did not even SEE the doctor, that is correct. Is Overn good at medicine? Beats me. He fails utterly as a doctor because 1) the business is poorly run, and 2) it suggests a deficiency in ethics to restrict patients to either get a physical or discuss a problem, never both.

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Sep 5th, 2008 on

I would not recommend Dr Overn to anyone - He does not listen to his patients and is more concerned with the aspect of cosmetic medicine (botox, etc..) than real medicine. If you have a real medical issue to be diagnosed I would suggest a different doctor

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Jul 28th, 2008 on

I have been Dr.Overn's patient for several years. Was forced to go to him initially because there were only a couple of doctors in McKinney in my health insurance network. He is all the other reviews state, being a bit aloof when it comes to patient compl

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Jul 23rd, 2008 on

Dr. Overn is very observant of what is written in your charts. My son had been treated by several doctors for a "wart" on his toe. Dr. Overn decided to do a biopsy and found out it was melanoma. He has done the same for my overall health. Sure he has bran

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