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Steer clear show details Steer clear
Jan 29th, 2015

His wait times are outrageous. Once, I waited THREE HOURS & when I asked staff to reschedule for another day, they told me I would have to pay $100 for missing my appointment, that I had been waiting three hours for! When I complained to him about it, he asked "haven't you ever waited at a doctor's office before?" He's condescending, rude, and over prescribes and tells you not to question or google anything related to your own care. If you're a pill popper, he's your guy, I guess.

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Never in my life... show details Never in my life...
Dec 29th, 2014

If you try to book an 8am appointment with the hope that since you're the first client of the day and he won't be running late... don't bother. I booked an 8am for a follow up appointment because I'm scheduled in for work at 8:45 every morning. Dr. Davis couldn't be bothered to COME IN TO WORK until 8:40. I've never seen someone in a professional setting be so completely inconsiderate of other peoples time. During previous visits, my wait time was NEVER less than an hour. I've never in my life seen anything like it. During the session that he was FOURTY MINUTES LATE TO, he proceeded to get an attitude with me when I couldn't accurately put into words how the new medication he prescribed me 'didn't make me feel like myself.' IT JUST DIDNT! I had called two weeks prior to my appointment asking to have my medication switched back to what I was originally taking and was told Dr. Davis would call me back... he never did. During the appointment I made the same request and he refused to put me back on my original medication and prescribed me something else. This was my fourth visit with him and absolutely my last.

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Avoid at all costs show details Avoid at all costs
Sep 15th, 2014

I went to Dr. Davis to seek attention for my diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder and very mild anxiety. I wish I could bold, italicize, and underline VERY MILD anxiety. Instead of listening to what I had to say and treating/consulting me accordingly, he hit me with a diagnosis of severe anxiety and several high octane antidepressants. I am neither depressed nor do I feel the need to be on such medication, given that I do not exhibit any of the symptoms such medications are intended to treat. Nonetheless I decided to give the antidepressants a try, and, big shocker, they made me feel awful. When I told him that I refused to take the medicines and that I preferred the way that I felt beforehand, he refused to prescribe me the ADD medication that I actually did need and became very argumentative about pushing these heavy antipsychotics on an otherwise normal, social, outgoing, and happy 20 year old college student. When I disagreed again, he asked me to leave his office and seek another psychiatrist. I had heard that he overmedicates in reviews, but to see what he attempts to do to someone who does not have severe psychiatric problems, I can only imagine what he does to those who do.

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Seek Help Elsewhere show details Seek Help Elsewhere
Jun 5th, 2014

My experience w/ Dr. Davis was so appalling that I want to warn others. I had been hit by several stressers this year, which were both life-changing and painful. Dr. Davis repeatedly interrupted me mid-sentence and did not listen. In fact, when I attempted to finish what I was trying to say, he actually spoke over me. I told him that I felt overwhelmed, more emotional, & had difficulty sleeping, which given the situations of this year, anyone would. To the question on thoughts of suicide, I stated there were a couple of times that I wanted to give up but never seriously contemplated ending my life. Rather than listen, and, hence, understand the situations that prompted those responses, Dr. Davis diagnosed me, with those responses alone, with major depressive and anxiety disorder. I payed someone to listen and give advice but instead received a trumped up diagnosis without full knowledge of the situation. When I told him I disagreed w/ his diagnosis and that he was taking my responses out of context, he became extremely argumentative and told me to "get a second opinion." He even went so far as to ask if I really felt as though I did not inherit some of my father's abusive tendencies. A diagnosis calls for understanding the situation and stressors in the patient's life (which does not happen in cut-off conversation in 30-45 minutes), not following some online checklist and taking responses out of context. He was both unprofessional and rude.

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by JSD on Feb 6th, 2014

Before going to my appointment I did some reasearch online to read some reviews about Dr Davis. At first I was really scared to visit him because of so many bad reviews. I was ready for the worst!. I was scheduled to 10:00am, got there 9:49am, waited until 11:08. The wait was not that bad because I was prepared (since I did read other reviews about "the waiting time"). His office is small but very cozy, warm and it has good background music. I was very comfortable surfing the internet with my IPAD. The doctor was extremely kind and professional. I left at 12:07pm!. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Davis to any of my friends or colleagues!.

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Go somewhere else show details Go somewhere else
by Anonymouse on Jan 20th, 2014

The first thing that bothered me was that I was running out of prescription medication, so my pharmacy contacted him. He never returned their call. They tried again. No return call. So I called him, and was told in order to get my Rx filled, I would need to come in and see him. Would have been nice if they had just called and told me that. The next appointment available was a month out. I was going to run out of my Rx by that time, but he didn't care. So I went cold turkey on my anti-depressants until he could see me, which is dangerous to the body to stop suddenly, but like I said, he didn't care. I went in to see him, and he changed 4 out of 5 medications all at once. Through my body into a tailspin. Called and left message with my symptoms with the secretary, who could care less either. Never received a call back. I called again, as I got progressively worse, and the secretary told me he's too busy to call me back. I laid in bed trying to get well on my own for 5 days. When I started to feel a little better, the first thing I did was cancel my next appointment with him and not reschedule. A doctor that doesn't call me back when I'm reacting to the drugs he gave me does not deserve my return business.

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Don't do it! show details Don't do it!
by Jeff W on Dec 11th, 2013

We had an appointment for my son and was told to come in early for paperwork. We had an 1100 appointment and showed up at 1030. One set of forms and an iPod for information (very techie... if you can get over the drug ads). We turned in our forms at 1050. At 1130, my wife went to ask how long she thought it would be. She responded at least another 45 minutes. I've read other reviews about this doctor and this was the common problem. You'll sign SEVERAL forms saying if you no-show, you owe for the FULL COST of the appointment ($250?). In actuality, this practice should ENCOURAGE no-shows to stay closer to on time. What's in it for ME if you're OVER 90 MINUTES BEHIND??? I went to talk to the receptionist, and she was barely apologetic, but she did say, "I'm not the doctor. It's not my fault." Well, we left with the promise my co-pay would be refunded sometime. Nice. Dr. Davis, my time is just as valuable as yours. Don't waste it. If you're behind, LET ME KNOW. If you're scheduling TOO MANY patients in a day, STOP IT. Don't waste my time! And, the 6 week wait list only to be told I'd have to wait another 6 weeks until the next appointment put me over the edge. My advice? DON'T DO IT!!! Even if you drive 45 minutes in any direction, you're still ahead on your time.

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Don't listen to the review below!!! show details Don't listen to the review below!!!
Sep 20th, 2013

He's not understanding... more of a "higher than thou" attitude

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Do you want a Dr who cares? Or, one who is in and out in 5mins? show details Do you want a Dr who cares? Or, one who is in and out in 5mins?
by Julie E. on Sep 9th, 2013

I just happened upon this site, ran across this entry, and just HAD to respond. Dr. Davis is an EXTREMELY COMPETENT and CARING doctor. Who, like it or not, IS smarter than you and DOES know what's best for you, at the moment. It's also amazing to me how utterly selfish and self-absorbed many of you are. It's all about YOU. God forbid you have to wait. Who cares that he is HELPING someone else. That's their problem, right? Wrong! We are all there for the same reason, but with our individual issues. The staff are more than competent and do not have any difficulties scheduling appointments. They schedule patients every thirty minutes unless its indicated IN ADVANCE that you'll need more time. They are not psychic nor can they control those if us whose appointments run over time unwxpectedly. Because Dr Davis is a REAL doctor, he is not going to rush you out the door just because time is up. I've been seeing him going on three years. When I first started out my appointments were an hour because I NEEDED to talk , to listen, to learn, to ask questions. After running over the 2nd appointment in a row, my next appoitment time was bumped back up to an hour. Before coming to his office I had been seeing another Dr who, as soon as her timer went off, you were done. Cut all thought and conversation. RUDE! I absolutely appreciated and still appreciate that if I need a little extra time, I never feel rushed. On the flip side, I understand the delays and know that someone or several folks needed the extra words of wisdom, encouragement, or whatever. As for the "over-medicating" comments, I'm extremely grateful that after battling depression, anxiety, etc for many years and having doctors who give you the dose everyone else takes, regardless of your personal tolerance, or who couldn't care less that the prescribed medication is causing side effects. I've been told to suck it up, deal with it, accused of exaggerating the physical pains I was dealing with to get more drugs, you name it. I've heard them all. Dr. Davis was the FIRST doctor, mental health or otherwise in over 10 years who said to me "let's get you feeling better","we may need to try a few combinations of things to find what works best for you", who took the time to explain what symptom each medication was targeting, and who paid close enough attention to me that he realized I needed him to write down my instructions. I was in that bad of shape. He explained his approach for my treatment and I knew from day one that, although I walked away with 5 prescriptions, it was only temporary. Today I am almost a different person. My 'shyness' is gone, I don't stress about things that are insignificant, I'm doing so much better all thanks to Dr Davis. Will you wait past your appointment time? Most likely. Will you walk out feeling like you are a walking pharmacy? Well that depends on why you are there in the first place. I did NOT think I was depressed. I had such a bad memory for so long, I just figured that was how I was, I figured that the social gene just skipped me and that I was happy at home, alone, no friends coming over, no going out. Guess what?! That wasn't me! I'm not shy after all and I like hanging out with friends. Dr Davis sees what you don't and isn't thats what you are there for? I recently moved out of the area, but you'd better believe that I drive the hour & 45minutes it takes me to get to his office. Finding a GOOD doctor is like winning the lottery and I'm a winner for life. To all of you who gave a bad review, you've missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Too bad for you.

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Terrible Doctor! show details Terrible Doctor!
by upset mother on Sep 9th, 2013

When I first started taking my son to him, he was kind and courteous, the waits short, the office staff friendly. Over the next few months he became rude and short with me. His staff stopped answering the phone, and wait times grew to over an hour. If I rescheduled an appt Davis would threaten to stop seeing my son even though I was loosing work time, and therefore pay, to visit him every week. He was very condescending and didnt believe me when I told him the medicines were causing adverse symptoms in my son. He had him on three medicines at once which were making him tired at school, and depressed at home. He refused to believe me and told me to find another dr if I didnt make my son take the meds. We are looking for a new dr now, but off the meds my son is finally happy again.

This dude is terrible... show details This dude is terrible...
Jul 28th, 2013

"Dr." Davis' office is run pathetically. I waited an hour and a half past my appointment time to see him. I would have done myself a favor had I just bailed on the appointment. The man is condescending in his questioning and seems to be more interested in filling his wallet than helping patients. He diagnosed me with conditions I do not have and despite my protests, insisted I be medicated. In reality, this prescription was only a tool to force me to return to his sad excuse of a practice and become dependent on his services and "help." I've never had a worse experience with a doctor, plumber, contractor, dentist, human, or rabid animal. The man is a hack if ever there was one. Don't go see him. I'd recommend alcoholism as a better alternative to visiting "Dr." Davis

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Jul 10th, 2013

Think about things like... What was most memorable? What did you like or dislike? What would you tell a friend? Would you choose this doctor again?

Jun 11th, 2013

Never on time with appointments and will not work with patients time schedule. Sitting in the waiting area for an hour after your appointment time is not very professional. I will be finding a new doctor.

Getting fed up............. show details Getting fed up.............
by Sharon L on May 14th, 2013

I have to agree that his staff is lacking in knowledge and experience when it comes to running Dr Davis' office. When I first started he had a very competent staff. You never can get a hold of anyone. I have been seeing him for three years. I have had to pay for missed appts because of emergencies with my aged parents. My father passed Nov 2012 and appts. I missed were for him. I do not understand patients being penalized for emergencies. I have always called the office when appts were missed. Not easy to reason with. Always a problem with my meds.

by Will B. on Mar 25th, 2013

I like Dr Davis. He's very kind and concerned about his patients. Admittedly, the wait is some times longer than I like. But overall I have no complaints about him as a physician.

Don't see this Doctor show details Don't see this Doctor
Mar 21st, 2013

This doctor has wonderful credentials but does not live up to them. You will wait 2-3 hours and he doesn't listen to you. He will prescribe a lot of medications that do nothing to help your problem.

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Bad Dr.!!! show details Bad Dr.!!!
by unknown on Feb 22nd, 2013

I worked with a therapist that referred clients to Dr. Davis for med. Management. Dr. Davis over prescribes medications and I have even heard of him writing prescriptions for his clients family members without ever meeting them. He randomly closed down his office and disappeared for a few months with NO NOTICE to his clients. The therapist I worked for refused to refer clients after finding out what kind of "Dr." Sturart Davis is. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH THIS PHYSICIAN.

by anonymous on Jan 20th, 2013

I've been reading reviews and i feel total opposite. Dr.Davis is a great Dr..i have tried looking for psychiatrist to accurately diagnosed my depression and other issues..HE HAS DONE THAT. As fair as the wait time, it's lengthy but well worth it BC he takes his time with his patients. His staff was professional and courteous to Me and my husband. Can't wait for my followup

Beware! Good Doctor, Bad Office Practices. show details Beware! Good Doctor, Bad Office Practices.
Nov 8th, 2012

Although Dr. Davis is good as a doctor, the office practices are extremely poor. His assistants fail to schedule appointments accurately. He is very difficult to contact when needed. They charge when you need a refill and request over the phone. They charge exorbitant fees if you miss an appointment and don't care if it is legitimate or if you called ahead. They are extremely poor at returning calls.

Nov 7th, 2012

If you are looking to solve your underlying issues, look elsewhere. He takes a meds-only philosophy.

Dr. Davis is great! show details Dr. Davis is great!
Sep 24th, 2012

He is the first doctor to help me realize that my illness does not define me. I am so glad I took a chance and went to see him. He does care about me and wants me to get better. He will care about you too!

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No Worth the Trip {especially at todays gas prices} show details No Worth the Trip {especially at todays gas prices}
Sep 21st, 2012

Do Not bother to make an appointment you will be wasting your momey and money seems to be the main concern. When I first started seeing him he had a competent staff. The good ones left. The staff now is very incompetent. Miss an appointment and you will pay the $110.00 and for Gods sake do not try to get a refill. The refill will cost you an additional $25.00. you think you have problems when you go to Dr.Davis.....just wait you will indeed have more problems dealing with him and his office.

Not impressed show details Not impressed
by Elliott on Sep 1st, 2012

My medical physician sent me to him to make sure I was on the correct med. I had been laid off and divorced in three months prior and apparently, to Davis, I was overly anxious. Anyway, I expressed concern about his suggestion that I TRIPLE my meds starting that day. I didn't understand why you would go 3x it before even trying 2x it - or hey, giving the situation a little more time. Plus, having worked for medical pharm company in the IP area and getting a degree in psychology AND THE FACT THAT I READ THE PAPER ONCE IN A WHILE :) - I also expressed a common concern about taking any medications at all and that tripling them off the bat seemed extreme. He quickly threw it back at me that, "Well, I would expect that from an anxious person." Huh? And I'm sitting there thinking of the Martin Short SNL character, "Is it me or is it him?" The idea that a patient giving the situation some independent thought was unacceptable -- WAS UNACCPETABLE. Oh, and he's the RX "spokesman" he told me - like that would make it oookkkaaayyyyy. That would actually be one of those red flags any normal person might consider Doc.

Totally unprofessional show details Totally unprofessional
May 29th, 2012

I should have known what I was in for when I saw the staff wearing t-shirts and jeans... and with lackadaisical attitudes to match... and when the laptop information form made me read advertisements for drugs I don't need or want.The doctor saw another patient during my timeslot, and I was rescheduled to a different time (which I couldn't make) without my knowledge or consent.This place is a joke... DO NOT GO!

I arrived for my evaluation appointment show details I arrived for my evaluation appointment
by ErnieJ778 at Citysearch on May 29th, 2012 on

I arrived for my evaluation appointment a half hour early. When my appointment time came, Dr. Davis saw another patient in my slot instead. I had to get back to work, so I had to leave.I will not be returning. The other reviewers are right... steer clear! This is not a professionally run office.

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Completely incompetent doctor and staff show details Completely incompetent doctor and staff
by Futureyuppie at Citysearch on May 3rd, 2012 on

I have been seeing Dr. Davis for nearly a year and every time I tell myself I am going to find a new doctor. His office is apparently run by high school drop-outs with no job training. Almost every time I have had to call his office I am told I will called back later. No one ever calls. It takes about three days worth of multiple phone calls to get anything done. Going to the office in person is no better. They keep you waiting over a hour and then tell you they can`t help you. The wait time for appointments is unacceptable- I was once kept waiting for four hours. Dr. Davis himself seems competent until you try to get your prescriptions. He does not know how to properly write a prescription so a pharmacy will fill it. Every time he gives me a paper prescription I cringe because I know the pharmacy won`t accept it and calls to his office to try and get a corrected prescription will go unanswered. On several occasions his office has charged me for doing paperwork that never gets done.

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Rude Doctor- Unprofessional staff show details Rude Doctor- Unprofessional staff
Jan 13th, 2012

We had missed an appointment and when we needed a refil for our childs medication, the office wanted $110 for the missed visit before they called in the refil. Dr. Davis had the nerve to take the phone from his secretary while my wife was on the phone with her, and commense to insult my wife then tell her we should not be out of our son's medication yet. He did not know how much meds he gave us. Also the medication our child takes says that the user can experience withdraw if they suddenly stop using. Dr. Davis was more concerned with his $110 than the welfare of our child. Some peope might say he is a great doctor because the meds he perscribed helped them. Sure he will get some diagosis correct, but from what I saw he lacks the patience to really understand the patient and see where they need help. Thats what we all want right? It just takes someone who will go the extra mile. On our follow up visit, he took literally about 5 minutes with us. This was after we waited 35 minutes past our appointment time. I reccomend looking for another doctor.

Sep 19th, 2011

Waiting is the worse. But everything else'is good.

Unprofessional,Insulting,Arrogant,Rude show details Unprofessional,Insulting,Arrogant,Rude
Sep 8th, 2011

I was a first time patient. I waited 2 hours to see him. He saw me for 10 minutes in those 10 minutes he was rude, insulted me, made derogatory comments about my doctor who happens to be outstanding amoung her peers and patients alike. Wanted to change my medications ( I take 2) that have worked great for 15 years, to several medications that I do not need. Actually tried to provoke me in front of his staff,my family and other patients in the waiting area.I did not give him the satisfaction he would have derived from that.I have never encountered such unprofessional behavior in the medical field.

Jul 19th, 2011

I found Dr. Davis to be arrogant know-it-all. He was interested in making quick diagnoses and giving me lots of medications (3 prescriptions, one of which I was already taking and he wanted to increase the dosage from 50mg to 250mg. Do Dr.'s get a kick-back from pharmacuetical companies??) I felt as though he loved to hear himself talk and gets his "high" from being condescending to his patients. He even talked badly about his ex-wife to me and told me her psychological short-comings! I would not recommend him to anyone. Additionally I had a noon appointment. Didn't get called back until 1.40 and didn't see the Dr. til after 2!

Time for a new doctor... show details Time for a new doctor...
by wuzzer at Citysearch on May 12th, 2011 on

Very unprofessional with large turn-over in office staff which causes problems with insurance and calls being returned. Waits of 2 hours or more are not uncommon. The last straw came when Dr. Davis confronted me about an unpaid visit and demanded payment. What doctor involves himself in insurance payments when he has a full office staff My insurance company has provided proof of payment for that visit, and the check was even cashed. I am still awaiting my refund from Dr. Davis` office. Time for a new doctor...

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Head Ace show details Head Ace
Dec 28th, 2010

Thanks to Dr. Davis, my anxiety and stress level is under control. I have stopped overeating and cut the number of cigarettes smoked per day tremendously. I couldnt have done it without his help!

Quack show details Quack
Nov 11th, 2010

i felt disrespected by him. he would ask questions and then he cut me off before i could finish. if i tried to share my opinion on different treatment options, he would make some snide remark basically saying that he is the doctor and knows everything, and i know nothing. i am not a phd, but i have studied psychology in higher education, and know a good bit about it. but regardless of that, i think i have a right to have opinions about that drugs he tries to put me on. i shared my opinions respectfully, and only received rudeness in response. he is one of those doctors that is on a huge ego trip. if you ask me, he doesnt care about his patients, he just wants to put them on anti depressants that cause dependency, so that he is guaranteed our continued business. he has no interest in actually helping people. it was disappointing and frustrating. i left with more anxiety then i showed up with. i am also pretty sure he was making things up. he said such ridiculous things that only a moron would believe he contradicted himself so many times. not to mention the 2 hour wait.

you will wait show details you will wait
Nov 3rd, 2010

Wait wait wait! always 2 or 3 appointments behind and then when you see him all he does is talk and push pills .. likes to hear self talk.

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Stressed Out Accountant show details Stressed Out Accountant
Apr 20th, 2010

Dr. Davis has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him. He's a incredibly personable and a very intelligent guy.

Excellent Physician show details Excellent Physician
by tglavin on Apr 20th, 2010 on

I have seen Dr. Davis several times. He has helped me tremendously. He`s very knowledgeable about eating disosers as well as ADHD treatments. There is usually a wait about 30 mins to see him. But he is worth the wait and won`t rush you inout of his office like most physicians.

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