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Don't waste your health, money, and time on this doctor!! show details Don't waste your health, money, and time on this doctor!!
Feb 25th, 2015

I spent forty five minutes in the waiting room before I spent almost two hours seeing Dr. Shafer's assistants before he finally came in the room, I had to introduce myself to him and then he shook my hand and said hello. He spent less than 5 minutes with me. No examination from him at all!! He read what his assistants entered into the computer, told me I needed an MRI and EEG. And may I kindly suggest he get his eyes examined since it was very, very obvious he needed glasses as he couldn't ready anything without blinking and squinting his eyes!! When I inquired about medication I was told to go back to my primary doctor because he doesn't give the medication I needed. I am just curious... why was I there? To see assistants? Obviously not to see the doctor! This doctor barely looked at me, and not at all when he was quickly telling me what tests I needed and exited the room in less than 5 minutes, closer to 4. This is completely unacceptable and shameful behavior from a (mistakenly in my opinion) and In my experience, some doctors do have their assistants get a description of your problems and why you are there, do some sort examination and then exits to talk with the doctor before the doctor comes into the room. However, I have never experienced any doctor who does no examination whatsoever and relies solely on everyone else's input and dismisses you and leaves the room. I've been to doctors that are the best in their field (by both their peers and their patients) as well as some that maybe weren't quite up to my standards and needs but at least they looked at me when they talked to me, examined me, gave me their opinion on what they would suggest comes next, told me when they would like to see me next and that they would discuss test results at that visit if the tests were normal and as soon as possible if they were not normal. They asked me if I had any questions and concerns, shook my hand while looking at me before exiting the room. I am not suggesting that this is a doctor who doesn't know what he's doing or has a horrible manner...I am SAYING he does!! For the privilege of seeing this doctor for less than five minutes I am quite positive I will be billed an enormous fee that will be well over the customary and usual fee and will be expected to pay the balance quickly and without protest. I would run away from this particular doctor as fast as you can. Forewarned is forearmed and in this doctor's case necessary!

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Waste of Time and $$ show details Waste of Time and $$
Jul 27th, 2013

Unfortunately, he is the ONLY MS specialist on the Treasure Coast. I agree with other review that he is very pompous and condescending! He once told me that he sees 400 MS patients and that they all work which I know to be totally untrue as I KNOW the MS community in the tri-county area and know of only ONE MS patient that works seasonally full-time. He will spend at the most 5-10 minutes with you and he fires patients at will with no warning or explanation -- even those who follow his medical recommendations. He always wants too schedule you with his P.A. (who has NO nursing background or training). There are only 2 good things I can say about him - he will work with you on the fee (if you are a cash paying patient) and he is very intelligient.

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Jun 25th, 2013

Horrible experience. Disinterested, arrogant and pompous. Spent very little time, seemed rushed. No caring or empathy. Spent majority of time facing the computer. Heartless and condescending.

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Find another doctor - this one is not worth the trip to the office :( show details Find another doctor - this one is not worth the trip to the office :(
Jun 21st, 2013

I would not recommend this doctor to anyone as he is very short with his words and does not listen to what you are saying at all. He does not take the time to find out the true diagnosis but chooses a fits all category instead. He is a huge waste of time and money. He orders a lot of tests (most of which are not necessary) and then you have to wait 30 day's or more for an appointment to find out the results and then he never accurately determines what is wrong. The term "does not play well with others" comes to mind as its his way or no way! It's a shame I can't find one nice thing to say about him :( Although I do hope that by my review he will change his ways and start to truly care about his patients.

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Sep 15th, 2012

He is very intelligent, but has NO bedside manner at all! Very dry and only wants to spend maybe 5 minutes with you. I have been there several times and they have NEVER done a visual or walking test on me! I took him medical records from my old neurologist and the threw them in the trash can right in front of me! He has recently opened a bagel shop, so I'll probably get even less time from him now.

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Mar 5th, 2012

Dr. Shafer is my favorite neurologist that I have seen in Vero Beach. He is very caring, understanding, and very knowledgeable about things. I have been a patient of his for many years. I will always stay with him as long as I continue to live here in Vero Beach. The staff is very friendly, too. Sometimes, I have to wait a while, but it is worth it. Thanks to Dr. Shafer, I have not had seizures in a long time. My migraines are still bad, though. We are working on those.

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The Worst show details The Worst
Feb 11th, 2012

Worse Doctor we have EVER been to. Would NOT recommend him for your dog!

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My Experience show details My Experience
Nov 14th, 2011

My experience with Dr. Shafer and his staff was and is very positive. I have migraines with nausea. My exams are complete enough to rule out other problems and the medication I'm taking works for my migraines. Imitrex is a wonder drug for me.I return for check-ups 2 times a year now but it initially was more frequent. Before I started seeing Dr. Sfafer my migraines were disabling. I'm a pleased patient.

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Sadly not a quality specialist to be seen by. show details Sadly not a quality specialist to be seen by.
by James E. on Sep 20th, 2011

Unfortunately when it comes to polio survivors Dr. Shafer has little knowledge of the residuals and does not show the concern and compassion we all need from a professional in his field. When I last left his office I felt the worse lack of self esteem I have ever felt in my life. He kept telling me over and over again, "You do not have polio (well I KNOW that, it is the residuals I must learn to deal with) . Your symptoms have nothing to do with polio. There is no treatment for you." Sadly he is the kind of physician who will not admit openly that he cannot help or does not know much about the almost forgotten virus of polio and the residuals. I have lost all confidence in ever speaking openly to a doctor about my mental and physical state of mind thanks to Dr. S. James Shafer. I'm sorry for this negative review but felt it had to be said.

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