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Oct 4th, 2014

I wouldn't see this woman EVEN if I had plans to jump off the highest bridge! Who wants to waste their last hours waiting in a crowded waiting room for 1.5 hours to see someone who is a nasty creapy individual. The terrible office staff are just prelude to the doctor who in the end is worse then the office staff. I am an RN, and this woman has one foot on a banana peel and one foot in an asylum. Please, don't waste your time.

You never get the appointment time they give you! show details You never get the appointment time they give you!
Jul 15th, 2014

First of all Dr. Bhat does not arrive to work until she wants to, which is between 12 noon to 1:00 pm. It seems that they schedule about 4 to 5 people per hour. Most of the time she starts off behind schedule. I think she feels that the patients need her more than she needs them and it is a privilege to see her. The staff is slow in getting the paper work taken care of because of extra chatting with each other. It does not pay to be early, they will only take the order of the appointment even is they are so far behind. Plan on being there for 1 to 2 and half hours with only a 10 to 15 min. visit with the doctor. She is knowledgeable but not very helpful if you any paperwork filled out for your insurance. You can pay for a copy of her notes to be sent to them, which the insurance companies do not like, so they give you a hard time. She does give out a lot of prescriptions.

by Tam on Apr 29th, 2014

Had an appt at 5. They called and wanted me to come in at 3:30. Husband left work early to take me. When we got there we sat there until 4:15 . I asked how much longer and found there were 2 people before me and they arrived after I did. I asked why they called me in early if they were going to make me sit and wait until 5, my original appt time. Girl at desk said she did not call me and that it was the other girl and she had left for the day. Then a man in the back office told me if I didn't like waiting I could leave, so I did. Very unprofessional office staff. Treated very rudely. Note this review reflects the staff not the Dr.

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Bhat is a licenced drug dealer. show details Bhat is a licenced drug dealer.
Apr 3rd, 2014

This has got to be the biggest joke of a phychatrist. Her staff is a joke. She is a joke. She pushs meds, meds, meds. If there are any complications to her meds she refuses to see the patient. Her staff lies saying your referral is no good when it is good and cancels appointments. The average wait in her waiting room is 4 hours with only a 5 minute visit and she is pushing meds, meds, meds. Doctor Bhat is a licenced drug dealer.

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don't complain show details don't complain
by amy on Mar 28th, 2014

Dr Bhat is one of the few doctors that sees Hillsborough County patients. She only gets like $30 for a 15 minute medicine check up. They take over 6 months to even pay her, IF they pay. The patients are getting free care, paid by us tax payers. Don't complain and get a JOB! I pay more for a pedi / manicure then what she gets for a medical visit. If you want more time, dig into your pockets and be self pay. Stop smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day, and then you can afford private care.

Horrible Experience show details Horrible Experience
Jul 31st, 2013

Dr Bhat is the worse doctor I have ever been to, she should not be allowed to practice. I don't understand why she is a psychiatrist because she doesn't care about her patients. I waited an hour and a half past my appointment the first time I saw her. The second time I went, she wasn't even there yet. Patients in the waiting room had been waiting for over an hour. I had somewhere else to be so I did not wait. The receptionist was very rude to me. Don't go to her, she doesn't care about her patients. I am now out of my depression medications and cannot get into another psychiatrist for almost two weeks. She has so many signs up in her office telling what she will not do. What does she do?

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Why is she in business show details Why is she in business
Jun 28th, 2013

I have been to this doctor several times and each time the visit has become worse. First off as you walk in There are signs all over the reception window such as " she will not fill out any kinds of forms, and no one else can come into the room with you to see the doctor. The receptionist are some of the worse I have had any dealings with yet. They do not care how they treat the people coming into the office to see this doctor. They will try their best to humiliate you by some of the smug things they say to you. This doctor is the worse doctor I have ever been to in all my years of life. She will out right tell you she does NOT want to hear anything about your problems and you need to go to a counselor for this. If you try to say anything she will shut you up right away and close her ears to what you say and you will feel like "why did I come to her"? She will only deal with the medications she pushes on you to take. She seems to have a pill for whatever you complain about as far as your medical problem. She is unkind, uncaring, and very sarcastic. Just like the receptionist she hires. This is a pill doctor only. She will only talk about how the pills are helping you and if she thinks you need more she has no problem writing you out more prescriptions or stronger ones. Bottom line is if you want pills and do not care how you are treated, this is the place to go. I left this doctor because I feel I deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and dignity from a doctor I hire and from the people they hire.

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WORST experience ever show details WORST experience ever
by Robert Bartle on Jun 27th, 2013

Wow WORST experience ever! Dr. Bhat may be a competent doctor, but by the people hired as his/her (I can't tell what a Suman is) office staff I would guess incompetent. I had an "appointment" today (06/27/2013) at 4:15. I say "appointment" because I never got in. I arrived at 3:50 - they had told me when I made the "appointment" to be 20 minutes early. Fine, paperwork and all that. The first office drone had me sign the sign-in and take a seat and wait to be called. After about 15 minutes I figured the first drone didn't tell the second drone and that they weren't going to call me so I went to see the second drone to get the paperwork. At 5:00 she finally calls me back up (after a person that walked in AFTER me was called in) and being very upset at this point I told her she should be paying ME for my time. She LAUGHED at me and I asked her if this was funny to her. She told me yes, and said I don't know how appointments work. I said yeah, I was here early for the "appointment" and now she's telling me it's going to be about another HOUR; she then asked if THEY called ME for an appointment. I said NO - I was referred and it was supposed to be at 4:15. . So Dr. Bhat congratulations on losing a client. You obviously are too busy to see me; and hopefully relating my experience will lose you many, MANY more clients.Email me if you'd like to apologize; but judging by the conduct of your employees I doubt I will hear from you. Robert Bartle

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Frightening show details Frightening
by Donald Hinsz on May 18th, 2013

Once past the blast of soiled diapers and the gloom of a dozen forgotten waiting room denizens, I was greeted by an office staff apparently resourced from one of Steven Wright's nightmares. After waiting for over 3 hours, I was granted a brief audience with the almighty Dr. Bhat. Her screening/evaluation process was a joke on my behalf, and her demeanor was far less than reassuring. It's no small wonder why Hillsborough County, Florida has such a bad reputation regarding mental health care for the poor and disenfranchised... My recommendation: Visit a golf course and DEMAND something better from the elected officials who've clearly lost more than their minds. Thank you, and good luck.

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A PHD who will NOT discuss things with paitent. Pill Pusher only show details A PHD who will NOT discuss things with paitent. Pill Pusher only
May 31st, 2011

Very long wait. Don't mind that.She is a PHD who will not take any time to talk to paitent of anything of quality. Its ONLY about writing you a RX!She could care lss if patient has a problem. If you try to go into anything she gets upset cause your taking/wasing her time. She only wants to know about the meds. She has NO BUSINESS in PHD. She should only be working for a pain management Pill popping company. She is a very bad doctor I felt for her field title. I would NOT send anyone I care about to her or anyone who really needs help for they would not recieve the care they needed. The staff is also fairly rude. In addition, they want to charge people extra for no shows yet they constantly cut off the phone to answering service who will not allow you to take a message. They cut phone on and off 30 minutes to an hour late and early.It is a very bad buiness with no smiles anywhere to be found in that office from staff to patients. very sad down office place to go to

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Jan 2nd, 2011

The office staff needs improvement. The Dr is non caring

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Worst Dr. experience of my life. show details Worst Dr. experience of my life.
Dec 29th, 2010

I showed up for my Dr. apt. after making an apt. two weeks ago with the receptionist. After waiting in the waiting room for an hour and 15 mins. the receptionist told me that my insurance co. did not cover Dr. Bhat. I asked her if I could go ahead and see the Dr. and if I wasn't covered they could send me a bill. She then told me "we don't know you" in Ebonics, with an extremely rude look on her face. I then told her that I had taken off work and canceled a couple of other Dr. appointments to make this one. I told her my prescription was empty and I was scheduled to start a new job the following week and needed to refill my prescription as soon as possible. She began to get angry and told me that there was nothing she could do. So, I asked to speak with the Dr. She then gave me a look of shock and told me that there was no way I could speak to the Dr. I told her that I wasn't leaving until I spoke to the Dr. or her boss (which are one in the same). She then picked up the phone and began dialing 9-1-1. I assume to call the police to have me arrested for trespassing. So I left immediately. She then called my cell phone about 5 mins. later to let me know that I was not welcome back there anymore. I, again, tried to explain to her my situation. But, while doing so, she hung up on me.This was, by far, the worst Dr. visit of my life. Unless the receptionist is fired tomorrow, I would recommend to everyone to never, ever, visit Dr. Suman Bhat's office.

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Bhat Suman Md - Worst Psychiatrist ever!! show details Bhat Suman Md - Worst Psychiatrist ever!!
by Citysearch User on Dec 21st, 2009 on

Worst Psychiatrist in the Tampa Bay area. Always overbooks, very rude support staff. Bills for services not rendered, doesn`t timely file wi...

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