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Engineer show details Engineer
by John ONeil on Feb 28th, 2014

Very good, complete review of issues, good listener. I recommend this Dr. Catalan to anyone that cares about getting good health care.

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Dissatisfied show details Dissatisfied
Jul 3rd, 2013

I never give bed reviews but she is TERRIBLE!!!!! I wouldn't recommend her to anyone. She doesn't listen to her patients. Is very cold and doesn't get to know her patients. I have never had such a BAD experience with a doctor in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't care at all about her patience and her nurse is just as bad!!!!!

Unprofessional & Liars show details Unprofessional & Liars
Sep 14th, 2012

I used to go to Dr. Hodges before Dr. Jauhar took over his practice, so I figured I would have a positive experience as usual. When I got to the office, they told me I had to call my insurance providers to check for coverage because I was a new patient. I've never had to call my insurance myself at any other places. Normally the physician knows who covers them. I didn't have a cell phone at the time, so I asked if I could use their office phone. They told me to sit in the waiting room and they would get back to me. After waiting FORTY-FIVE MINUTES I finally got up and asked if I could use the phone to call and check to see if they were covered before I wasted my time. The lady took my insurance card and actually decided to do her job and call herself. I was then told they don't cover BlueCross BlueShield. I then went home and looked on the internet to find a physician who was covered by my plan and guess who I found... Dr. Jauhar. Guess they are too good for my business, but thats fine with me because I'd rather put my money in a more trustworthy and professional office anyway.

Feb 27th, 2012

Very abrupt and quite condescending. Didn't listen well. Said all medication from previous doctor was wrong -- even a specialist!!

Jan 9th, 2012

Will not see again highly advised to find a different dr

Haughty and disrespectful show details Haughty and disrespectful
Nov 12th, 2011

Please go to another physician. My condition has worsened because she refused to listen and misdiagnosed me with allergies when in fact I have an infection. Someone previously said of her, "cold fish," "belongs in research," "doesn't listen." Check on all three. Her lax and resistant attitude has made me switch primary care physicians.

Easy to get an appointment should have been my first clue! show details Easy to get an appointment should have been my first clue!
Oct 5th, 2011

A few of the members of this office staff have a real chip on their shoulders, particularly the person who handles appointments, and it trickles down hill from Dr. Catalan. I've spend a year trying to get to know her so that we could communicate and have had enough. If I thought she was a good doctor I could put up with most of it, but she is not. She refuses to listen to ANYTHING I say and is the queen of referrals. I have heard this from several other people so not sure where these good ratings are coming from but not from me.

Awesome Doctor show details Awesome Doctor
by Sheryl Futrell, Ph.D., NCSP on Apr 15th, 2011

I read these reviews and almost cancelled the appointment. I am so glad I did not! I have a doctorate and am very picky about my medical care. Dr. Catalan is fabulous! Medical people as well as us can make mistakes, as it is part of the human condition. Dr. Catalan is thorough, knowledgable, and a medical expect who looks at the WHOLE patient...not just a dissected sick body part. We disagreed on a treatment for my high cholesterol. Instead of prescribing the statin drug that I will never take, she presented all the research and best practices, treating me with respect the whole time. She gave me gentle reminders every visit and did not let this slide, but allowed me the option of writing a letter if I did not follow her advice. I have no doubt that if the chips were down, and my life hung in the balance, Dr. Catalan would give me state-of-the-art care and would make sure that others did as well...In this era of managed care, that is comforting. I recommend her highly. Great doctor, and personable as she gets to know you.

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Extremely intelligent and skilled doctor. show details Extremely intelligent and skilled doctor.
Oct 22nd, 2010

I would highly recommend Dr. Catalan to anyone. She is the most intelligent and knowledgable physician I have ever met (and I have met many doctors in my life due to my chronic severe migraines). She keeps abreast of all the latest medical research, medicines and techniques. She knows the best specialists in the area and doesn't hesitate to recommend one if she believes that it would get you the best treatment. She always puts the patient first and their health and well-being are her top priority. The office staff, on the other hand, are rude, incompetent and undertrained for their positions. They have misplaced my medical records twice and lost my appointment on several occasions. However, despite the incompetency of the staff and my 45 minute comute to get there, I will still stay a patient of Dr. Catalan's. Good doctors are just too hard to find these days.

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Takes some time to get to know her show details Takes some time to get to know her
Sep 3rd, 2010

When I first met Dr. Catalan I had the same impression as some of the other reviewers. I have been to her about five times now and she has gotten a lot friendlier. can tell her the slightest thing and she jumps on it and tries to start scheduling test, etc. On my first visit, when I had a sinus infection, she tried to give me a tetanus shot just because I haven't had one in five or six years. I said that is not why I came here, and if I need a shot I'll take one then. She said "are you going to wait until you get tetanus and then take the shot - is that your plan"? I said yes, as a 48 year old I don't expect much likelihood of tetanus, so that's my plan. She was not happy. Then she sent the nurse in with the shot all ready for me! Four times I had to say NO WAY are you giving me that shot. I think that is major overkill! She is someone who really overreacts and seems scared not to. If you are someone who likes your doctor to be all over you, scheduling tests and referrals for every little symptom she is your gal. If you want treatment for the problem at hand and then go on with your life you need a different doctor.

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Stay Away! If You Want to Feel Better, Go Somewhere Else! show details Stay Away! If You Want to Feel Better, Go Somewhere Else!
Aug 25th, 2010

I went to see Dr. Catalan 4 times, and each time I got progressively worse. I went there with very specific and straightforward problems but she could not resolve one of them. She does not listen at all. Anytime a Dr. has to ask you 3 times if you have nausea and you answer all 3 times yes, I am taking Phenergen and she still doesn't know there is a problem. I went to see her because I have kidney stones, my urologist told me I needed a primary care physician, anxiety, stomach pain and my blood pressure. It seems like to me she is scared to do anything on her own. She wants to send me to other Dr's for stuff she can do. Such as: after a lengthy hospital stay(where I saw her not once)I needed some tests ordered. The surgeons in the hospital told me my primary care physician can order them. Well, she would not order them and wanted to send me to another specialist. I talked to her every time about my severe anxiety attacks, she said she didn't want to give me "band-aid" drugs so she tells me to start taking a medicine we have already tried that makes me vomit. I understand that some doctors aren't fond of "band-aid" drugs but what does a band-aid do? It sure does stop the bleeding! Anyway, if you truly want to feel better you will stay away from the Cat, she will tear you to shreds.

thoughtful and thorough show details thoughtful and thorough
by More than satisfied in Wilmington Island on Aug 20th, 2010

Dr. Catalan has always been very sincere and respectful in her dealings with me. She has a professional and serious approach but it has never struck me to be rude or uncaring as some of the reviews have indicated. I have suffered from depression for years and saw Dr. Catalan for the first time after moving to Savannah. She took a lot of time discussing my life style and the impact of medications. In a follow up she expressed a lot of concern that I still had feelings of sadness, even though my mood was somewhat better. I guess what I am saying is that she recognized that I was still depressed and that feeling a somewhat better was not good enough. She referred me to a Psychayrist who perscribed a combination of two medications and she referred me to a therapist who helped me work through some grief issues. Two years later I am feeling better than I knew was possible and I will always be thankful to Dr. Catalan for taking the time with me and recognizing what I needed even when I didn't recognize it myself.

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Cold fish indeed show details Cold fish indeed
Mar 24th, 2010

She belongs in research. Her behavior is like that of a high functioning person with autism. If you want a doctor with whom you can establish a real relationship, look elsewhere. The front desk staff is stunningly incompetent. I would be amazed if they haven't managed to kill someone by now. I am not being sarcastic. I witnessed a situation where an elderly woman was trying to tell them about some serious side effects her husband was experiencing with a new medication. He should have been seen immediately, but they couldn't be bothered. I approached the couple in the parking lot and suggested that they find a new doctor at a different office.

Cold Fish show details Cold Fish
by anoymous islander on Feb 25th, 2010

What a loser. She cares no more about a patient than a fly on the wall. She makes you feel like you're on-the-spot for seeking medical treatment. I am very uncomfortable in her presence.

Dr Catalan show details Dr Catalan
Feb 4th, 2010

Dr Catalan has the potential to be a fine doctor, she seems to be too busy to really listen to what I have to say. Her nurse is also lacking in bedside manners as she makes appointments feel like an inconvenience to her life.Dr Catalan did some tests on me and said she would call me back with the results. Her nurse made the call instead. I asked her to "Please hold on while I grabbed a pen", she told me to "HURRY UP" "I HAVE A JOB TO DO". I was so insulted and hurt. My test results are very important to me and so I felt I should write down the information rather than try to memorize everything she was saying. I didn't feel I was being unreasonable asking her to wait while I grabbed a pen. I didn't know she was going to call at that time and didn't deserve to be treated that way.

Major dissapoinment she's a jerk show details Major dissapoinment she's a jerk
by Mature Patient on Oct 20th, 2009

I am still very upset over the office visit. A doctor is to me someone who should be patient and kind, after all the patient is usually sick, stressed and not feeling well. She was neither kind or understanding and she prejudged me. Her attitude was one of disgust for me. No smile, no warmth no kind words. She seemed like she did not want me there, nor like me and she did not know me. She does not know how to show kindness to an ill patient. She also seemed to have the DR God attitude. She only needed to show and speak kindly to me of which she did not. She spoke to me like I was stupid, uneducated and like I had never been to any other professional before her. Also she did not bother asking me about my life style, if I exercise, If I ate a healthy diet or if I had any major stresses in my life. She had her own agenda and was extremely confusing in the things she said to me. I will never go back to her. She is not a real Doctor maybe only on paper. Susan check yourself, your bedside manor is horrible. I must say her nurse was gentle and kind and most of the staff too. But the front desk had attitude. I feel she harmed me.

Bedside manners show details Bedside manners
Aug 29th, 2008

Smiling would do the patients a world of good. It shows that a doctor actually cares.