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Nov 9th, 2014

Don't go there, office staff is horrible, a mess, they lie. Also, Doc. Debin is never there, you pay to see inexperienced PA's and her o-call Doc. does not know the patients, he is of no use, plus he is rude. Keisha and Pam are the two great girls in there, they are to good for that office.

by Kathleen on Jun 5th, 2014

I do not understand reviewers who have been patients for "years" and have nothing good to say? why are you still a patient? oh well, redundant question. I LOVE Dr. Debin. I too have been a patient for years, one of the best things is that her PA's are so very available. I need to pop in and out and they are so accommodating I have never had a long wait and when the office was behind I could call and adjust my arrival accordingly. When I wanted to see the Dr. she was available. She returned my calls and answered my emails. If it weren't for insurance changes I'd still be seeing her but I am now with Kaiser. The staff is always courteous, helpful and friendly. The PA's are knowledgeable and take all the time I ever needed, answered all my questions and followed up with my care. She's just what the doctor ordered!!

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by Jacki Lawrence on Nov 6th, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Debin for more than 25 years and I hope she never retires! I love everything about her. Not only is she kind, caring, compassionate and makes you feel so comfortable while in her office, but she has an awesome coffee and tea machine to enjoy while you wait! And, if you call ahead the office staff will tell you how far behind she is running so you can run that errand you've been putting off. She is very busy so yes at times you may have to wait for a time past your appt time but it is a statement of who she is as a doctor. She spends lots of time with patients making sure you understand every thing about your health. She is a 5 star doctor if that's the highest rating!

Called me at home to follow-up! show details Called me at home to follow-up!
Dec 11th, 2011

I'm not sure who some of these raters went to. Yes, sometimes there is a long wait; however, I was told on my first visit to always call ahead of time and they would let me know if they were running behind schedule and I could come later. I have NEVER seen the office staff being unprofessional. I have been very ill this year and have many visits and time to observe. The talking they do is with the clients, not each other. It is true that I rarely see Dr. Debin, but that is ok as Jan Rodriguez and Georgia are wonderful and caring. If Jan isn't sure, Dr. Debin is right there to give input. One time, after my visit, Dr. Debin called and said she'd like to do something a little different than what was recommended, so I know she reviewed my chart. Twice I was hospitalized on an emergency basis and both times Dr. Debin called me AT NIGHT at home to see how I was doing and what my follow-up plans would be. She gives you all the time in the world. She doesn't try and gorge the money. She has often recommended me to specialists to confirm or manage a serious condition. Everyone of the recommendations have been top physicians who have seen me quickly, because of her association. Do I have to wait? Yes, but that is because each paitient is given all the time they need. Have I turned down expensive vitamins or alternative therapy? Yes, and they don't mind. In fact, Jan has suggested I do lifestyle changes or diet changes before trying any "regimines". I did have one lab test that was outside of my insurance company, but I was glad they did, since it found out I was at high risk for a heart attack. It's easy enough to let them know you don't want anything run that won't be approved by your insurance, whenever they do a blood test, bone scan, ultrasound, etc.Do you have a doctor that calls you at home to see how you are? Do you have a doctor that actually coordinates treatments and follows up with the other specialists? Do you have a doctor who gives you all the time you need and doesn't say your 15 minutes is up? If not, Dr. Debin and her team is for you.

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Nov 29th, 2011


DON'T GO HERE! show details DON'T GO HERE!
Nov 2nd, 2011

We ended up waiting about 1.5 hours to be seen. Never saw DR. DEBIN, but saw a nurse Practitioner instead. Horrible service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't go to this doctor!!!! show details Don't go to this doctor!!!!
Oct 13th, 2011

Gives you unnecessary services, telling you its part of the annual physical check up which insurance company will pay. Instead patient gets the bill and Dr Debin office doesn't care to follow up with the insurance company and will bill patient directly. SCAM!!! Overcharging for services!!!! You'll never going to meet Dr Debin herself. She only cares how much she can bulk the insurance company and her patients!

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Is there really a Dr. Debin? show details Is there really a Dr. Debin?
Jun 16th, 2011

After many years of going to Dr. Debin, I have only been seen by a nurse or a physicans assistant. If there wasn't a picture of Dr. Debin on the wall, I would think she did not even exist! I really feel cheated and not 100% comfortable with taking direction from these other people - is that even legal? Is my insurance charged a lower amount as it is not a doctor doing the exam?

HUGE waste of time show details HUGE waste of time
May 13th, 2011

When I first became a patient at Dr. Debin's office several years ago, it was just for a pap smear and general physical exam, so I wasn't offended that I was seen by a nurse practitioner instead of the doctor. But I've been a regular patient for several years and I have yet to ever even meet the doctor! Over the past few years, I've noticed that the wait time in the waiting room has gotten longer and longer, going from being mildly annoying to being absolutely ridiculous! A few months ago, I had made an appointment for very first thing in the morning, hoping that by being the first patient of the day, their schedule wouldn't be backed up and I could be seen in a reasonable amount of time. I was especially nervous because I was there for a health issue that really concerned/frightened me, but instead of getting me right in to see the doctor, they had me sit in the waiting room for 50 minutes (I was acutely aware of the time, since I kept checking my watch). When I was finally taken to an exam room, I thought I'd be seen right away, but I was left sitting alone in the exam room for 40 minutes, with nothing to do but get more and more nervous about my health issue and more agitated about how much time they were robbing from me. I finally got so angry that I walked out of the office and told the receptionist that I just couldn't wait any longer. To give them the benefit of the doubt (in case the doctor had an emergency to take care of before me or there was some legitimate reason for the delay in seeing me), I rescheduled my appointment for another day. And the same thing happened when I returned for my next appointment! I stuck around for that appointment, however, and was finally seen by the nurse practitioner. When my blood pressure was taken, it was a bit high, so I was told that I'd need medication for that. I refused the medication, though, because I've never had high blood pressure and I believed that the elevated blood pressure was due to my anxiety and agitation that they put me through at that office. I happen to work for a surgeon's office and had my blood pressure taken the next day at my job and it was perfectly normal. I feel like I dodged a bullet -- if I hadn't had the sense to refuse the medication they wanted to give me at Dr. Debin's office, I'd be taking a medication that was completely unnecessary right now!Another thing (I just can't say enough about this doctor's office) -- they had been giving me injections of Depo-Medrol birth control for seven years without ever telling me of the risks of that injection. And it turns out that there are serious risks associated with it if it's taken for longer than two years. I just happened to find out by doing some research on my own that there are risks to that injection and when I mentioned it to the nurse practitioner at Dr. Debin's office, she said, "Oh yeah, didn't anyone tell you about that?" No -- NOBODY told me about that, and I feel it's the responsibility of a doctor's office to inform patients of risks associated with medications and procedures.I've just recently had a health scare and when I called the office to make an appointment with the doctor (not a nurse practitioner), I was told that I can't get an appointment until one month from now! I guess because I'm not one of the privileged wealthy patients who pay extra to get quality care at that office, my health problems aren't considered worthy of the doctor's time. Whereas most doctors' offices operate according to standard triage practices (the most urgent health problems take priority over more minor problems), Dr. Debin's office operates under the guidelines of "the patients who pay the most take priority over anyone else, no matter what the health problem might be."I can't state strongly enough that you should stay away from that office! While Dr. Debin might be very knowledgeable in her field, I'll never actually know this for a fact, because I've never met her in the seven years that I've been a patient! Needless to say, I'm on the hunt for a different doctor.

poor professionalism and wait is far too long show details poor professionalism and wait is far too long
Apr 27th, 2011

This is a Dr. who caters to her so called "concierge" pts. These are pt's who pay a "fee" to be treated with royalty. NO waiting, separate entrance just for them, and get appt's on same day if need be. The rest of us who come in have to wait an hour at least, and listen to the unprofessional jibbering and laughing going on in the front office. Some of the girls are joknig and goofing around with each other. Very irritating when you are waiting to see the Dr. I wold not receommend this office if you dont like to wait and the staff is not professional.

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Worth the wait! show details Worth the wait!
Sep 27th, 2010

I have visited many drs over the last 20 yrs and Dr. Debin is by far the best! I say this because she is very caring, she listens and asks questions, she follows through, she's knowledgable, she loves her job and she loves people. She diagnosed my rare disease immediately when other specialists could not. She is willing to try a holistic approach, she keeps in mind that each patient is a human being and if she doesn't know something she admits it and wi do research and get back to you. Who wouldn't want a dr like this!? We travel from 2 hrs away to see her because we cannot find a better dr! She will spend time on you, so bring a book because you might have to wait. Her staff is encouraged to have fun as well as be professional, which I appreciate. Hers is an office full of smiling, competent professionals that enjoy people and their jobs!

excellence show details excellence
by jeannine mcquillan on Sep 4th, 2010

Best doctor in the world

A doctor that cares show details A doctor that cares
Aug 30th, 2010

I had a very good experience with Dr. Debin. She spent a good deal of time with me and asked more questions than any other doctor I have been to. She truly wanted to find out the reason for my health issues and not just medicate. I took my son there as well for his allergies and she put him with a specialist in her office. I have referred her to friends who want a doctor that cares.

May 22nd, 2010

dr debin takes to long to see her pts. you wait and wait until you may end up leaving. the staff is too loud in the front office and too much goofing around is going on. especially among Vanessa and Gaby, they seem too young for this type of profession. The front office needs a redo, it looks a mess and everything is old or broken.

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Nov 23rd, 2009

After reading the article on MSNBC I felt compelled to write. I thought doctors choose their profession because they felt a calling to help. But there seems to be a price tag for everything. To charge a premium for services is treating people depending on their 'class' in society. Dr. Debin should be ashamed of herself. My family is in the upper 1% income in the U.S., but would refuse to ever use a doctor like Dr. Debin.

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