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Not impressed show details Not impressed
Mar 20th, 2015

I was referred by many friends years ago. I was Never able to see the physician. Always the NP. Office staff who are not nurses advise patients over the phone. difficult to get appointments if sick. left practice

Medical Receptionist show details Medical Receptionist
by S. Wheeler on Oct 29th, 2014

I was employed by Dr. Suzanne Lamanna. Not only is her attitude deplorable, she is the most unethical ex nun I have ever known. Her office manager and billing person are obviously no better. While employed there, I was examined by the N.P. Dr. Lamanna and the rest of her billing staff was fully aware I had no insurance and could not afford to go to my Dr. Dr. Lamanna told me not to worry..,I have been sent to collections for that, "free" examine. Karma never sleeps Dr, Lamanna. I hope everyone in your life begins to see you for what you really are. You're not a compassionate person, clearly you need to practice what you preach.

home visit show details home visit
by joan m on Aug 11th, 2014

DOCTOR was On time,very helpful, and a great comfort to the patient (my husband) &to me. More doctors making home calls to bed bound patients are needed. Dr. Lamanna is very appreciated by my family. The office staff was helpful with the appointment.

happy patient for 14 /- years show details happy patient for 14 /- years
Jan 28th, 2014

doctor lamanna is knowledgeable and personable. appointments can sometimes be hard to get because she is so busy, but she will always fit you in if it is an emergency

What a Mess of an Office show details What a Mess of an Office
Jan 17th, 2014

I was a patient of Dr Lamannas for over 3 years, I am no longer. I never really saw her much just Jenn Baldwin who is wonderful. When I did see Dr. Lamanna, she is very rude and condescending like your making up your symptoms. And god forbid if you throw out some ideas because you have been researching yourself, they are easily dismissed. Even though I have a lot of specialist I always had to follow up with her office and schedual an apt and make a co-pay and for what that's why I have a specialist. The front desk people are very rude and very unorganized. The turn over in the office is unreal it seems to be ever 6 months that she has a new staff of nurses and they know nothing about you or your history. I would not suggest going to this Dr if you have any serious medical issues, maybe a hang nail and that's about it.

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Not good show details Not good
Nov 5th, 2013

Main thrust of office visit was that I wasn't getting out of there until I bought something. More like a visit to a used car salesman than a dispassionate health care provider. The student that first examined me was great but then the doc came in and the condescending sales pitch began.lost any confidence that my health needs were being rationally considered. Will not go back.

The worst medical practice I've ever encountered show details The worst medical practice I've ever encountered
by Dissapointed former patient on Oct 8th, 2013

Dr. Lamanna's office is a textbook example of how not to run a doctor's office. The wait times can be astronomical, the staff is consistently rude & antagonistic, and doctor herself is scatterbrained and distant. Without question, seek your medical services elsewhere.

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First Primary in years not the best but ok show details First Primary in years not the best but ok
Aug 30th, 2013

I went and was excited to find a place that seemed friendly. I then started to see the changes in the environment go from friendly to treating you just like a number. The receptionists was very rude in person and over the phone. I mean the receptionist is the face of the business and pleasant and professional is the least. The nurse and staff does change every time I come and I asked one girl why is that she said I know the turn around is high but she has been there for a few years. I am unsure on how long I will keep them. They had some guy a student come talk to me about my health and that made me uncomfortable like why did they send you in here. I was very mad that they did that and wanted to talk to me about something I was sensitive about and he tried to talk to me about it. I couldn't believe that Dr. Baldwin would allow him to practice on me. Dr. Lamanna was good she straight to the point and professional she helped me a lot in regards to my questions.

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This Doctor has some serious psychosis show details This Doctor has some serious psychosis
Jun 9th, 2013

I had been a patient of Dr. Lamanna for a while now, and I've recently moved on to another practice that is 'normal.' I find it very disturbing to check in for an appointment and the receptionist is visibly upset and crying because she was reprimanded so harshly. I once waited 5 months for a medication because it had to be approved by my insurance. And the doctor- her behavior is unacceptable. I once witnessed her standing at one end of the hall literally screaming at a nurse to pull another person out of an exam room because people weren't being cleared out of the waiting room fast enough. The nurse was simply trying to take blood so that person could leave. The nurses and staff- they are always changing. I cannot feel comfortable sharing my life with a complete stranger every time I walk in. The Dr. I see now has nurses that have been there 5-10 years.the quality of nurses are dwindling too. I once had a young girl take my blood and I'm pretty sure she wasn't even out of high school, and I always saw her doing maintenance work. This was during a time when there was a "short staff." I won't even get started in the "office manager" who tried to bill me and say I didn't have insurance coverage when I was seen. THAT was the final straw. They should install a revolving door in that office.

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Happy to be moving on!! show details Happy to be moving on!!
May 24th, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Lamanna for years and years. She started as myself and all of my siblings pediatricians and we just kept going to her because it was easier. Her front office staff is HORRIBLE. They are always so amazingly rude. They treat you like your making up symptoms. I once called with a high fever (101.4) and was told "That's impossible". They are rude to you when you come in, they put you on hold for a long time, I brought this problem up to Dr. Lamanna and was told that she "stands behind her staff". On to Dr. Lamanna herself. As I said, I've been seeing her for years. Over 10 years. We actually used to see her at her old office. For as long as I remember, we've always had very long waits both in the waiting room and once we get in the office. I also feel she is very judgmental. I understand that she used to be a nun however I feel it isn't right that she asks personal questions and when I'm honest, gets angry with me. I have never felt the need to lie about my sexual activity as I'm a full grown adult however because I wasn't married, it was very obvious she was judging me. It would have been nice to have a doctor whom I would feel comfortable talking to about those personal things in case I had questions. Instead, she made me feel embarrassed. When I was 18 and in college, I found out I had HPV and she told my mother. Now that I'm in my twenties, I look back on that with shock. That was so personal and I had no plans to share that with my mother. I was in college, living on my own and fully supporting myself. There was no reason to share it with my mother however she did anyway. There is a lack of confidentiality in that office and a lack of respect. I am very excited that I am now getting married and switching to my husbands insurance so I will "need" to get a new doctor!

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Horrible Experience! show details Horrible Experience!
Mar 25th, 2013

MANY times, I'd arrive for an appointment and be told I didn't have one on that day, or I had canceled it. I saved my appointment cards to verify the appointment times and the office manager became angry. When I brought this up with Dr. Lamanna, she became enraged and started yelling! She repeatedly said that she stands behind her staff 200%, then brought in a staff member to confront me. Never in my life have I ever been treated this way, at ANY business, much less in an exam room in a doctors office! One particular visit, there was a note taped on the outside of the office entrance door asking patients not to ask about a receptionists pregnancy because she had just miscarried!!!!! There were many accuracy problems with office notes and filing paperwork, causing considerable delays in treatment, medication and scheduling. Dr. Lamanna has an uneven/unstable temperament, unprofessional conduct and demeanor, can be very loud, rude - even explosive to patients and staff. Her office staff is harried, disorganized and rude.

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Mar 5th, 2013

Dr Lamanna screamed at two of her co-workers in front of a patient and all of the staff with the door to her office wide open. She was heard threatening to fire someone through out the entire office. No regard was given to anyone else who had appts. in progress when this occured. Very disheartening to hear and see, as the office is already VERY under staffed. The staff seems to be being forced to micro manage the care of patients in that they call non stop for "follow up" appts. as if the Specialists we are seeing are not providing adequate care. The demands of her office policies were too much, I had to leave the practice.

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Good Dr, not so good person show details Good Dr, not so good person
Mar 1st, 2013

The staff walks on eggshells around Dr. Lamanna's wrath. You never know what side of her you're going to get. She can be completely inappropriate. She yells and screams at staff in front of patients. She yells at other patients in front of patients. You can tell the staff is trying so hard but they are definitely under-staffed and not appreciated. She is completely intimidating. When I tried to leave the practice she had her staff call and practically stalk me asking why I was leaving and telling me I wasn't a good mother because she had developed a rapport with my child. It was awful. She only cares about herself. Shame on her and her office manager who just enables her behavior. It's unfortunate because her Nurse Practioner Jennifer Baldwin is amazing. Dr Lamanna is just holding her back.

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Nov 6th, 2012

office staff is constantly changing. every time i go there it is someone new taking care of me. love dr lamanna and her no jennifer baldwin. office staff is a different story.

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Hard to reach but worth it show details Hard to reach but worth it
Jan 30th, 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Lamanna's for several years. She has always been very difficult to contact since the phone line is usually busy. When the receptionist answers the phone, she usually puts me on hold for several minutes because she is busy talking with someone else in the office or and/or on another line.Reasons why I continue to be her patient: Primarily, when I am with her or her nurse practitioner, I have all the time I want to discuss whatever health matters have been concerning me. I do not feel rushed at all. Also, her mentor was my favorite doctor ever, who is no longer in practice.

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Getting new prescriptions for maintinence medicine show details Getting new prescriptions for maintinence medicine
Jan 25th, 2012

I ran out of my thyroid medicine and vitamin D prescription. I called to let them know I was out of medicine and needed new rx's sent to the pharmacy. They told me they would send them. It took me 2 months to get the medicine I needed. They were snotty with me on the phone. I'm leaving the practice! I have been going there since 2004, all the staff is new, and keeps changing on a regular basis.

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Dec 17th, 2011

Do not go to this Doctor. She is very short with her staff causing an uncomfortable setting. She yells at them down the hall and makes them feel that their not worth the time and education. Her staff keeps changing. I guess this reflects the MD.

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Do not go to this doctor show details Do not go to this doctor
Oct 3rd, 2011

Calls are not returned and she has emotional problems that get in the way of being a good doctor.

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poor behavior; difficult office staff show details poor behavior; difficult office staff
Sep 16th, 2011

This provider has some serious problems with her behavior and calls are not returned.

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Dr Lamanna is the best!! show details Dr Lamanna is the best!!
Jan 5th, 2011

Dr Lamanna has always taken the time to diagnose my medical issues, and is not afraid to refer me to a specialist when she is not sure. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. The wait times can be long, but consider how she spends time with her patients and you will understand why there is a wait. Her office staff can be very cold and unprofessional, which is unfortunate, because Dr Lamanna is just the opposite

BEST dr. I have EVER been to!!! show details BEST dr. I have EVER been to!!!
by K - NY on May 14th, 2010

It's hard to find a dr. that actually takes the time to get to know you on somewhat of a personal note, let alone make you feel like she actually listens to what you are saying and takes the time to explain things in such detail for you. Dr. Lamanna is the BEST dr. I have EVER been to!! She has a great personality, is great with kids, and is very easy to talk to. You don't feel like you are talking to a dr. you feel like you are talking to a good friend or family member. I can't say enough good things about her. I highly recommend her!!!