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 |  Spends appropriate time with her patients  |  show details
by Tracy on Apr 9th, 2014

Dr. Varma spent 30 minutes with me and asked lots of questions to get to know my medical history. She is very thorough and ordered lots of tests based on my concerns. Prepare to spend at least an hour or more at the office. I find the reason for this is because she spends ample time with her patience and that's the way it should be. Refreshing to finally find a doctor that doesn't rush through the exam.

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 |  Pill box dilemma  |  show details
by frustrated patient on Jan 4th, 2014

I recently seen Dr. Varma for my thyroid conditions (hypo and Hashimoto's). After waiting 2 hours at the office, she finally stopped in, dropped off my chart, and decided to leave and go make her dinner. She then came back in 15 minutes later, and was not organized. Her explanation of my high thyroid levels was to get a pill box and ensure I'm taking my meds everyday on time. If anyone knows Hashimoto's your levels can change quickly after an "attack" and medications need to be adjusted (along with telling her I was in the emergency room with symptoms of hyperactive thyroid, in which the admitting doctor and nurse were concerned about since I have Hashimoto's). After I immediately told her I already have one and take my pills on time, she immediately repeated it saying to get a pill box, etc. I told her again, and she repeated it again. Her way of leveling out my high thyroid hormone levels was to use a pill box. She also prescribed me 2000mg of vitamin D, even though my vitamin D levels were excellent and she told me to my face I did not need to take any supplements. After the examination of my neck she told me to sit down on the chair, and she literally walked out of the room. I had to track her down in another patient's room and ask if she was done with me. The staff is not very personable and Dr. Varma is not concerned a lot about my thyroid, but rather with making sure I'm making appointments for a cardiac doctor and a dermatologist. She does not seem to be very educated with Hashimoto's disease. She did not know who I was as a patient even though I've been going to her for a year and a half. She introduced herself all over again (like every time) and had to review every piece of my medical history and asked me where I worked (which I tell her every time i work in the medical field...) I had enough of the craziness that comes along with waiting in the waiting room/patient exam room, and overall the poor bedside manner and lack of knowledge and concern for the patient. I DO NOT recommend going to this practice. I am planning on getting my bloodwork done and sending it elsewhere. I'd rather drive myself to California (from PA) to see someone rather than go back to this practice again.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Worst Doctor I've ever met  |  show details
Oct 1st, 2013

Like the title says, I've never had a more negative experience with any other physician. I had been treating with another endocrine Doc for low testosterone, my doctor left the practice so they set me up with an apt w/Dr. Varma. From the second she walked into the door she already had formed her own opinion on me and my treatment. Although I had already been diagnosed with low test and had done a multitude of exams and blood work that showed this Dr. Varma concluded I did not have this issue. I argued that the three other doctors I have treated with all disagreed with her unfounded theory but my words were not acknowledged. Dr. Varma informs me that my issues (Low Test Symptoms that disappear with treatment) must be from an undiagnosed disease and proceeds to order about 15 diagnostics, and when I tell her I can't afford all of this and I wasn't going to do it she replied "well then I can't help you"... no answers, no help, very impersonal and definitely did not know her stuff. Dr. Varma ignored everything I had to tell her. I will never see this doctor again.

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  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  After this appointment I will find another doctor.  |  show details
Aug 15th, 2013

I've been seeing Dr. Varma for a few years. Each time I had an appointment, I've had to wait approximately 2 1/2 hrs. I put up with this, although each time I thought about switching, because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of switching. However, the pas month I've had to deal with inefficient and rude office staff (particularly a woman named Karen) that has made me decide that it's just not worth it. I have NEVER dealt with such inefficiency in my life.

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 |  Does have only 1970s knowledge and wait time is horrible  |  show details
by Amy on Jul 16th, 2013

Worse doctor I have ever met. She is having only 1970s knowledge.Knows nothing about thyroid disorders, its causes symptoms, etc. Then the wait time is horrible. I was waiting in her office for 3.5hrs since my appointment scheduled time. She won't care about the time of others.

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  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Great...If you have the time.  |  show details
by Former Patient on Apr 21st, 2013

Dr. Varma is a great and open-minded endocrinologist. She will really listen to you and your symptoms and work with you to attempt to get you feeling how you should. This includes recommending a wide-range of bloodwork and other specialists. She is very thorough and does not dismiss any issue or symptom you claim to have. The problem is, you will sit there for HOURS before you see her. She does not respect a schedule and frequently doesn't show up for work until well after her first appointment has arrived and been waiting for an hour. Her staff will frequently call her at home to encourage her to arrive at the office. I had to stop going there because I simply did not have the time to wait for hours on end in her office.

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by crazy on Feb 23rd, 2013

After waiting an hour in the waiting room and an hour in the exam room i finally had enough. I told the staff the if Varma wasn't there in 5 minutes I was leaving and never coming back. She showed up within 5 minutes, but explained to me that i shouldn't be this agitated and need a psychiatric evaluation. No apology for wasting my time. I would be crazy if i ever went back. Luckily, I'm not.

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by Leslie P. on Jan 28th, 2013

Dr. Varma is an outstanding doctor. I have had several health issues that involved no symptoms and she caught everyone in the early stages. Her practice is busy, but she is worth waiting for. She spends time explaing, discussing and charting courses of action for my health issues. I trust her with my life in the sense I know she will take good care of me as a patient..

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 |  show details
Nov 30th, 2012

will have to wait for 2 weeks to get the results of a blood work. The office staff or teh nurse will never get back to you or will provide no response.

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  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Short on empathy  |  show details
Oct 22nd, 2012

She does not listen to patient concerns and has a tendency to trivialize them and brush them off. She also becomes defensive if the patient comes in with information from medical articles and attempts to discuss the issues raised in the article that may relate to the patients condition. Office wait time is ridiculous ! An hour is a short wait time. Usually you call ahead to see how late she is running before you leave for the appointment and even then you have a long wait in the office.

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 |  Very BAD  |  show details
Oct 15th, 2012

None of the staffs are responsible at all..wait time is 3 -4 hrs. Such a bad experience that I ever had.Not recommended,

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  DR Felder and Dr Varma have no respect  |  show details
Feb 29th, 2012

Today I had scheduled a first thing in the morning and Dr Felder walked on me for asking why she had me waiting 45 minutes while she walked past my room. I said I have to go to work and she told me not to come on a work day. I don't have that option. I explained I picked first thing in the am so I could run on time and she said she isn't here to argue and WALKED OUT and did not allow me the appointment. While I was ther Dr Varma was 1 hour late for her appt too and the staff discussed that she is later every day. NEVER NEVER go to this practice despite her wonderful office staff.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  A Jewel  |  show details
Jan 19th, 2012

One has to wait a long time. however, she is worth the wait. For years I have suffered with headaches in the mornings. After following her advice I am almost headache free. She is busy however she takes time to explain your problems and refer you to the proper doctors. I wish early on I'd had more doctors like her in my life.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Time waiting was well spent  |  show details
Oct 18th, 2011

Dr. Varma was God sent in my case. I had been to a few doctors before and they could not resolve the issue. She is probably late on her appointments because she takes the time to care about her patients. I would rather wait 1-2 hours to see the right doctor.

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Knows nothing about Panhypopituitarism  |  show details
Sep 27th, 2011

I have Panhypopituitarism, which is clearly something Swarna Varma knows nothing about. She informed me without any testing whatsoever that I 'don't need growth hormone as you've stopped growing.' Which handbook on GH are you reading doctor? the one from 1972? She also informed me that my feeling absolutely horrendous since being denied Growth Hormone by the insurance company had nothing to do with it and neither did my sudden 25 pound weight gain. All that was required was that I 'follow her diet sheet' (whilst insinuating that I just ate too much and didn't excercise) and that would take care of the problem. Despite the fact that I have always been very active, my eating habits had not changed and I had until then been 85 lbs since age 16 (I'm now 33) before I was taken off my meds. This so called proffessional advice was not worth waiting three hours for. I soon found another endo. A Dr Murray Gordon at AGH who is absolutely fantastic and straightened me out in a month. Lo and behold once he fought my insurance company for my growth hormone all my nasty symptoms went away and the excess weight fell off. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Varma. Perhaps you should go back to school and brush up on the entire endocrine system disorders rather than just the diabetes you appear so obsessed with.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  refused to go back  |  show details
Mar 17th, 2011

Had to wait almost 3 hours. She wanted me to make appointments with 5 other doctors for tests completely unrelated to a thyroid condition. Wanted to increase dosage of thyroid medication without checking to see how current dosage was working. As another reviewer stated, when I laughed (sarcastically) at her for trying to set up various other appointments with other doctors, she said I needed to talk to someone about my "clinical depression" and start taking an anti-depressant. I quickly found another Endocrinologist.

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  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Ugh  |  show details
Feb 19th, 2011

Although she is very thorough, and gets your numbers where they need to be, the guessing of when she will finally show up at the office is absolutely offensive! I believe it is very disrespectful to her patients. Not worth waiting 2 or more hours for any doctor. Suggests to many specialists, along with numerous tests. Who can afford it?

  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Very thorough, but not worth the wait anymore  |  show details
Feb 15th, 2011

Dr. Varma is extremely through, but you have to plan your entire day around your appointment with her. The staff even suggests calling 30 min. before your appointment to see how far behind she is running. The staff is down right surly, and there's really no reason to stay with her at this point. She preaches on EVERY visit about proper nutrition, even though I just had a baby & have consistently lost an average of 5-10 lbs each month for the past 6 months.

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 |  will not go back  |  show details
Jan 15th, 2011

Waiting 2-3 hours is ridiculous. Overall experience was quite unpleasant and I never went back.

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  Tired of waiting...  |  show details
Dec 2nd, 2010

I tried using her practice for about a year. My first visit I didn't get out of there till 4 hours later! After that, I got in to the habit of calling ahead of time to find out how she was running with appointments. Still have to wait for an hour, even after waiting to arrive. Rattles off names of other doctors to see for different issues, and then has her nurse write them down for you. I had to call back, because she forgot to write one of them down. I never get the time or money to have all the lab tests she prescribes. One referral of tests is my whole deductible. She doesn't spend that much time inthe room with you, and talks about other things, not related to your case.

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 |  She Sucks  |  show details
Mar 11th, 2010


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 |  show details
by Reviewer 3 on Nov 20th, 2009

I waited over 2 hours in the patient room. Dr. Varma said she reveiwed my charts and labs upon coming into the room. She did not due to her lack of knowledge in trying to schedule me for labs and procedures that were already done. She then began disgussing weight loss and nutrition. She not even feel my thyroid to help diagnose the problem. I did not have all day to sit in her office. I would NOT RECOMEND this doctor to anyone. This was a very poor experience.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  DO NOT WASTE YOR TIME  |  show details
by PISSED OFF IN PA on Nov 4th, 2009

I waited 3 Hours Total in her office 1 hour in the waiting 1 hour in the patient room and another hour to checkout She was in with me very breifly and I learned more about her education and science of medicine than I learned about my reason for being there. She recomended 5 dif sdocs and 5 dif tests for me to complete Never explained anything ANd did not allow me to question anything Was extremely rude and when I laughed at her lack of responses SHe then said I was severly depressed and recomended yet another doc and advised me to take pills for that..I would NOT RECOMEND her and I will NEVER GO BACK to her...It was a very wasted day for me which left me confused and tearful as to how a doctor can be so downgraded especially on the first visit. ANd to top it off her english is extremely poor...

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 |  if you have ALL day...she's worth it  |  show details
Feb 20th, 2009

Nice and kind doctor. However, her lack of sticking to a schedule of appointments is the worst I have ever witnessed by a doctor. Had to leave her practice because I didn't have ALL day to wait on her to see me. Ridiculous.

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