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 |  Very thorough doc  |  show details
Oct 10th, 2012

I felt Dr. Gold spent lots of time with me, and wasn't rushed. I thought she was knowledgeable.

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 |  Crazy and chaotic experience - will not be back  |  show details
Nov 30th, 2011

My visits to Dr. Gold's office were terrible experiences. There are two advantages, and I will give them first: the location is very convenient if you work downtown; and, its easy to get an appointment. However, the negatives far outweigh the positives. First, the office is little and dingy. It's under a parking garage, and the rumble of cars and trucks overhead makes the walls shake. The examination rooms aren't dirty, but they are messy and disorganized, which is not something you want to see in a doctors office. Doctors offices should be pristine and calming. These are not. The florescent lights are flickering and buzzing, cars are rumbling overhead as though the office were under a subway, and the nurses are continually coming in and out of the examination room as Dr. Gold is examining the patient. It is absolutely frenetic and chaotic. At one point, the nurse was swabbing my throat to test for strep, literally making me gag, while at the same time, Dr. Gold was wrenching off my shoes to check the bottoms of my feet for something (I never found out what). At another point (and I am not exaggerating), Dr. Gold was examining my eyes and ears, while the nurse was plunging a flu shot into my arm. This gives the impression that they're all very busy and don't have a moment to spare, yet there were periods of several minutes at a time where the nurse was just standing there, and Dr. Gold was typing her notes into her computer. Couldn't they have used those moments of inactivity to administer the flu shot, or swab my throat? The way they chose to handle the situation was so unpleasant and so unnecessary. It added much more stress than the situation required. Getting shots and having one's throat swabbed are unpleasant enough - is a few second's pause too much to ask? (By the way, neither I nor my husband could understand a word that the nurse said; she speaks far too softly and she doesnt enunciate. Were 30 year-olds, and have excellent hearing, so it wasnt us.)Second, it seems as though the staff, the nurses, and the doctor do not communicate with one another. One will tell me something, (when to arrive, how the visit will go), and the others will seemingly have no idea about any of it. For instance, my husband and I made appointments for the same day/time, and the front desk told me that we could schedule them together - as in we would both go into the office with Dr. Gold and she would examine us in turn. This was not my idea; the front desk made the suggestion, and I accepted. However, the front desk apparently did not communicate this to either the doctor or the nurse, because they were absolutely bewildered and acted as though I had, essentially, made the whole thing up; as though it were my idea. We wasted at least five minutes while they tried to wrap their heads around the concept. Third, whatever these other reviewers have said (whether or not they're real reviews from actual patients is another issue), Dr. Gold does not have a good bedside manner, nor is she "calm." In fact, "calm" is the last word I would use to describe her. She is hyper and high strung, she leaps from topic to topic, she assumes far too much, and she doesn't actually listen. She is far too busy talking, and repeating herself, to listen to what her patients have to say. She is continually preaching integrative health through a healthy diet and exercise - which is a great message - in fact, this is what made me try Dr. Gold in the first place. I don't want a doctor who just pushes prescriptions drugs on me, and doesn't consider the full picture. This is how my husband and I live our lives. I cook 99% of our meals, and we actually follow the mandate of 8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. We go to the gym AT LEAST 3 times a week. I told Dr. Gold all of this in the visit, but either she wasn't listening, or she didn't believe me. She just kept repeating herself, telling me all the positive benefits of eating well and getting plenty of exercise. I understand that Dr. Gold could not have known this, having never met me before that first visit, but she could have listened to what I was saying. Fourth, Dr. Gold didnt seem to want to be my doctor. As soon as I told her my medical history (asthma, migraines, sinus problems nothing huge, and all issues that my past physicians have handled), she started listing all of these specialists that she wanted me to visit. And though I understand the importance of specialists, I left feeling as though she had no desire to be my doctor; she didn't listen to me, and essentially told me to go somewhere else for my treatment.Finally, the office management is just disorganized and hectic. At my first visit, I was to list out all the medications I take, including over the counter meds and herbs and vitamins. I did so. Dr. Gold told me that she would write my prescriptions for the drugs I needed immediately (within the next 30 days), and her nurse would enter the remaining meds into their system, at which point the nurse would call the prescriptions into my pharmacy. However, after a few weeks when I called my pharmacy to fill my medications, they had no record of them. I called Dr. Gold's office, and they told me that they wouldn't fill my prescriptions over the phone and that I would have to come in for a visit. This was two weeks (maybe) after my visit. However, as I explained to them, I wasn't calling for a re-fill; I was calling for a prescription that Dr. Gold should have given me on my initial visit or should have already called in to my pharmacist. Eventually, after having extensive and exhausting conversations with nearly everyone in the office, they gave me my prescriptions. But, two weeks later, it happened again! I had thought that we had solved the problem; that Dr. Gold's nurse would call in my scripts for me, but no! These were asthma medications, too, not a controlled substance or something highly addictive. When they put up such a fight to give me my asthma inhaler, I had enough. Among others, I spoke with Drew Gold, Dr. Gold's husband, who runs the office, and he was nearly shouting at me over the phone telling me that they would not give me my prescription. Really? Is that how you treat a patient? Especially when the mistake was entirely on your end?From beginning to end, (and even well after the visit ended), my experience with Dr. Gold's office was a bad one. I would not recommend her to anyone. In my opinion, doctors should do certain things: listen to their patients, provide prescriptions for medication that their patients need, and generally behave as a healthcare provider. I understand that some doctors are more brusque than others, some doctors dont like to rely on pharmaceuticals that they dont feel their patients need - I get that. However, these are merely differences in practice. All doctors should behave as doctors, and should provide their patients with some level of peace of mind. I don't feel that Dr. Gold provided me with anything except stress. I was stressed during the visit by the hectic, feverish nature of the office and by Dr. Gold herself being so hyper and rushed, and I was stressed weeks later when I twice had to call the office in order to get the prescriptions that Dr. Gold failed to give me on my first visit. There is nothing that can induce me to return to that office.

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Doctor's Response

I want to first send my sincerest apologies for your experience. For safety reasons we ask that patients get their refills at their appointment. If a patient is sick, I want to follow up with them and have them come back soon, to make sure their symptoms have improved. I empower my patients and as we are all human, if a patient does not have their prescription by the end of their appointment, they usually let me know and are given the proper prescription(s). I am still unclear why you would leave if you did not receive your prescriptions. As you have likely seen the other comments, and they are from real patients, my ratings are high. I value my patients as family. If I seem high energy I am, I love what I do and have compassion and enthusiasm for the practice of medicine. I feel this is a calling for me and feel it is a privilege to be a physician, especially in these difficult times. As for doing a physical exam why you are getting an injection, I realize the experience of a needle can be unpleasant, so I try to distract you. Many of my patients have commented to me that they appreciate this. I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to make this up to you. With warmest regards, Dr. Gold %uF04A

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 |  Awesome Care Team and Staff!  |  show details
Jul 25th, 2011

Dr. Gold has been my primary physician since 2008. Upon my very first visit, I was pleasantly surprised by her excellent bedside manner and aptitude when it comes to providing personalized care. She has consistently lived up to that high standard during all of my subsequent visits over the years.I respect and admire her both as a top-notch professional and as a person. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. Dr. Gold is also accompanied by a friendly, talented team of physicians, clinicians, and staff who work hard to give you a first class healthcare experience.I would definitely recommend Dr. Gold to anyone. I also think that she is an especially good fit for those who experience anxiety when it comes to doctor's visits.

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 |  Dr. Gold is as knowledgable as she is skillfull. 5 star rating!  |  show details
Jul 14th, 2011

Dr. Gold's bedside manor is calm and thorough and she takes the time to make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment. I have not had this experience with other doctors to date. Some will be friendly but not knowledgable. Others have been relatively on point but bland to horrible bedside manors. Dr. Gold has it all and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I already have recommended her to my family and friends. I am pleased enough to actually write a review! Her office manager Drew professionally handles the bustle while still making you feel at home and welcome. I couldn't be happier!

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 |  Genuine  |  show details
Jul 12th, 2011

Dr. Gold genuinely cared for me, and my health. I wasn't pushed through the system, like I was at healthpoint.

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 |  Progressive wellness center  |  show details
Jul 10th, 2011

I had a great experience

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 |  Wellness Reinvented  |  show details
Jun 15th, 2011

What a comprehensive wellness center

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 |  Great Group  |  show details
Jun 2nd, 2011

I presented to Dr. Gold after a car accident. She took x-rays on site, and followed my care through therapy. She genuinely cared about my overall health.

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May 18th, 2011

This was my wife's first visit to a doctor's office in the U.S. and Dr. Gold was very patient and understanding with everything. Dr. Gold was very thorough and addressed all of our concerns in a professional and courteous manner. We are very fortunate to have found a doctor of her caliber.

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May 3rd, 2011

Dr. Gold is a great physician and exhibits a caring that is not found in many other doctors today. She has one huge issue and it is her office, wether it was Healthpoint or her current home at Flroida Wellness, her staffs are rude and uncaring. I was hoping that when she changed offices that her staff would improve, but sadly they are just more of the same. When I recently called for an appointment, I was rudely asked (by the male front desk person) why I was making the appointment. To be clear, I have no issue with the question, I have an issue with how I was asked the question, barking at me is not acceptable.To be clear, Dr. Gold is a great physician, but I really dislike her office employees.

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Apr 4th, 2011

Very thorough, thank you for great care!

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 |  Dr Gold  |  show details
Jul 7th, 2010

Dr. Gold is a caring Dr. with a great bedside manor. I beleive that she is an exceptional Dr. and goes over and above for her patients. She has even called me personally after hours to remind me about a follow up test that I needed. However, her office staff leaves a little to be desired. I used to go to a different Healtpoint, where I loved the office staff.. they were so efficient and professional... but I was not crazy about the MD. Now I am going where I think highly about the MD, but not so about the staff. It should be all about the Dr, but sometimes the staff can make or break the Dr....South Tampa should take some lessons from Healtpoint Premier North.... (especially Chris, the office manager)

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 |  Terrible Office Staff  |  show details
Apr 21st, 2010

While Dr. Gold's bedside manner is good and her thorough diagnosis was good (all of which is to be expected with a Physician), her office staff is terribly rude, completely uninformed, lacks professionalism, and sends results to incorrect addresses (which they input into the system incorrectly). If Dr. Gold hired a new assistant and some new Admin's to assist her in running the business, she'd be better off. It's a shame, because as a stand alone Doctor, Tanya Gold is good.

Doctor's Response

Check out my new office. I think you'll be much happier with my new location. This is related to my old practice location.