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No no no. show details No no no.
Mar 12th, 2015

Never ever again. Had one type of insurance and called the office to verify they would take the new insurance I was planning to buy. Receptionist advised YES. I was pregnant at that time and wanted to make sure the insurance was accepted since I was far along my pregnancy. Over 2 months AFTER I presented my insurance and they COLLECTE FORMY DELIVERY BASED ON MY INSURANCE BENEFITS, I was advised Dr Dullye does NOT take my insurance. Her receptionist simply called me and told me they were having problems with my insurance and I needed o find a new doctor. When I was 30 weeks pregnant and AFTER THEY COLLECTED THE DELIVERY DEPOSIT BASE ON MY INSURANCE BENEFITS!!!! Oh wow. And they did NOT want to return my deliver charge AND want me to pay for the offices visits I had since they stated I elected an insurance that the doctor does not accept. Interesting how they were able to determine how much I had to pay for my delivery BASED ON MY INSURANCE benefits, but then tell me I was not covered. What??????!!!! They alleged the receptionist just told me my benefits. Isn't the doctor's office supposed to verify your coverage ? What sane person would elect to go to a doctor who is not eligible under their insurance when they are pregnant ? Amazing. So I will leave it up to you whether you think this is the type of doctor you would like for yourself.

Oct 16th, 2014

I chose Dr. Dullye as my OB for my first baby because she was highly recommended by another physician whom I trust and respect. However, my own experience with Dr. Dullye was extremely negative, enough that I feel compelled to leave a review to warn others. There were many red flags along the way indicating that this was not the right OB for me, but I chose to ignore them, a decision I now regret. First, the staff,--especially the main nurse--were always dour and unfriendly. But hey, I was there to receive prenatal care, not make friends, so I could let that slide. Though my appointments consistently ran more than an hour late, it was not because Dr. Dullye was taking her time with patients—at least, not with me. My visits with her were always extremely rushed, and she preferred staring at her iPad rather than looking me in the eye when I asked questions. It bothered me that Dr. Dullye could never seem to remember my medical history (after all, shouldn’t it have been right there on the iPad?), but again, I excused this by telling myself she was just busy. Late in my second trimester, I started feeling like I had a urinary tract infection, but as urine samples were being taken at each appointment, I figured everything must be okay or the office would have notified me. Wrong. The nurse finally called me two weeks after my lab work came back showing an infection. UTIs can be very dangerous in pregnancy, yet they let that information sit for two weeks. This should have been the last straw, but at that point I was so far along I hated to switch doctors. Besides, all that really matters is a safe delivery, and surely Dr. Dullye could offer me that. So again, I decided to stay. Big mistake. During my delivery, which happened on a Friday night, Dr. Dullye expressed open frustration with my baby boy’s slow progress (what can I say, large heads run in our family). Clearly, my baby and I were standing in the way of her weekend. She cut an episiotomy to move things along even though I desperately wanted to avoid one and actually “joked” more than once that in the future she would only accept patients who had already delivered at least one baby. During the afterbirth, my uterus failed to contract and I hemorrhaged. Dr. Dullye did stay to see that I was stabilized, but afterwards was out of there so fast we didn’t even have time to take a picture with her (although by that point I wasn’t really wanting a picture). Five days after delivery, I came in to the office in severe pain and feeling ill. I was worried about a uterine infection because of the problems with the delivery of my placenta, but Dr. Dullye said it was likely just a slight irritation at the episiotomy site, hastily prescribed me a low dose of a mild antibiotic, and sent me on my way. The next night, I ended up in the ER and was readmitted to the hospital with a fever of 104.5. The diagnosis: uterine infection. Due to my complications, I had three follow up office visits in addition to seeing Dullye during my (second) hospital stay. In the early visits, as sick as I was, I came in with my husband and new baby beaming with pride over our newborn son. I thought that after seeing me for the past nine months, surely they would be excited to meet my baby boy. Wrong. No one asked to see him, no one asked how he was doing, no one mentioned him, period. Not the receptionist, not the nurse, not even Dr. Dullye. At my final follow up visit, Dr. Dullye did finally ask, almost as an afterthought, “How’s she doing?” It took me a second to realize whom she was referring to. Then I said, “Do you mean the baby? My son?” After all we had been through, Dr. Dullye could not even be bothered to remember my baby’s gender. This really was the last straw (I know, took me long enough) and I found a new doctor who confirmed what Dr. Dullye never would admit, that I do have a piece of retained placenta in my uterus. Two months after delivery, I am still dealing with the complications from this, although thankfully my new doctor is compassionate and I believe he truly does care about my health and well-being. There are lots of good doctors out there; in my opinion, Dr. Dullye is not one of them.

great doctor show details great doctor
by T Bradford on Sep 8th, 2013

Dr. Dullye has been my doctor since she begin practicing. It never ceases to amaze me in how she spends one on one time as if you are her only patient regardless of how busy her day is. From the moment you enter her office, you will be welcomed by a great staff and will leave feeling like you are important and appreciated as a patient, rather than having been run through a cattle barn:) I highly recommend her.

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The best OB! show details The best OB!
by Tong Z. on Feb 2nd, 2013

Dr. Dullye is the best OB beyond my expectation! Her skills are absolutely exceptional! And she has such a gentle and sweet personality let me feel very reliable. With my really bad experience of my first baby, I tried very hard to find a good OB for my second one. I am so grateful that Dr. Dullye walked the whole journey with me using such great care and professional skills, making me feel so safe and so happy. During the labor and delivery process, she let me feel I'm always been taken care of, not only by her professional skills, she also comforts me with her warm words. I have to emphasize she is so amazing with all the complications and the delivery was just like a miracle in her hands. I couldn't think of any doctor better than her to deliver the baby quickly while protecting the mom with minimal injuries. She is such an amazing doctor! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an OB. Her office staff are very nice and also very professional. Everything I experienced is very positive.

May 16th, 2012

Great doctor!