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Aug 25th, 2012

**Just to clarify from my rating below, I recently lost my job and health insurance and that is when I called my former internist who led me to fall into the care of Dr. Khan. I explained to him and he was willing to accommodate me in this desperate situation without my health insurance! Highly recommend this doctor - you will not regret it. 

I have no insurance and he saved my life!!! show details I have no insurance and he saved my life!!!
Aug 25th, 2012

First off, I read the bad rating below and was skeptical to meet him, until my doctor who personally knows Dr. Khan for over 20 years referred him to me. I went to see him myself before I judged him, and I was glad I didn't listen to the bad rating at all. He is a very kind, and straightforward doctor. When I told him about this bad rating and actually asked him what "costly procedures" meant, he explained to me he didn't want to do something as serious as surgery without being completely 100% sure it was necessary. He didn't even go into details about whichever individual wrote the rating, he just smiled and said she was extremely rude and wouldn't listen to a word he said. And btw I don't have insurance, and he did my surgery without making me pay a penny! If I had any questions, he was more than willing to help me. He was kind, compassionate and a very down to earth man. He even showed respect to my whole family, who at the time were so worried because I needed to get the procedure right away. I trust my internist and Dr. Khan and I definitely am glad I went to see him!

he saved my life! show details he saved my life!
Aug 13th, 2012

Dr. Khan saved my life. I nearly died from a gun shot accident and almost died. If it wasn't for Dr. Khan I wouldnt be alive today. I was treated at st. Johns hospital. God bless him and his magical hands. This was back in 2002 and I'm doing great. I highly recommend him.

I Do Not Recommend Dr. Khan! show details I Do Not Recommend Dr. Khan!
Apr 13th, 2012

I was having trouble with horrible heart burn for about 3 months. I started getting other pain's in my stomach and shoulders, finally I decided to go to the hospital. When being discharged from the hospital, the doctor informed me that I had gull stones and needed to speak with a surgen to schedule surgery to have it removed. The doctor said that nothing was infected but before more issue's arise I should def. get this removed. I was referred to Dr. Gohel's office and met with Dr. Khan. The actual visit was only aboout 5 minutes. Dr. Khan walked into the room -said he was not interested in doing surgery because in the hospital report it said "probable gullstones". He did not look for himself. He did not order one single Test, not a blood test nor an ultra sound to take a look and gain his OWN OPINION. He simply said Nope, I do not want to do the surgery. He said this is a costly surgery and does not want to do it unless the report said I had them. I informed him that my discharge paperwork from the hospital confirmed that I had gullstones and asked if he would like I could fax them over. He still denied to go any further with my issue. When I asked what I was suppose to do about the pain I was told to take pepto or something over the counter which i then told him they do not work. He then sent me on my way stating there was nothing he could do for me. When leaving his office I became upset becuase I felt that I was denied services because i do not have insurance- due to his comment about "the costly procedure" so I drove back to his office to confront him. I simply asked if this was the reason why and he said that Im making an arguement for nothing. I was not trying to argue with him. I did not raise my voice or anything- i just wanted to bring this to his attention that this is the way his "bedside mannor" made me feel. He asked me to leave his office. about 3 weeks later the pain was so excruciating & I could not take it so i went back to the hospital. They did another ultra sound and found a stone blocking my bile duct and instantly gave me pain medication stating they knew how much pain I was in. I asked what the last ultra sound showed and they said that the gullbladder must have been constricted due to eating before the initial visit and they appologized that nothing was done the first time around. They admitted me into the hospital and told me I couldnot leave until this was removed. The following Day my mouth was so dry from being medicated that I asked my nurse for the sponge swab - she handed me a mini bottle of water. I asked if this would inter fear with anything and she said no, just wet your mouth and try not to drink all of it. I did just as she told me. Later in the afternoon Dr. Khan walked into my room. The first thing he said to me is "oh you are drinking water-this is going to be a problem." He then proceded to tell me that he would like to remove the stone blocking my duct and we would schedule surgery to remove the gullstone later. i told him what the nurse had said about the water. (i was also put on a liquid diet untill midnight the night before my surgery to assure that there would be no problems my surgery would not be until the following day.) I just simply asked hiim to leave my room because I did not feel as if this doctor had truly cared about my well being and only wanted to make excuses with me. He talked to me like I was a turd in the toilet due to the fact that I had no insurance, He was only about making a dollar off me. 2 surgeries?! I was in a lot of pain and was in serious need of surgery to have this taken out so i could return to a normal life style. . The hospital found another surgen to do the surgery who was very respectable and took one look at my records and said my gullbladder needed to be removed. he scheduled the surgery the following day and told me it was ok to have the water, and laughed about the comment. now almost 2 weeks after my surgery I feel 100% better but I am very concerned this doctor will treat other patients as he treated me. Even if you do have Insurance and he doesnt give u the attitude that I received, I still beleive that he only does this for the money and not for the well being of his patients. Proceed with caution if you are referred to this surgeon. (i apologize for all of the spelling error's I just want my review to be posted, so it is quickly typed.)