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Fighting to get the best show details Fighting to get the best
by Parent on Oct 11th, 2013

Wow, I am shocked at all the reviews about Dr. Caliendo. I had a regular first time wellness check up for my almost 4 year old daughter. This is my first time using Medi-cal, always paid out of pocket for any medical services. My daughter has never been vaccinated and lived healthy 4 years of her life and when I came to Dr. Caliendo's office the nurse told me that she needs to have 8 vaccines! I said what?! 8 all at once today? She said yes. I was ready to give just the 4 that are needed for age 4-6 and maybe try to space them out but no once the doctor came in he asked me a couple of questions about her health and I expressed my concerns about her cough that she has been having for a while, but he was quick to respond and just say that everything seemed ok. However, when it came to vaccines the nurse came in and said ok let's do the 8 vaccines and I said no I don't want to do 8 today. She called Dr. Caliendo and he was RUDE, MEAN, OBNOXIOUS and shouting at me! He told me that I am on "this program" the Government Program that if I didn't do all the vaccines HE WOULD NOT PAID! Oh really you are so poor that if one parents says "NO" you won't have food to eat! What an A** H***! I couldn't believe it. I asked him how much does one vaccine cost? I was ready to pay out of pocket, since that's what I've been doing with any other doctor. But he proceeded to tell me that I had "NO CHOICE!" I needed to have them done today, that she is behind. Well other doctors told me that she doesn't need to catch-up, but he kept on PUSHING! I asked to space them out and he said "NO" you can't do that. I was crying my face out in the office, feeling helpless and verbally abused! I can't believe this doctor. I'm going to call every pediatrician office in South Orange County and tell the office ladies NOT TO recommend this Pediatrician. My daughter ended up have 8 vaccines in one day. Not sure if it's even legal to do that. I will be contacting the Medical Board. Please save your child and yourself some tears! Do your research! I can't believe what we as parents have to go through to get any medical attention and how am I suppose to trust another DR.? Please don't go to Dr. Caliendo!

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Bad, Rude, and Rude! show details Bad, Rude, and Rude!
by Mrs. S on Jul 22nd, 2013

RUde Doctor. Not Caring at all, bed side manner is horrible. Pls. dont bring your child here. TAnia is caring as well as the other nurses working in this office though.. half O star for me

worst "doctor" ever has no idea what hes doing! show details worst "doctor" ever has no idea what hes doing!
Feb 8th, 2013

everything is "normal" to him. take the baby to the e.r. and oh its this. but the dr said it was normal.well he made a mistake. no kidding he did. never take the baby back was the advice given.

Sep 25th, 2012

DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! dO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN THERE IF THEY HAVE AUTISM,,HE IS REAL RUDE,AND THE BEHAVIOR OF MY SON SEEMED LIKE IT WAS REALLY GETING TO HIM..VACCINES,QUESTION A VACCINE AND U WILL SEE HIS DEMEANOR CHANGE,HE WILL GIVE YOUR CHILD ALL 6 VACCINES AT ONCE IF U AGREE.I recently changed drs to dr mj,he is in same building,he is the most caring dr,he recently just retired but his assistant is also a real good choice...

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Sep 10th, 2012

The staff is really bad we had to wait for a very long time and they all suck the Dr.caliendo is not a good Dr.

Why are you in Healthcare anymore? show details Why are you in Healthcare anymore?
Aug 20th, 2012

At first I was sooo happy dr. caliando replaced dr. Haxton and his disgusting wife..."we don't give freebees" know what I am talking about Mrs. Haxton! However, after the first few visits I started noticing slight changes his health, his attitude, he is so tired, so drawn out...dude...take a break and stop taking it out on us the public, yes we are a pain in the what...thats what you get paid to deal you need to retire?Why did you take this offic over if you dont like it anymore, you accept the lowest forms of insurance, and with that you are going to get the white trash of the with it...or sell out.Too bad I still have that same insurance, however, I can get out of Dr. Caliando what i need...coz I can talk the talk....but watch out Dr. C... if you do somethin that is not right..shame on you

Would better serve the community as a patholgist show details Would better serve the community as a patholgist
Jun 22nd, 2012

-He became angry when my husband asked him questions regarding vaccines, refused to answer specifics, and told us we could leave if we weren't ok with that.-He insisted that we needed to have 6 vaccinations at once because we were welfare recipients and, being such, we probably wouldn't come back if he saw fit to stagger them as we requested.-We spoke with other doctors who reviewed the records and they stated he gave our child a double dose of a vaccine which was unnecessary.

DONT show details DONT
Jun 20th, 2012

Waiting over a hour for the doctor is not acceptable with a 1 year old, specially when he wasnt even at the office yet

Early Appts show details Early Appts
Apr 27th, 2012

I think that Dr Caliendo was very good w/my 5yr old son, but if you make an early appt for 8-8:30 your wait time might be longer because Dr works @ Hospital aswell. I had to wait 50 minutes for a follow up visit that took 3 minutes.

Mar 12th, 2012

Very rude Dr,I do not recommend at all.He threatens u that your insurance will be cancelled if u don't receive shots from

Jan 23rd, 2012

Some ideas to get y-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinionou started:

Nov 7th, 2011

Yes i agree this doctor needs to be reported, i dont go to him no more either,my son has autism and he also said they will cancel my insurance if i dont get his shots all at once,he is very rude and non considerate,it is your choice about the shots,dont let him talk u into anything....

A TERRIBLE DOCTOR, If you are reading this doctor, PLEASE RETIRE!! show details A TERRIBLE DOCTOR, If you are reading this doctor, PLEASE RETIRE!!
Oct 12th, 2011

What terrible experience. This doctor is rude to the extreme. It is really time to leave the profession when you treat your patients like crap. This man hates children. No way will I go back to this doctor.

Do Not Let Your Child See Him show details Do Not Let Your Child See Him
Oct 12th, 2011

This Doctor forced our son to get immunization shots he was behind on all at once. While I don't think they are linked, he now has autism. When I told them I wanted my twin daughters shots spaced out, he refused to see them. He says his policy is all the shots or nothing. I called back because we needed an authorization for our insurance for them to be tested for autism. He refused and said that I was harassing his office. All I wanted was to have the shots spaced out and for my daughters to be tested for autism.He also told me I am the one to blame for my son's autism. I think he needs to be reported to someone.

not a good choice show details not a good choice
Jun 22nd, 2011

this doctor will change is whole attitude on you if u dont administer the shots when he wants,he wants to do many at one time,and if u disagree he tells you hes going to report it to your insurance and it may be canceled.this doctor is real rude,i think its really time for him to retire..i changed my dr right away.

Prepare to WAIT... show details Prepare to WAIT...
Jun 8th, 2011

I understand that Dr. C is a very well respected pediatrician, and that may very well be so. But as for our family, he was not a good fit for us. Perhaps he needs a nice vacation to remind him why he became a pediatrician to begin with. Hopefully because he loves kids! But his bedside manner leaves much to be desired. He is borderline rude, extremely arrogant and has a hard time hearing and processing that some parents have opinions and preferences in their children's healthcare.He wanted to give my 9 month old child 7 shots at one time. When I refused, he actually told me that I would lose my insurance if I declined to administer the recommended shots that day. That was our last time we would see Dr. C and I never did lose my insurance even though I only chose to let him inject a mere 2 live viruses into my infant that day. On another occasion, we arrived for our appointment on time... Me and my 9 week old son. We sat for 45 minutes in the waiting room before being escorted to the examination room. Once in the room, the nurse had me strip the baby down to a diaper and she weighed him and took his temp etc. She said the Dr. will be right with you. 50 minutes later, we were still waiting! A naked 9 week-old in s freezing cold room... That just is not reasonable. On a positive note, the office staff is polite and efficient and office manager Tanya has wonderful bedside manner and is a capeable administrator. I hope Dr. C takes these comments to heart. Not all parents are idiots! Some of us read articles and scientific journals and want to be advocates for our kids. Show us some patience and give us a little respect just as we always did with you.

May 27th, 2011

The Dr. is professional and accurate in his diagnosis.

doctor is very rude/disrespectful and not caring.. show details doctor is very rude/disrespectful and not caring..
May 12th, 2011

I do not recommend this doctor at all,he is very rude and disrespectful,and not at all caring,i went in for my sons appointment not once did he touch him or look at him,he came in rolling his eyes i guess all my sons crying got to him,(my son does have severe autism).oh and whatever you do,do not leave anything on his counter,phone and wallet,he will snap,i told him sorry and he actually grabbed my wallet and phone,in the process he dropped and it scattered in pieces,he didnt say sorry or pick it up he said next time read the sign it shouldnt of been up there,i was shocked by his reaction,i just bit my tounge told him i was in there to get a referral for my son to see a specialist thats it,i got it and left quickly,and i will not ever be returning with that type of attitude,also if u refuse a shot that day his whole attitude will change quickly,ive experienced that in the past also..I really think it is time for him to retire.

If the Doctor is having a "bad" day, he'll be rude to you and your child! show details If the Doctor is having a "bad" day, he'll be rude to you and your child!
Apr 13th, 2011

I had been taking my two son's to dr Caliendo for some time and although Dr Caliendo is not the best, I didn't have a reason to switch doctors until I took my then 1 year old because he was sick... it happened to be his 1 year checkup and I told the nurse that I would prefer to schedule another visit for his shots once my son was feeling better. After a few minutes, the doctor came in the room fuming! I had never been treated with so much disrespect... he did not even touch my son to check him. He just glanced at him once and spent the rest of the time saying crazy rude things to me! Really, just for asking to come back another time to give him his shots?!!Just thinking about that day makes me sick. I told the nurse of the way I was treated and she apologized and said he was having a bad day. I feel bad for the staff that works for him.

Sick of it! show details Sick of it!
Apr 1st, 2011

We were long time patients and finally moved on. Dr's attitude is horrible he actually said "if you loved your son you would..." and shhhh'd me. We had to have our son's circumcision fixed later after a botched procedure in their office. He told my 9 year old son "you're fat!" to his face and argued with me about a hereditary problem (the urologist said yes, it's hereditary and that ended up in a surgery too --years after we could've treated it) I recently asked for the doctor to call me back after my son's school nurse called from school because she is concerned about my son's medication and she got the run around from caliendo's office. His frazzled nurse called me back to say the doc wanted her to tell me if I want to speak to him make an appointment.That was it...1. won't listen to parents. 2. rude and inconsiderate to children's feelings (and adults)3. refuses to work with others on your child's health4. too important to call a mom back.I honestly don't know how this man keeps in business. No wonder his office staff and nurses are so stressed out -- do your self a favor, pick another doctor!

Nov 16th, 2010

If you're looking for personalized care, this is not the office for you. Staff is generally rude, and office manager and assistant Tania are the worst. If your child ever needs anything outside of their routine, it will be a very frustating experience for you and your child, since they refuse to take any extra steps. Dr. Caliendo does not take adequate time or listen to concerns, he actually told me "in one sentence tell me the reason you're here" !!!!

Oct 1st, 2010

This was our first visit to see Dr. Caliendo, and it was horrible. My husband and I took our son in for a well check, and everything was going fine until they sent in the office billing manager to bully us into getting more immunizations today than needed, because they didnt want to look like the "bad guys" by giving shots everytime we brought our child in. We belive in immunizations but not at the rapid rate this office proposed. If you feel the same way, dont waste your time with this doctor.

Awful show details Awful
Mar 17th, 2010

Really bad attitude

Highly recommend show details Highly recommend
by CG, Laguna Niguel, CA on Jan 10th, 2009

Dr. Caliendo is knowledgable, thorough kind and courteous. His staff are very helpful as well. 5 stars from us.