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He goes the extra mile... show details He goes the extra mile...
by R.S. on Jan 27th, 2015

When many doctors would've given up on me, Dr. Goodman continues to go the extra mile. I've seen dozens of doctors, have had years of treatment, and am a complicated case. Dr. Goodman has fought for my care, and continues to do all he can so I can live the healthiest life possible. I'm very grateful!

Thank you Dr. Goodman and Staff show details Thank you Dr. Goodman and Staff
by Kathleen E. on Jan 23rd, 2014

As one of Dr. Goodman's patients, I have only praise for him, his staff, and the Sutter Psychiatric Hospital. Before coming to Dr. Goodman, I suffered from major depression for over 20 yrs. I had gone trough all available medicines, and combinations of medicines. They would help for awhile, and then the bottom would fall out and I was back in the hospital, feeling suicidal. Once again, medications did not sustain me. All the while, Dr. Goodman was always encouraging, kind and caring. He took whatever time I needed to talk with me before ECT. He always remembered me and personalized the discussion prior to ECT. After several ECT treatments and finding a medication, my depression began to lift. My being hospitalized decreased and my life became liveable again. No words can express the joy of having my life given back to me. Dr. Goodman and ECT were two things I grabbed onto in the dark pit of depression. They helped me to climb out of that pit into the light of life again. Dr. Goodman is not only very proficient with ECT, but he is one of the best men I have ever known. I will always consider him my Dr. and friends.

Dr. Theodore Goodman Review show details Dr. Theodore Goodman Review
Dec 4th, 2013

Over the past four years my husband has seen three psychiatrists, a neurologist, an internist, and a therapist for his Major Depressive Disorder. None were effective. It's only since meeting Dr. Goodman that we have seen significant improvement over the past eight months. He is positive, compassionate, a good listener. He instills confidence with his knowledge and experience with ECT and the obvious accumulative results. He tailors his treatments to meet the needs of each patient. He makes time for questions and gives direct, educated answers. Dr. G counsels his patients and caregivers on the expectations of ECT. There's no hidden agenda. We've encountered many other patients in the waiting room. None have anything but praise and gratitude for Dr. Goodman. We consider ourselves blessed to have the good fortune to be assessed and treated by him.. These past months have been a growing experience. ECT is a serious but necessary treatment for those who do not respond to other interventions. Even still, our visits are peppered with humor and grace ... he remains a humble person. We continue to be grateful to Dr. G and his caring, professional staff.

RSD Warrior show details RSD Warrior
by Sylvia Brown on May 10th, 2013

Dr. Goodman is an excellent physician. He is the man responsible for restoring my life. I suffer from a disease named RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I was nearly in a wheelchair before I met him. I am now able to exercise, fish, hike, and walk, with very minimal pain. He has restored my life to what it has become today. I can't tell you how thankful I am for being able to meet this man. I know that Jesus, (YSHUA), is our saviour. But Doctor Goodman to me is responsible for my good health, restoring my life from the pit that I lived in. RSD is the most painful disease known to science. I have all the confidence in the world in him, and always look forward to seeing him. He is always professional, to the point, and he does have a good sense of humor. Thank you Dr. Goodman. Your friend, Sylvia M. Brown RSD Survivor

We Are A Family..Today's A Good Day... show details We Are A Family..Today's A Good Day...
Jun 29th, 2012

Thank you Dr. Goodman. Thank you to Sherry, Valerie, MaryAnn, Cliff, Kim and Beryl. For 3 1/2 years each of you selflessly cared for me and fiercely fought for me during my treatment. Dr. Goodman, I want to thank you for your stories of Sam and for always holding my hand, no matter what else was going on around you, so that I would know I was not alone. Most of all, I want to thank you for your committment in searching for me. Everyone else thought I had been lost for too long. But for 3 years you remained diligent and positive. Your abilities as a doctor and your belief in the human spirit never faltered. You found me and you brought me back. You saved me. You saved my family. It has been 5 years since my last treatment. You have been and will always be in my every prayer. Not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of you and the incredible people who cared for me. I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Goodman. God Bless you all. Tamara Nielsen

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Jun 20th, 2012

Dr. Goodman and all of the ECT staff are very attentive and professional. Emphasis on always. They made me feel welcome and very at ease. I never felt anxiety prior to an appt. because I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Goodman has a very calming, attentive demeanor. He was ready and willing to answer all questions in a very straight forward, patient manner. I never felt that I was being rushed. A very kind man to work with. My entire experience, from my first appt. to my last was never distressing. This is quite a statement to be able to make considering the type of treatment involved.

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My Experience with Dr. Goodman show details My Experience with Dr. Goodman
Jun 13th, 2012

I have had over 30 ECT treatments with Dr. Goodman. My experience with Dr. Goodman has been exceptional. He is a very compassionate doctor who has a wonderful bedside manner. When I have been scared or nervous he calms me down and puts my mind at ease. He is also extremely responsive and returns calls within hours of me leaving a message. I never would have chosen this form of treatment if Dr. Goodman hadn't presented it as an option to me. On my worst day, just before my ECT treatment, Dr. Goodmand put his hand on my shoulder and told me "it will be ok" is this kind of compassion that makes all the difference when you have hit rock bottom in regards to depression. I have suffered from bipolar disorder for many years and the ECT treatments I have received from Dr. Goodman have saved my life. I would encourage anyone who is suffering to look into this amazing will change your life.

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Jun 6th, 2012

Dr. Goodman has literally saved our daughter's life. She has been seeing him and having treatments for 5 years. He is very responsive when issues arise, and is constantly searching for ways to help our daughter. He truly cares about her and our family. We don't know how all our lives would be like without him. Thank goodness we found him.

ECT treatment is effective; I wish I could have used a different doctor show details ECT treatment is effective; I wish I could have used a different doctor
May 17th, 2012

So far as treatment goes, Dr. Goodman provides effective ECT. However, I found him to lack interpersonal skills. Other patients and I discussed his apathy and disinterest in us. ECT was very effective in treating my severe depression. I just wish my insurance company would have allowed me to receive treatment from a more patient-oriented doctor.

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I think God every night for Dr Goodman show details I think God every night for Dr Goodman
Aug 9th, 2011

If it wasn't for Dr Goodman my father would be in a mental hospital or even dead. He has saved my dads life and mine too. I was living in darkness for 8 months taking care of my dad. Now there is hope for the future.

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This doctor would rate as mediocre, about a C show details This doctor would rate as mediocre, about a C
Apr 28th, 2011

I have been treated by Dr. Goodman on several occasions at Sutter Center for Psychiatry in Sacramento. Dr. Goodman specializes in inpatient and outpatient electro-convulsive therapy treatment only. The biggest issue I had with this doctor, and by far the worst issue I've ever encountered in a medical facility, is that you are given a time to come in for your treatment, yet, this doctor takes on so many patients that the wait in the waiting room, that is, waiting room number one, is about four hours on average - sometimes one hour on a good day, sometimes six hours on a crowded day. After sitting in that waiting room, you are moved to another waiting room where it's not uncommon to wait another two hours. Finally, after hours of exasperation, you will be brought into the treatment room and prepared for ECT. Following the treatment, recovery is swift and you generally leave after about 30 minutes of recovery. This is the most significant problem I have had with this doctor's practice, however, in terms of interacting with the doctor, it would be, in my opinion, around a C (depending on his mood and how many patients are overcrowding the facility). He is unwilling to make compromises with the patients. It is his way or the high way. When he addresses you for followup on your sessions, it is as though your complaints or concerns go in one ear and out the other. The time he spends with you is also extremely brief - as in about two minutes. On a lighter note, his bedside manner is very warm and friendly, he has a sense of humor, and is an absolute expert in the ECT procedure. Despite his shortcomings, he is definitely a doctor you can trust your life with. And although there seem to be a great many annoyances with the waiting time, I would have no qualms about seeing this doctor again because of his skill and performance. His Friday assistant/fill-in is Dr. Robert Blanco and he is an absolutely amazing and ingenious psychiatrist. Your life is safe in his hands as well during this procedure. The expertise in the art of ECT is the determining factor here, and it is worth the trouble of the annoyances mentioned above to see these physicians.

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Awesome ECT doctor show details Awesome ECT doctor
Feb 14th, 2011

For ECT treatments, you won't find a better doctor. He knows his stuff better than anybody. He really cares for his patients.On the flip side, you'll wait more than two hours sometimes for ECT treatments and get to spend only 5 minutes talking to him. I wish the treatments were quicker and more efficient. I wish I could spend 15-30 minutes with him. But, he's just too much in demand. When you're good, you have very little free time.I've had over 20 ECT treatments and I have my life back thanks to Dr. Goodman. I highly recommend him for ECT. He's not perfect but you won't find anybody better for ECT.

ECT can be helpful but beware of this doctor. show details ECT can be helpful but beware of this doctor.
Nov 8th, 2010

ECT saved my life but Dr. Goodman continued treatment long after it was appropriate. Average number of treatments is 6-12 and I received 63 from him. I brought up memory problems but he dismissed my concerns and because I trusted him, I continued coming back for more treatments because he convinced me I needed them. Now I have severe memory problems that I will struggle with for the rest of my life. If you need treatment then seek it, just be cautious with this one.

Doctor's Response

I am Dr. Goodman,the MD who treated this patient, and I am very upset about the unsatisfactory outcome of this patient's treatment. I cannot discuss the details of this specific situation, since the operators of this website have access to this patient's identity, so I cannot reveal protected medical information. However, I can speak in general about ECT and about how a situation such as that described above can occur. First, this person is correct that patients receive usually between 6-12 treatments, but this is for the initial series of treatments only. In the modern practice of ECT, additional treatments are almost always done to protect the gains made from a successful initial series of ECT. Otherwise relapses occur 80-90% of the time. These treatments are spread out over time as we attempt to find medication that will help the patient remain well, allowing us to then stop ECT treatment altogether. Sometimes, as the time between treatments are extended, patients start to relapse and require additional series of close together treatments. These relapses occur for many reasons, though fortunately, they occur only in a small percentage of patients. When someone has 63 treatments, it indicates that many relapses occurred, requiring several series of close together treatments. In this situation, especially if the patient is begining to have memory problems, one is faced with the dilemma of deciding which is worse-letting the depression return, or contributing further to memory problems by doing additional treatments. In contrast to the comment above, this is an ongoing discussion I have with patients in this situation. These patients come to ECT in the first place because nothing else has been of help for their depression-they are often desperate and suicidal. Some patients, with the help of these discussions, choose to stop ECT. Most decide to continue treatment despite the memory problems because of their desperation. However, this is always a decision made by the patient in collaboration with me, and not a decision I take lightly. Because of California law, every single ECT treatment that I perform is reviewed by a committee of MDs at the hospital where it is done to insure that the treatment was needed and appropriate, and this committee has never found that my treatments have been either inappropriate or excessive. Fortunately, most patients never experience the problem that occured with this individual because they get better with treatment, and then remain better due to our protocol of slowly stretching out the interval between treatments over time. None the less, loss of some memory can be a problem with ECT, and we are actively addressing the problem: We have just received funding for a study that will attempt to minimize memory problems with ECT by using MRI scans before treatment begins to inform us exactly where on the head the treatment electrodes should be placed given the anatomy of the head of that individual. Hopefully, if this research is successful, we will be able to further minimize the adverse side effects of ECT, making it an even better treatment for those severly depressed patients for whom nothing else has been helpful in alleviating their pain.

He's # 1 (go Dr. Goodman) show details He's # 1 (go Dr. Goodman)
by Dianne Lynn Houts on Sep 22nd, 2009

Dr. Goodman is a very kind caring patient doctor. I am so glad my Kaiser doctor sent me to him. He helped me tremendously on getting a real life back. I sincerely believe if he didn't care about me I would not be here today. It took along time to find a medication but Dr. Goodman did. I have more respect for him than most anyone. I am now living a great life and have a life to live.I'm better now then I have been in my 53 years of life.(I'm so glad to be alive).Someday I want to go in there to say Hi! This way he can see a big smiling face, not my old haggard sad crying face. I hope he knows how many lives he alone have saved and or helped.If your having problems go to Dr.Theodore Goodman, you and your loved ones will be smiling too.p.s. Dr. Goodman has a great personality.

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Dr. Goodman has treated me with ECT for several years show details Dr. Goodman has treated me with ECT for several years
by Anonymous, Male, Age 32 on Feb 26th, 2009

Dr. Goodman's ECT practice is excellent. He is caring, professional and does his job well. The waiting time is absolutely unacceptable - sometimes I have had to wait for two or more hours in the waiting room before receiving my treatment. His staff is some of the best I have ever been around. My only complaint is that he is prejudiced against using benzodiazepine medications.

ECT show details ECT
Sep 13th, 2008

Dr. Goodman has treated my bipolar disorder with Electro-Convulsive Therapy for over 2 years now. He is among the most caring, interested, professional and knowledgeable physicians I have ever know as both a patient and as a Registered Nurse. He is quite simply an excellent choice as an MD.

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