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Awesome Doctor! show details Awesome Doctor!
by Nancy on Dec 16th, 2014

Dr. Cadenhead is a very kind man that explains everything.

Verifies my experience show details Verifies my experience
Feb 8th, 2013

Reading these reviews verifies my experience. Dismissed me immediately as not having a problem. Claimed he couldn't see a swelling that's been observed by 3 other doctors. Inexcusable bed manner, more like bad manner. Dont' waste your time or money. I felt he was angry and hateful, and we'd just met. Like he has a chip on his shoulder. Very weird and unproffessional for a doctor.

Follow Up Review show details Follow Up Review
Jan 29th, 2013

I wrote the very long review on April 4, 2011 and wanted to add to it, because things have happened since then that really indicate how terrible this guy really is as an ENT. As I said before, I was very ill. I had to see another doctor because Dr. Cadenhead refused to give me the help I needed. Well, it turned out that if he had performed a very simple, very quick, very routine nasal scope, he would have found MANY nasal polyps (he SPECIFICALLY told me I didn't have any), VERY inflamed turbinates (he told me that was normal), a severely deviated septum, a bone spur in my nose and a completely blocked right sinus. Dr. Otto, who is also located in Denton, performed this necessary nasal scope on our very first appointment, ordered a ct of my sinuses and c

Why I will never go to this Dr again show details Why I will never go to this Dr again
Jul 13th, 2012

Had an appointment today with this Dr and was told when I made the appointment a specific time. When I showed up for the appointment, I was told I was late by 20 minutes even though from the time I was given by the receptionist I wasn't late. I was told I wouldn't be seen today and could I reschedule as the Dr was leaving. I called back almost an hour after appointment to find out what was going on, and found out Dr was still there. Very disappointed that they staff took no responsibility and were not helpful at all. All in all this was a very bad experience. I am in a lot of pain and will now have to find a new dr to visit. I am sure the Dr office will stick to what they said and say it's my fault as I was late, even though I showed up at the time I was give on the phone.

One of the Worst Medical Experiences Ever show details One of the Worst Medical Experiences Ever
Apr 4th, 2011

I have been sick for a long time and Dr. Cadenhead has done very little to help me. My story is long, so I will try to keep it specific to my ear, nose and throat issues.I have had swollen lymph nodes for about 3 and a half months and severe sinus problems/fatigue for a lot longer than that. (I am only 23 years old and can barely get out of bed most days. I am desperately trying to get a medical withdrawal note for school because I am really, really sick.) When I brought these things to Dr. Cadenhead's attention, he completely wrote me off, saying that my sinus problems were probably nasal and that my lymph nodes were of no concern. My internist ordered a CT scan as he was concerned about my lymph nodes. Of course, the radiologist's report showed cervical lymphadenopathy as well as bilateral maxillary sinusitis and a severely deviated septum. Dr. Cadenhead pointed these things out to me on the CT scan results, but said that since my sinusitis and deviated septum were asymptomatic, that he wouldn't act on it. Asymptomatic? ASYMPTOMATIC!? I told him that I had severe sinus issues the first day I saw him! How can the presence of MANY, LONG TERM symptoms make me asymptomatic? Anyway, after a while, my internist wanted Dr. Cadenhead to do an excisional biopsy of a lymph node, which he did. It came back "reactive". When I went for my post-op appointment, I was still having severe sinus headaches and congestion in addition to one very ugly, swollen tonsil. I asked him if any of these things were of concern and if he could do something. He didn't remember ever discussing my sinus issues and asked me what I was talking about. I reminded him that my radiology report stated that I indeed had bilateral maxillary sinusitis. He got out the disc with the image results on it and continued to tell me that I was asymptomatic and was experiencing migraines, not sinus problems. He also showed me that I had a pretty bad deviated septum, but said that he would not operate on it, despite the fact that I told him I had serious sinus and nasal problems. He gave me a prescription for migraine medication and sent me home. In addition to all this, I noticed that his description of me in the chart stated "healthy, but nervous 23 year old female with multiple tattoos". What? First of all, my internist would not have sent me to him if I were healthy. Secondly, what does having tattoos have ANYTHING to do with my medical chart?In short, I felt very disrespected and dismissed by Dr. Cadenhead. He would not help me with problems that should be well within his area of expertise. I now have to visit another ENT physician and the process is just getting longer and more excruciating. I should mention, however, that I never had problems with his staff nor did I have insurance issues. I also never had a problem getting an appointment within a day of calling, but that's probably because nobody wants to be under his care. If you want to get better, PLEASE see someone else.

Refused to see an existing patient because of no referral number show details Refused to see an existing patient because of no referral number
by Former patient on Sep 7th, 2010

In late 2008 I was in the hospital with terrible vertigo and was referred to Dr. Cadenhead by a neurologist. At that time I was impressed with his care, and the problem was resolved. Recently the vertigo returned and was quite debilitating. This latest episode occurred right as my insurance was changing, and I am now required to have a primary care physician (PCP). I rushed to make appointments, saw a new PCP and was told they'd refer me to Dr. Cadenhead. This was last Thursday (today is Tuesday). I called my insurance carrier to verify my PCP and was told that was all done. Both my insurance carrier and my PCP told me that as long as a referral number was submitted within 30 days of the appointment everything would be OK. My appointment with Dr. Cadenhead was today. I walked into the office and without so much as a "hello" I was rudely told they didn't have my referral number. I said that they didn't need it for 30 days and they pointedly told me they file daily and I needed to call my PCP. I called my PCP who said that they had been trying to get the referral number but because it was so early in the month (and the start of a new fiscal year for state employees) and also because of the holiday weekend, there was apparently a backlog. Again she told me that as long as we had a referral number within 30 days I'd be OK, they do this all the time with no problem. I relayed this to Cadenhead's staff and they said no, they file daily and without a referral number it would go in as uninsured. They were not helpful and didn't seem interested in helping me. The offered no alternatives, and just left me sitting in the lobby. And remember, I am not a new patient, they've seen me before. I asked them if they could, just once, wait, and THEY LAUGHED AT ME. These two women, one the receptionist and one the nurse, who both know me because I AM AN EXISTING PATIENT, LAUGHED AT ME. They made no effort to comfort me, offer me suggestions, or anything. I was in tears, and they laughed at me.I called my PCP back and told them what was happening and asked if they could expedite a referral number, and the nurse said she'd try. About 5 minutes later my PCP's nurse called back and said the doctor was appalled at the way I was being treated and they were going to refer me to another ENT who is equally as good and had a more flexible office staff. When I told the receptionist at Dr. Cadenhead's office this, she gave me a snarky smile and said "have a nice day." I'll confess I wasn't exactly nice, but I don't care. Their arrogance is inexcusable. There is no reason why they could not have delayed the filing on ONE EXISTING PATIENT for a few days until the insurance company gets caught up. They could have picked up the phone and called my PCP to verify that a referral was coming. But they were lazy and arrogant and mean.I still have vertigo, am sick to my stomach all the time, and my doctor, one whom I trusted, refused to see me because he and his egotistical office staff want to do things by their rules, not those of the insurance company. I think it's worth it to suffer a few more days to see a doctor who might actually care about a patient. I would think twice about seeing Dr. Cadenhead if you do not know you have all your paperwork in order, because they obviously care more about that than taking care of patients whom they've seen before.

Find someone else show details Find someone else
by stillsickindenton on Feb 19th, 2010

Well I wrote a review on this guy with specifics but the thing messed up and erased it. Bottom line, the staff is rude, the doctor is rude and terribly unorganized. The wait time was awful the waiting room is freezing and the wiat time is long (especially since there are hardly any patients there). He has HORRIBLE bedside manner, and his nurse is even worse. You would recieve better medical treatment from a veterinarian. I wish I could tell every one of his new patients to turn around and find another doctor. A lot of many and little to NO RELIEF.

Refused Medicaire show details Refused Medicaire
by William Selmi, Jr. on Jul 11th, 2008

I have never been refused a medical appt before. On july 7, 2008, I tried to make an appt and was informed that as the Senate was going to make cuts in Medicaire the dr would be seeing no more Medicaire patients. His staff was informed that this would not happen. Didn't matter. As predicted, on July 9, the U.S. Senate voted to rescind cuts in Medicare reimbursements to physicians, scale back subsidies to private Medicare Advantage providers, and expand health care coverage for low-income seniors. Not exactly a caring physician.