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May 14th, 2013

talked to his wife on his phone while i was in the room. Never can get into see him always want to prescribe drugs.

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Rude and Crude show details Rude and Crude
Feb 25th, 2013

First time that I ever left a review for anyone..... I don't do this, I don't think of myself as a bad person because I express my feelings, ... right now... I'm a PO'd person.... and "yes", I can be opinionated.... I shouldn't have even "rated" this doctor, he doesn't deserve a rating....this is one chart that he does not carry.... Visited this doctor for the very 1st and LAST time. Shows no compassion, thinks he knows it all, makes remarks that have nothing to do with the reason you are there to see him, he wouldn't even look at the CD brought in.... he had to have been brought up in a "box" and let out only to go to medical school. He has no idea what it is like to be on the other side of things, (if this sounds too harsh, it's only because of how he made me feel as a patient, I wish I never found him on the website, it's really scary to know that he made it to where he is at in his present life. Getting excellent grades, DOES NOT make you a Doctor. Did he forget that he took an "OATH" to live by- went in one ear and out the other) He finds it very difficult to look outside of the "box". Don't think he had too many friends other than animals, no I take that back, animals would sense things right off the bat... Maybe it's not all his fault, maybe it stems from younger days.... all I know is he does not take the time and care, and has no compassion when it comes to some of his patients. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable with a new doctor, especially a GI guy. Maybe I should have ignored all of this website stuff.... had to let off some steam, you will not be hearing from me ever again... Now I'm going to get on with my life and have a great day and many, many more to come.

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Worst Dr. Ever!! show details Worst Dr. Ever!!
Jul 22nd, 2011

He didn't even look at my chart before he did an endoscopy on me, for the follow up he was looking at the chart. He was so belittling and awful he made me cry & I'm not usually an emotional person. He actually said, "Oh you're not satisfied with the diagnosis of post infectious IBS?" Seriously, I couldn't eat solid foods for almost a yr & had debilatating pain ever since a severe intestinal infection. Just because I had been unable to work bc of the pain for almost a yr, I'd applied for disability, so he said, "Well that's no way to go if you want to get better." That's not my goal! I haven't even been able to get out of bed most days, let alone work & I have bills to pay. He made us feel like trash. After my fiance gave him a piece of his mind for making me cry & making me feel like crap, without even listening to me tell him I'd tried to eat solids he said, "You should try to eat solids. He didn't even listen to me. Then he left the room. His nurse came back with an appt. 6 mths later & I asked what do I do about the pain. She said, "We've done all we can. There is nothing else we can do for you."These people are frauds and need to be reported to the medical board!!

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Love my doctor! show details Love my doctor!
Mar 31st, 2011

Excellent professional! Doctor sometimes seems rushed due to the massive amount of patients he has, alothough its made up because he can perform procedures right in his office, as opposed to most places where the most activity is standing holding an eye staring at a chart. I love love love My doctor =)

Too Many Patients not enough time show details Too Many Patients not enough time
Mar 6th, 2011

Had this doctor for ten years. Too many patients not enough time to see them all or listen carefully to them all. One night very bad abdominal pain went to ER. ER docs were very concerned and wanted to admit me. They phoned Romano who was on call. Since it was midnight I guess he did not want to bother coming in, so he told them to send me home with pain med. Next day his office called and said I had to get another doctor because he didnt take my insurance anymore. About a week later, pain worse ended back in the ER. Had an obstruction with sepsis starting. Would have been discovered sooner if Romano had bothered to come to the ER like he was on call to do.

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Aug 16th, 2010

Medically, Dr Romano is a fine doctor. However, he does not treat patients as people. I feel like I am simply $$ to him. I had a follow-up appt scheduled a year in advance. Two days before my appt, the office sent me a letter informing me my appt was moved to a date 3 months in the future. No attempt was made to contact me to see if this date worked in MY schedule. When I arrived for that appt, I was told 'he is running late'. TWO HOURS LATER his nurse practioner came in to review my I had already mailed in...and to schedule a repeat procedure and next year's appt! You never even get to see the doctor. And if you dare ask a question, you are treated in a very demeaning manner.

Dr Romano's Sense of Humor Can Be Taken Wrong show details Dr Romano's Sense of Humor Can Be Taken Wrong
by Frank on Apr 6th, 2010

I've had 2 colonoscopy and 1 endoscopy with Dr R. His staff is always excellent. First time through he was great, second he seemed a little rushed, but overall fine. I asked for an additional test and he said let's wait and see results from the first before you spend your money. His sense of humor is dry, so people might misinterpret him. I'll keep going there.

RUN RUN RUN!!!! show details RUN RUN RUN!!!!
Feb 23rd, 2010

my doctor refered me to dr romanos office, i thought i was going to get another doctor because my friend who is his patient said he was too busy and the waiting is terrible. but no i saw dr romano and waited an hour and a half. it seems that other paitents that were seeing another doctor got in faster and their were less of them. i noticed 10 exam rooms while was there and all the doors were closed i assume with other waiting paitents the waiting room was full too. no wonder the wait time is so long he must see 50 patients an hour. oh and he comes across rude and condesending. see one of the other doctors instead. the staff is great.

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by D on Dec 24th, 2009

Twice I had exams performed by Dr. Romano. Each was satisfactory. It is the back-office, after procedure practices that are disappointing. Seems Dr. Romano has set up his office in two parts - THE office and separately, the area where procedures are done that is set up as a "hospital." Thus, Dr. Romano can "squeeze" TWO co-payments from patients - one for office visits and a second for "hospital" visits. While I'm guessing, I'm sure such setting up of practice is legal it remains to me an appearance of "double-dipping" or "milking" the system. Most surely, without a doubt Dr. Romano's office did not explain to me either time I had a procedure done at his Taft Rd office/hospital, that multiple co-payments would be incurred nor why. Had his office so explained the co-payments, I may well have decided the procedures would be done in another venue. Or, had I known two co-payments would be incurred, I would have paid them because I knew in advance. For the second procedure the second co-payment, the one for the "hospital" was not billed until several MONTHS later and without explanation. Being that I am accustomed to medical billing lagging behind real-time, I set the second co-payment billing aside -- long enough that Dr. Romano sent the bill to a collections agency. When I sent proof that I'd paid the (first) co-payment Dr. Romano's office phoned me directly. That is when I received the explanation about "office" and "hospital" co-payments, and when that second co-payment was very quickly "waived." Hmmm.Yet, worse, although telephonically Dr. Romano's office "waived" the second co-payment, never did I receive the waiver in writing. Several months later --- I get a dunning letter from a collections law office for the same second co-payment! Now, Dr. Romano's office representative tells me, again, a waiver of the second co-payment will be mailed to me. We'll see....

Worst doctor I've ever experienced show details Worst doctor I've ever experienced
by Dissatisfied patient and glad I questioned his treatment! on Oct 27th, 2009

If I could rate lower than a 1, I would. He never even read my chart or symptoms before a procedure (and later admitted he didn't realize my symptoms were different than what he thought), was guessing at my problem and scheduled me for at least three different tests I didn't even need. Terrible bedside manner, rude and condescending. DON'T RISK IT - GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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