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why? show details why?
Apr 28th, 2015

I don't quite understand all the negative reviews about Dr Tok. I have never had to wait any more or less than any other Dr. Her staff is busy but pleasant. Her office and exam rooms are spotless. Dr. Tok herself is busy as well but kind and knowledgeable. She always takes the time to listen and the information provided has always been correct according to my primary physician. I find Dr tok to be a very caring physician. My insurance required a prior auth for a medication and within 3 days I had it! Faster than normal for any physician. She also gave me information for discount on this very expensive medication because this medication was the one she wanted me to have for best results. I wonder if people are frustrated by her because of her slight accent or quick speech. The culture in Turkey is similar to the one in Greece, a neighbor country. My son was born in greece , my children's pediatrician was awesome there. As for the person who said Turkey is a third world country maybe you should reeducate yourself. It is a developing country not a third world country.

Mar 12th, 2015

Very intimidating

Jan 30th, 2015

This is the absolute worst doctor I have ever been to. The wait time was ridiculous considering the attention you receive once it is your turn. Every appointment my experience is that she does not listen to any concerns interrupts all questions and pretends you have no clue about anything (how you are feeling ,and that your questions are stupid) The actual time spent with her In each appointment is 5 minutes or less .

Jan 16th, 2015

To suggest that Dr. Tok is as good as any other Rheumatologist is subjective. I am happy for any patient that receives good treatment from this doctor and her staff. I did not. Dr Tok's office is not only rolling on square wheels, but she is a loose canon. To say that her bedside manner is normal is quite the understatement. Dr. Tok is terrible and her staff is a reflection of her attitude as well. I am taking the advise to report Dr. Tok to the Arizona Medical Review Board, and I suggest those who feel that Dr. Tok is not doing her job report her as well. Do not be afraid to give another Rheumatologist a chance, and YES you can find one that is better.

Unprofessional show details Unprofessional
by Anonymous on Dec 13th, 2014

As it appears I cannot post a review I will just say that Dr. Tok and her staff are terrible. I hope she is soon out of business. People with complaints against her should file them with the Arizona Medical Board.

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Poor bedside manner show details Poor bedside manner
Sep 13th, 2014

I've had RA for 25 years. I wish I had seen this website before going to Dr Tok when I first moved to AZ. I've seen her for 2 years (8 visits) and still do not feel she knows me. Her bedside manner is poor and I usually leave feeling frustrated and sad. I am switching doctors.

Very Disrespectful show details Very Disrespectful
May 16th, 2014

Dr.Tok does not give courtesy reminder phone calls,instead Dr.Tok simply discontinues your much needed,life dependence ,medication and you will only find out you have missed a appointment,or have forgotten to make a appointment,by expierencing extreme pain for a week, with no response to your phone calls,as a punishment for not being a perfect human being,and simply forgetting a appointment. I also witnessed Dr.Tok being exceptionally rude to her staff by ordering her employee to GET ME A SAMPLE!!! ordering this employee in a very rude manner as if Dr.Tok was running a Military Base. Hasn't Dr.Toke ever heard the word Please get me a sample? Very poor bedside Manners,and cant get you out of her office fast enough to move on to her next number. I will be seeking a new Dr. who is not so disrespectful to her patience and staff

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May 1st, 2014

I have no idea how this person ever graduated medical school. I found out that she graduated medical school in Turkey, which is a Third World Country. That explains it all. The absolute worst doctor. I have ever seen in my life. Save your time, money and possibly your life and keep away from this bum.

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Worst doctor ever...I'm still reeling from my visit today. show details Worst doctor ever...I'm still reeling from my visit today.
Apr 3rd, 2014

Dr. Tok didn't listen to me, told me she didn't need to look at any of my records and past blood work from my last rheumatologist who was helping me take an integrative medicine approach. Within 5 minutes of entering the room and asking questions to which she didn't listen to the answer- if it wasn't a conclusive no she checked yes- Dr Tok immediately diagnosed me with Lupus. I asked her to check my blood work from previously (in which I had both positive and negative ANA tests and negative test results for lupus) and she said she didn't need to, and would prescribe me a strong chemical medicine to treat my lupus. I said I wanted to do some research and look into other medicine options as well as natural options and she said no, there were no other options, I had to take this. I said I don't want to medicate right now since my symptoms are mild and infrequent and impede my life in no significant way. She said "You have to take this. If not, you will feel pain every day, and then you will take this." I said I don't want it, and she sent the prescription to the pharmacy anyway, which I later called to cancel. Our visit lasted less than 10 minutes total in which time she had no bedside manner while telling me conclusively for the first time that I have a terrible lifelong condition and not addressing any of my questions or listening to any of my symptoms, concerns, and approach to treating it. I fear for any patient who waits for months and months for a visit with a specialist and feels no other option but to listen to her insensitive and abrupt diagnosis and take only one option of potent medications without looking at the whole picture of the patient, their needs and individual situation, and working with the patient to improve their longterm health. How can I report this doctor to somewhere that can put her out of practice and stop making sick people sicker instead of being a healer.

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Rude and disrespectful show details Rude and disrespectful
by RA patient on Mar 8th, 2014

I am honestly about done with this doctor but I know it will take me months to get into someone else. My infusions are wearing off too soon as she refused to consider scheduling them closer together even though the prescribing information clearly indicates it can be prescribed sooner than every 24 weeks. She was very rude when I questioned her about it and cited some ultra-rare disease associated with this med. All biologics can cause serious problems but the benefit outweighs the risk in my opinion. If I was worried about side affects, I wouldn't be taking any of my RA meds. I always feel like this doctor is rushed and in a hurry. It's very difficult to get refills and the office is terrible about returning phone calls.

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stay away, it's not worth the hassle! show details stay away, it's not worth the hassle!
Mar 4th, 2014

I was reffered to Dr. Tok by my primary physician. The first few spots were fine, then on the last one she prescribed medication that was over 300.00 for just one month. I called on a Monday and explained that I just could not afford that much money. Then I called again on Tuesday and wednesday, on Thursday they called me because they had my first name and my phone number but did not know my last name! Nobody called back so I called Friday, still no call back. I called Monday to find out what was going on and her front desk told me Dr tok would not prescribe anything else. I truly have never been treated so poorly in my life.

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Not sure how this doctor can keep her practice show details Not sure how this doctor can keep her practice
by Eric on Mar 3rd, 2014

I was referred to Dr. Tok by my medical Dr. I first went to see her and found she had no sense of humor when I would offer a "witty" reply for any of her medical questions. That is fine, a Dr. that is to the point and doesn't want to waste time on chatter or humor is okay by me as long as they are good at what they do. I was given methotrexate to start and the dosage from what I read was a pretty high one. I was told to follow up after six weeks of treatment and check my progress, here is where things get odd. I made an appointment and forgot to write it down. I called and left a vm, requesting a callback. I waited a couple days and called again and left a second vm, again with no reply. I also discovered that my insurance had overpaid this Dr. and I called and asked for this money to be returned to me. I now have 4 vm's (VoiceMails) and have not heard back from her staff or the Dr. herself. I have probably called about 10 times in an effort to speak to a real person, but it ultimately ends at voicemail. I am now looking for a new Rheumatologist, and have advised my medical Dr. to beware of this one.

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don t waste your time with this so called doctor show details don t waste your time with this so called doctor
Dec 4th, 2013

wait time two hours Imperson physician . Short n insensitive visit Very very disappointed.

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I Love Dr. Tok! show details I Love Dr. Tok!
by Renee B. on Sep 6th, 2013

I've been seeing Dr. Tok for three or four years for fibromyalgia and RA. I have found her and the staff to be prompt, efficient and professional. I've read some of the negative comments on this site, and I suspect that all doctors have some patients who won't be happy no matter what. I've never had to wait at an appointment and am seen promptly. Dr. Tok has always listened to me, and she has taken good care of me. She is a warm, sweet person and an excellent doctor. She is very busy, no doubt about that, but she's receptive to her patients input and has always gone the extra mile for me. I'd rate her five stars!!

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This woman is a joke show details This woman is a joke
Aug 28th, 2013

I felt completly over looked and under valued.I do not have RA,although she is bent on on telling me I have been wrongly misdiagnosed with fibro back in 98.Never mind the fibro fog which has become so difficult to deal with ,live with and the pain throughout my body.She asked me 3 time if my feet hurt in the morning ,however didn't follow up with asking me for the duration,like an hour a minute 10 minutes.She seems to think that because I answered yes but before I could say "but only for a minute or 2 " that that was all the evidence she needed and went on to prescribe a toxic medicine for RA ,which I don't need to take ,the blood work hadn't came back to indicate such, so I feel that she is practicing bad medicine.Then she ,cancelled our followup! That's fine.This town is lacking in health care for fibo patients.

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Nightmare show details Nightmare
by anonymous on Jul 12th, 2013

Dr. Tok is the worst doctor I’ve ever seen, particularly for the fibromyalgia that I’ve suffered from for 16 years. I am constantly managing widespread, chronic pain throughout my body, which is extra challenging since my career as a research scientist requires mental clarity. Part of my pain management necessitates a few prescription drugs, including (non-narcotic) pain medication. Without these meds, my symptoms would flare up so wildly that I would not be able to function at work, nor in my everyday life. I previously saw a doctor out-of-state whom I was very happy with for six years, but finally decided to find a local doctor in Tucson. My condition is under good control and I only need continual management. The first time I saw Dr. Tok, I waited two hours to see her. When I finally saw her, I felt rushed and didn’t feel that she was carefully listening to me. I also didn’t think she was warm or personable, Dr. Tok ordered lab test and asked that I return in a few months to review the results. I followed her instructions and came back, waiting an hour to see her. The first thing she said was that my blood test did not certainly indicate the presence of rheumatoid arthritis. Out of curiosity and wanting to be informed about my health, I simply asked what gave her that notion. She quickly reacted defensively, stating that she hadn’t looked at my files yet and therefore didn’t know. She evidently though I was testing her or something, which I absolutely was not, so I tried to rephrase my question in a very objective and neutral way. She bit my head off this time, with an angry look in her eyes, staring directly into mine. I was so stunned that a doctor would be so temperamental and defensive and told her I’d never been snapped at by a doctor like this. For the record, I am easygoing, compliant, and non-demanding with my doctors, and I usually have a good relationship with them. She argued with me a bit, until I finally said that she was the rudest doctor I’ve ever had. She said with a sneer, “Maybe I’m the BEST doctor you’ve ever had!” after which she told me to see someone else if I don’t like her. So off I went. I spoke with her manager after, who apologized profusely for Dr. Tok. She said that Dr. Tok sometimes reacts that way when she feels tested. She also explained how stressful it generally is at their office, and how they were having an awful day at their office, though it in no way excused Dr. Tok’s behavior. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, Dr. Tok prescribed me two weeks of my non-narcotic pain meds, though it takes 3 months to see a rheumatologist as a new patient. She also took the liberty of blaming me for the experience in her notes, for liability purposes, and she sent them to my out-of-state doctor. Anyway, I HAPPILY spent $500 on airfare to promptly see my old doctor. It was a huge relief to see a doctor who I feel listens to me, cares, and answers all of my questions.

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Dr, Ulker Tok show details Dr, Ulker Tok
Jun 7th, 2012

I like Dr. Tike, she is a very good Dr. But her Staff needs to be looked at, they are not following the right proceedures. I know Dr. Toke is busy, but her staff, does not give her the refill orders to be looke at in a timely manner. nor do they work with the patients right. over all Dr. Tok is a good Dr. but her staff is another issue.

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Doesnt care show details Doesnt care
Apr 24th, 2012

Misdiagnosed me, rushed me thru appointments and was almost impossible to get a prescription refilled from or a lab report.

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May 31st, 2011

my husband was deploying within 3 weeks and wanted to come to my first appointment with Dr tok, so we had to bring our 2 small children. Well Dr Tok acted like it was a big hassle to have them in the room so my husband had to miss out what she told me. Every visit i had to wait 30mins to over an hour to see her. And she spent only 15 mins asking me questions about my meds and how i was doing. My last visit she tried to give me the Simponi Shot and she had no idea what she was doing. First off i have a huge needle phobia. I panic, I hyperventilate its just not good. So here she is jabbing me in the stomach saying that the thing must be broken because it wasnt working. She forgot to take the cap off. As the Dr shouldnt she know to take the cap off? So i told her i cant do the shot it just freaked me out, i couldnt do it. Sh got mad at me and said she would see me in 3 months and wrote a RX for me to do the shots at home. I told her no this would be our last visit because my husband has been assigned a new duty station. I went to fill my RX and because its such a high cost RX my DR had to give written explanation why. Well the pharmacy has been calling her non stop for that and she still hasnt filled it. But she wasnt too busy to send me my bill for the TB test she gave me.

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Wonderful Doctor show details Wonderful Doctor
May 10th, 2011

First, Dr. Tok's staff was awesome in getting me an appointment right away. When I arrived I was greeted by the front office staff. When I was taken back to the exam room, my wait was very short. Dr. Tok was friendly and understanding...what a great doctor...highly reccomend

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Beware! show details Beware!
Sep 26th, 2010

I saw this dr. for two years before getting a second opinion. The second dr. said I didn't have rheumatoid arthritis and said I was misdiagnosed by this dr. I wasted two years of my life. I have learned to always get a second opinion.

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Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
Mar 25th, 2010

The doctor comes to my town it makes it very easy for me to be seen by the right type of doctor. I had been seen by other doctors who were not very good with rheumatic problems.

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Anonymous on Mar 25th, 2010 on

The doctor was able to easily find my problem and start a treatment plan that has restored so much quality of life for me. I almost feel like a new p ...

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