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Not worth going to!!! show details Not worth going to!!!
Aug 16th, 2012

All Dr. Humpheries wants to do is run tests. I have a lab bill bigger than my Dr. visit bill! All of my labs are fine, and yet she still continues to get more. By the way, my only healthy problem is type II diabeties, which I'm controlling. She spends 5 minutes with me, and the entire time she is writting in someone elses file. She never knows why I'm there, I have to tell her. It's like she doesn't care. I have now transferred to Bluegrass MD on the Bypass...I recommend you all go there!

Worst Dr EVER!!! show details Worst Dr EVER!!!
Oct 18th, 2011

I am new to the area and had no idea about any doctors, so I chose Dr Humphries. I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago and my husband and I are now trying to conceive. Dr Humphries scheduled me to have an ultrasound done and after it was done I had an appointment with her to discuss the results. She asked me why I was there. and I told her that she scheduled me for an ultrasound. she then asked me what the results were. I was so beyond mad SHE is the doctor and isn't SHE supposed to look at them? My husband is in the Army and will be deploying again so we really want a baby before he leaves. I asked her if she had any advice since PCOS causes infertility and she said she wont even look at my infertility problem until we've been trying for 2 years!! That is ridiculous. I also walked in just needing a refill and they stuck this machine in my ear and said i have a sinus infection. I felt fine!! Dr humphries then prescribed me 4 different medications for my "sinus infection" I felt fine and she didnt even look at my throat or ears! I dont want to take medications that i dont need. The nurse Vicky is horrible!! She is so rude and acts like you're a big inconvenience. They also put down that I had no insurance so i received numerous bills and have asked them to put down my correct insurance many times. I now switched doctors and LOVE him!! I was referred to a specialist for infertility and needed my past ultrasounds from dr humphries office and they said they threw them away!! I am so beyond frustrated with this doctor and staff. I do not recommend this doctor to anyone!!!!!

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She's worthless show details She's worthless
Aug 8th, 2011

I went with my Mother to the dr to get an idea of her medical conditions. I had questions for Dr Humphrises I intended to ask her about my Mothers medication and the side effects, These were simple questions such as can she be put on a HCT to help get her BP down and get some of the water out of her system. I was not trying to be her dr as dr humphries finally accused me of wanting to be. She became arrogant, rude. and unprofessional as a medical dr. She got a attitude and told me if you want to be your mothers dr then you do it and gave my 75 yr old mothers medical records to her nurse and told my mother to find her a new dr. My mother was crying her eyes out and this incompetent dr left my mother in the room crying. Dr Humphries had told me she had had little sleep in the last 80 hrs since she works at the hospital also. I am wondering how effective and safe is this dr so I have turned her into the the proper medical authorities for incompetence and lake of morals and ethnics . Do not use this dr as your practitioner. She worthless and will spend very little time with you to discuss your problem. I want to see her a-- fry for what she put my 75 yr old mother through. Find you another dr people or you'll regret it

Not a good doctor for anyone! show details Not a good doctor for anyone!
Aug 2nd, 2011

I went in with 101 fever and sore throat I was never looked at except buy a machine that checks your ears. She didnt look at throat or neck. No examination NOTHING! Then to top it off while I was waiting I was told by nurse that the doctor said to keep your kids quite! I was so very sick and my kids werent crying or anything just playing with toys!!!! Very very rude and she only depends on machines!

DO NOT GO HERE!!! show details DO NOT GO HERE!!!
Jun 10th, 2011

I've been going to Vinna Humphries for a while now and I have decided to no longer go. EVERYTIME she sees me she asks me why I'm there or will say "oh you're here for your allergies?" ( I don't have allergies, at all). I mean it's written down right in front of her...then when I am in there she does not spend time with me at all (5 minute max!) My condition has only gotten worse since seeing her, I don't think she is giving me the right dosage, not sure. I will NEVER go back! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

Definitely NOT the best! show details Definitely NOT the best!
May 9th, 2011

I went to this doctor because I didn't have much of a choice she is one of the only ones that takes my insurance. Anyway...I've been going to her for about a year now, only because I have to. First of all, the receptionist Vicky is one of the most rude people I've ever met. She's rude when she anwers the phone and talks to you and when she talks to you at the office she looks at you like you're stupid (and it's not just me, I watched her with other patients while I was there.) Dr. Humphries is a sweet woman but during all of my visits I don't feel like she wanted to get to know me and really figure out what was going on with me. everytime I go in I tell her my symptoms and all she says EVERYTIME is "ok let's do some blood work"...then the appointment is over. I drive 30 minutes to see her and that's all I get...5 minutes?? And one time "Vicky" called me to tell me that my blood results were fine...I was still feeling horrible so I went back to see what was going on and Dr. Humphries said that my blood work was not ok...WHAT?! they need to get their act together and communicate. I asked Vicky why she told me that my bloodwork was good and she said because Dr. Humprhies told her it was........whatever, makes no sense to me. And now everytime I go in they put you in a room and you think the Dr. is about to come in, then they say ok come with me and take you to another room........then they come back in a say ok come with me, and then they take you to a room with dr. humpries. It's really ridiculous! I don't know why they do that but if there is some reason why the Dr. can't come to you, they should leave you in the waiting room until she is ready in that room and then they should take you straight there instead of moving you from room to room.

BEWARE*** Cancel any appointment dont waste your time!!! show details BEWARE*** Cancel any appointment dont waste your time!!!
by Kelly on Jan 17th, 2011

After having to quicky choose a Doctor from a list, this was my unlucky pick. I called to make an appointment for my son, after a not so good experiance on the phone, I still didnt trust my gut feelings. Didnt get a call confirming the appointment so called the day of, and it was changed to an hour earlier. So like most new patients would do we went 15 min. early to fill out paper work, as we walked in the door I couldnt believe how many peices of paper with different notices taped all over, doors, windows, walls... every where, after filing out paper work, some of which didnt apply to patients, I stood waiting for 15 min for the receptionist to take it. She wasnt in a very good mood. Our appointment time had already gone by, but we waited in the COLD reception area for another 20 min. Then I assume a nurse came to get us, took weight, height and asked a few general ?, then took my son outside the room, and said they were just in the hall... I had a curious look on my face I am sure, so as I got up and walked out, she was putting things in my sons ears, and said he had fluid in them, that he has an ear infection. I said no, that is not why we are here, he isnt sick, he just needs his meds for A.D.D., oh she says.... if she had listened before, she would have know that, and that is how I scheduled his appointment. So we waited and waited, Dr. H came in didnt even touch my son, said well she cant do anything until she has his medical records, which should have arrived had the front desk requested them like they said they would. Still after 40 more min, I sent my kids out to the car. I wanted nothign more to do with this office! When I asked what the charges were for the day, I was told billing wasnt done there, I said according to all your signs, you require payment at the time of service, and then this one says to ask for a receipt. I want a receipt. She looked at me clueless.... They were going to charge for the machine that detected the ear infection (which he doesnt have per second opionion) $30. and then for a comprehensive visit, which she never touched my son. Needless to say I wouldnt send my exhusband there(my worst enemy) let alone my dogs!

Horror show details Horror
Dec 30th, 2010

She misdiagnose me, put me on medication for it. I saw someone for second opinion and found out I don't have it. That's strange to me...

Doesn't have time show details Doesn't have time
Dec 12th, 2010

She doesn't seem to have enough time for me. She gives me 4 or 5 minutes of her time. I haven't gotten any better since seeing her. I've actually gotten worse. She never listens to me when I tell her the problem. Just gives more antibiotics and scoots me out the door.

Patient show details Patient
Nov 18th, 2010

I enjoy the how easy she is to talk to about my problems. I Know she helped in saving my mothers life. She saved my husband from years of medication. She diagnosied his SVT and sent him to St Thomas. Now he does not have a problem with his rapid heart rate. Yes he went to lots of Doctors before that told him he was having panic attacks.

DISASTER>>> show details DISASTER>>>
Mar 6th, 2010

Dr.Humphries is erratic, paranoid that someone is out to get her ? Her appearance is NOT up to status, often diarrayed and unclean looking. Her sinks in her rooms are covered in dust, therefoe her hygiene is lacking between patients. She tossed samples of different companys at me like bubblegum, is that safe to change a pt. back and forth like that? She needs to seek help for herself before someone is hurt beyond repair. She cannot maintain staff for whatever reason. She is judgemental and needs to stick to medicine and not snoop in pts. lives. Not at all the professional she started out to be, therefore I would NOT recommend her to take care of my cat, much less my family.

Do NOT go to this doctor! show details Do NOT go to this doctor!
Apr 16th, 2009

I have never been so disappointed in a physician as I have been with Vinna Humphries. She seems very absent minded. She doesn't seem to 'bond' with her patients. I have seen her multiple times and she always makes up the most random reason I'm coming to see her when it's written out right in front of her. She doesn't seem to censor anything. I had an appointment on a day she was 'under the weather' herself and could hear her puking from the waiting room. It was completely unprofessional. I felt for her because she was sick but to hear it over and over when you could tell she had time to go to the back as she was talking in the front just before saying she was going to go to an exam room to vomit. She really doesn't follow up with anything. I understand that doctors are busy but please give an appropriate amount of time to each patient. I always felt rushed. I never got out exactly what I wanted to say. Waiting was ridiculous. I don't think I ever saw her on the correct time no matter how many times I've went in. Oh and come to think about it I don't know what her deal is with Mucinex, if she has a deal with them but every single time I went to visit her it was always pushed. I've heard the same from other people. You could go in for knee pain and still end up leaving with a prescription (or sample) of it. I am finding a new doctor and will be glad to not go back to Dr. Humphries. I will say that the office staff (receptionist) is extremely kind, as is another nurse that is working there. I was just annoyed with Humphries herself! Save your time and find a REAL doctor.

Apr 2nd, 2009

Very friendly, with a good bed side manner. She really cares about you if she's seeing you and takes the time to make sure all your needs are met. Plus she also takes care of all her patients when they're in the hospital.