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Total disrgard for your time!! show details Total disrgard for your time!!
Nov 11th, 2013

They opened at 08:30. My appointment was at 10:00 after waiting for over an hour I asked for a refund on my copay and left. There was only one other patient in the waiting room when I was there. I never saw the Doctor . I was told he was there. The staff apologized for the Doctor, but how you can be over an hour behind schedule when you've only been open for 90 minutes and there wasn't a bust\y waiting room. He lost my confidence as a doctor. I was a new patient.

by Gwendolyn muller on Apr 23rd, 2013

I went to Dr Behardi on a request from my medical Dr. On my 1st visit he was very kind and took about 45 mins with me and sent me for bloodwork. I received a call from his medical assistant that the dr said he needed to up my medications as my levels were extremely high, so they up the dosage. I had a packet of my medical records from New Jersey and gave them to the assistant Beth and she assured me he would receive them. On my 4th visit i was told to get more blood work which of course i did but never received a call reguarding the results til i called in about 3 weeks later at which time i was informed the dr said to stay on the same dosage which was 2 pills twice daily. When i received a call from cvs advising me to contact my dr as the girl who faxed the medication to them now has me on 2 talbets 3 times daily which to them was too much, so i called and spoke to beth and she advised me they have other patients who take more daily. I felt that answer and response was not good enough so on my next appointment i questioned the dr and he said he saw it in my chart that he said 2 tablets twice daily and saw where the new rx was faxed in stating 2 tablets 3 times but could not explain how it happened as he did not increase it. never the less on my next bloodwork my pcp called and told me to stop that medication asap as my thryoid was too supressed which could have put me in grave danger. I called today 4/23/13 and asked to have my medical records returned to me when i was informed the package i gave them was lost and never given to the dr by his assistant. I trusted this office and dr but as of today i will be going to another office, I called beth about the issue and after 68 days i still have no call back ! I wonder now if she gave him the paperwork i gave her or not and i think she should not be responsible to call medication in for patients if it was her fault and not the dr

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by Jessica B. on Mar 7th, 2013

Dr. Behari is a great, caring doctor, and is Very concerned about his patients.

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Poor patient/staff/Dr communication show details Poor patient/staff/Dr communication
Mar 7th, 2012

Dr. Behari has moved locations/practice 4 times in a short period of time. This makes it hard to maintain communication with his constantly changing staff and insurance companies to stay current on medications and supplies. Leaving messages with his old and new offices proves to do little good when trying to order diabetic supplies, so we are looking to change to another doctor who will stay in one place and actually communicate, and maintain professional staff personnel who know how to do their jobs and do them well, following up with both patients AND insurance companies. It appears Dr. Behari's staff wants the patient to do their work for them. Being on the pump, it would be nice for the doctor to actually discuss and explain changes to the pump settings he/she makes so the patient knows the ratio if there is a supply/pump problem. Communication is a HUGE factor in changing away from Dr. Behari. Enough is ENOUGH.

Doctor's Response

My Practice was owned by West Florida Healthcare until October 2011 and any moves prior to that date were orchestrated by WFPC. I had no control over those decisions. My Practice is now located at Gulf Coast Primary Care, this is the only move I had any choice about since moving to Pensacola 5 years ago. My decision to move the practice this time had something to do do with improving patient access to me. My Pump patients are special to me and everone is taught how to look into their pump's menu to find out what their pumps settings are. This is a task taught by their pump trainers. In programming pumps, I usually discuss the changes with patients and let them know what changes are being made and the premise for change and patients are welcome to request copies of their pump settings and changes made at each pump follow up visit. We also offer advanced pump training and pump support group access for patients interested in learning more about their pumps. Some of my pump patients, when necessary, are even given my cell phone number to have necessary access to me. I am one of the few doctors I know who will do this. This does not sound like one of my pump patients. I apologize if you did not get to know me enough to know this is not the perception most of my patients have of me.

Bad Doctor show details Bad Doctor
Oct 2nd, 2011

Dr. Bahari is rude and insulting. He is the worst Doctor I have ever had. He dose not listen to his patients. He dose not care about his patients wishes. He assumes non compliance with my medication but I take it everyday as directed. There is so much more bad things I can say about Dr. Bahari but I want to remain anonymous. Do not use Dr. Bahari he will waste your time.I am doing much better now that I have a different Doctor caring for my condition.

Doctor's Response

I have been accused of listening "too much" to patients, sitting down to talk to patients and listening to their concerns and above all being polite to patients regardless of color, race, education, social standing or ability to pay but never any of these traits cited here. This patient obviously had a bad experience and I have no way of commenting on the accuracy or circumstances of their accusations if this patient chooses anonimity. All I can say is that those who know me will think this is exactly the opposite of my personality. I apologize if I ever offended anyone in this way. I really think that this person owes me an apology for making remarks about someone they obviously know nothing about.

No follow up after labs show details No follow up after labs
Jun 6th, 2011

Found my Thyroid levels were low, MD upped dose and ordered labs in 6 weeks. Heard nothing for a week. Called office about lab results. A week later, my call was answered and Thyroid was still low. Asked what dose I should be taking. Never a return call. Called again 4 weeks later, said they would get back with me that day; that was 8 days ago. I need a new doctor. Something wrong with this office. Changing MD's

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Doctor's Response

I have changed locations for this very reason. Thank you for your comments and I apologize for any tardiness about your tests.

great Dr show details great Dr
Apr 21st, 2011

I had my appt today and i arrived an hour before my appt and was seen within 10 min of arriving! De. Behari came in with another Dr and asked my permission if the other Dr could sit in. They both were very caring and concerned. I have hyperparathyroidism and i am a volunteer evacuee from Japan as i was sent to the states as a medical condition. Dr Behari asked how much i knew about my condition and listened to how much i knew. He was happy that i knew what was going on because i have a wonderful Dr in Japan that initiated my diagnosis. He overall took about 2 hours with me as i was told i need a Dr who is really knowledgable with the parathyroid. I would highly recommend! I give him a 100% A

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Feb 1st, 2011

After waiting a month to see Dr. Behari for a thyroid problem, the visit became an entire discussion about diabetes which after expensive blood work showed no diabetes - only thyroid problems. I never got a call back about the ultrasound results. I did get a call from his office stating they would call in my meds to pharmacy of choice. Now a month later, I checked with the pharmacy and it was Never called in. I called the office back several times inquiring and they were very rude and lied saying they would have the appropriate person call me back - which they never did. So I went back to my regular doctor and got my medicine. Dr. Behari nor his staff helped me at ALL! Funny I ran into a friend who had the same take on him and his staff. I wouldn't recommend. See one of the other Endocrinologists in Pensacola area. Don't waste time or money on this one!

Doctor's Response

I apologize if I treat the whole patient and not only their thyroids! Fortunately, not everyone with insulin resistance has diabetes. It does not lessen the importance of addressing it since doing so it can reduce the risk of heart disease and progression to diabetes. I have no apologies for addressing medical concerns at an office visit when it is within the realm of Endocrinology.

Apr 16th, 2010

Doesn't listen to patient, I was brushed off as though I didn't know about my own body. Ordered expensive unnecessary bloodwork that turned out negative, then didn't call me to give results, after waiting 2 1/2 wks my husband called. They are terrible at following up.

Very nice Doctor show details Very nice Doctor
Nov 4th, 2009

At first I was nervous about the appointment (for my thyroid) because I have never been to an edocrinologist, but that changed once I walked into the facility. The staff there was very polite and the facility was clean and organized. I arrived early to do my initial paper work and didn't have to wait long to been seen (seen before my actually appointment time). I waited only 5 minutes before Dr Behari came in to examine me. He clearly explained to me everything I needed to know and even printed out information that further explained everything. He took the time to answer my questions and was very nice and funny at times. Overall, the visit went well and I recommend this doctor to others.