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by Susannah Graven on Apr 16th, 2015

I found Dr. Walter Carlini via a referral from a colleague when I was in need of a second opinion on an MRI reading following a recent car accident. I have dealt with 3 different neurologists in my life time, Dr. Carlini being the third one. When I made my appointment back in early January the next available appointment was on March 30. I asked was there anything sooner and they said that they could put me on a waiting list and let me know. That was a fair request and resolution. 30 days prior to my appointment I went in to his office to fill out my paperwork and put copies of reports from testing and findings from other medical professionals. I asked if Dr. Carlini could be briefed on my file prior to my appointment. I also asked how long my appointment would last so that I could alter my schedule to accommodate our meeting. I was told that I was "blocked for 35 minutes." I had a very pleasant conversation with the front desk lady and again tried to bump up the appointment and I was then told "that they have a wait list that I could be added too." Ummm.... I thought I was on. the. wait list. already? ... The day of my appointment I arrived 15 minutes early and I was greeted by a man at the counter. He checked the computer and asked if I would fill out paperwork. I confidently shared that I already had and I am sure that I had a file already. He went to look. A lady then joined him. The two milled around for a while when a third lady haphazardly joined in. There wasn't a file for me but could I please just fill out some new paper work was asked of me. I sat down and started filling out my paperwork again. Mad, albeit. I was then greeted by Dr. Carlini's medical assistant and she is a pleasant woman. I explained my situation and she seemed rather "not my jobish" about it all. Team work wasn't oozing from her behavior yet again, nice enough person. I have to say though-- this is still a business - yes, a doctors office but a business. Customer service rather is expected when you are paying for high end knowledge. Enters Dr. Walter Carlini. He introduced himself and then went straight to his computer and began typing incessantly while asking questions and rarely if ever making eye contact. My husband who was in the room with me noted later how odd that was. I honestly feel that is just who he is and this isn't some horrible thing. We are all who we are. I am there for his wisdom in neurology not a country club social. Yet he was under prepared. Not familiar with my case and clearly using my time to make up for his poor back office operations. In the middle of my appointment Dr. Carlini was interrupted and left the room, leaving me and my husband to coordinate our experience with each other. Was this funky? Are we learning anything here? Should we leave since this whole thing just felt like a waste of our time and resources. Dr. Carlini came back into the room and started pounding on his keys. So I called him out on it. Why not? I had zero to loose and I wasn't rude. I did however tell him that I was about to be late for a client of mine because of him. How I had a finite amount of time to move this appointment a long so that I could get to my obligations and if he could talk to us about why we were there? Boom. A genius then opened up to me and my husband. There was the Dr. Carlini we were wanting to see. He is smart. He was THEN efficient and helpful. All that crap did boil down to a very fine 10 minute conversation. What it took to get to that 10 minutes was a crazy ride though. After my husband and I felt we got what we needed it was US that ended the appointment by standing up, shaking his hand and I said, "You made me 15 minutes late for a client and I need to leave now. Thank you." He seemed taken by it but reasonable. As I walked back to the desk I asked them to call me to finish the paperwork... that was March 30 and I haven't heard from them yet. Maybe I will give them a call. Oh, and on my way out I overheard a Mom trying to deal with the front end staff to no avail over an appointment for her daughter. She was really ticked off. Clearly a negative experience is common here and that's sad.

by James Frommer on Apr 1st, 2015

( Introduction to Neurology) Neurology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and coordinates body activities. It has two major divisions: Central nervous system: the brain and spinal cord Peripheral nervous system: all other neural elements, such as eyes, ears, skin, and other "sensory receptors" A doctor who specializes in neurology is called a neurologist. The neurologist treats disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, such as: Cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke Demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis Headache disorders Infections of the brain and peripheral nervous system Movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) Seizure disorders, such as epilepsy Spinal cord disorders Speech and language disorders Neurologists do not perform surgery. If one of their patients requires surgery, they refer them to a neurosurgeon.) I have had many Neurologists in my life time to treat my Seizure disorder. I did not need a doctor to hold my hand and tell me how much better thing will be because unless new treatments come around we will not. Anyone who feels that Dr. Carlini is a bad Neurologist has not been to many of this type of doctor. I think this doctor is knowledgeable and would trust his opinion because it has concurred with all my other doctors. To all of you that wallow in self pity, Happiness is an inside job and sometimes what ails us can't be fixed. We only have to have someone like Dr. Carlini to make sure we are in check.

Feb 27th, 2015

I did not like this doctor at all. I only saw him once and am very glad to not have to go back. He never made any eye contact with me, only typed on his computer the entire time. He seemed very cold, and his attitude seemed very rude when he responded to my answers to his questions. I was very uncomfortable during my appointment with him. He barely spent any time with me and I did not feel like he listened to me at all. I know he's supposed to be one of the best but I would not recommend him to anyone.

idiot?? show details idiot??
Jul 14th, 2014

All i have to say is they are trying too shove pills down my throat to fix this problem when really they havent even taken the time to look at the real problem. I would not referr.

Offensive and inappropriate show details Offensive and inappropriate
Nov 6th, 2013

Refusing to make eye contact and abruptly leaving the room without explanation are the LEAST offensive actions of this ridiculous man. He insulted the diagnosis of my previous neurologist, spoke to me in a lecturing, condescending manner, ignored my questions, asked questions of me and immediately interrupted my answers. I have nothing good to say. I had two appointments with him - both were the same. There will be no third appointment. life is too short for the frustrating experience of time spent with Walter Carlini.

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Aug 11th, 2013

Hi is one of the most vigilant and thorough physicians I have ever had. I have a lot because I suffered a severe brain injury. Dr. Carlini has always been with me and still is taking me through a long recovery. He has made some tremendous decisions and always explained everything carefully, and I couldn't think at all for some time. Wonderful human being, don't know where I would be now had I not been treated by him. I will always recommend him.

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Research your Dr. before the visit show details Research your Dr. before the visit
Mar 18th, 2013

I did not like Walter Carlini. He was a very rude doctor, insinuating all care from previous physicians was "bogus." I moved here looking for a new Neurologist and he did not meet my needs whatsoever. Dr. Carlini did not make eye contact during appointment, he belittled me and did not answer one question I had for him. I'm still not even sure what happened in that office for them to say he "met the needs" of the patient. I absolutely would not recommend him to anyone nor would I recommend any Providence facilities to anyone. I have had nothing but problems with every facility I've gone too.

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Ignorance show details Ignorance
Jun 28th, 2011

Dr. Carlini has the most inappropriate bedside manner I have experienced in a physician. Working in the medical field myself I have experienced many. The man does not make eye contact or care to listen to symptoms or medical interventions that I had tried. He lectured me and at the end of the lecture as we are walking out the door he decides to do a nuero exam due to the fact he forgot while we were in the privacy of the office. I found his egotistical attidude more ignorant. I would not recommend him to anyone.

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Better Than Expected show details Better Than Expected
by RightAsRain on Jul 29th, 2009

Dr. Carlini saw me for a Spinal Tap to confirm a diagnosis of MS. He had a caring bedside manner during the procedure. When a Spinal Headache occured all phone calls to his office or pager were returned within 10 minutes. and when it was evident I had a Spinal Fluid Leak was he saw to it that I was seen by an anesthesiologist so it could be fixed. He even called me at my home on the weekend to see how I was doing.He is well respected in his field for MS research and my MS doctor at OHSU felt very comfortable having me be followed by Dr. Carlini. He was very helpful with questions and gave precise answers and if he didn't know the answer was able to tell me he didn't know. He was even ok with me asking about alternative complementary medicine regarding MS, and encouraging participation in those realms. I feel very comfortable with him as a practitioner and his thorough exam, and ongoing plan of care.

Aug 23rd, 2008 on

My wife who is now 5 months pregnant was referred to Dr. Carlini at Medford Neurological Clinic by Medford Women's Clinic in August, 2008. She has a rare, severe form of migraine that started to appear again once she became pregnant, and her OBGYN wanted

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