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The most wonder Doctor in the world show details The most wonder Doctor in the world
by John Cutler on Nov 18th, 2014

Dr. Fong and I go back 20 years. Through good luck, I found him in the "yellow pages" after I was told that I had to see a hematologist. From day one, through his retirement, Warren was a friend, a confidant and a wonderful doctor. He is the reason that I am alive after 20 years of being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Every step of the way, he has been my guiding light, whether it has been cancer related, general medical issues or life in general. The day that I found out that he had medical issues, and was not able to continue with his practice, I was devastated; not only for myself but for all his current patients but the potential patients that he will never help. Unfortunately I just found out that I have lung cancer and that it has spread and the first thought that I had is that I am sorry that Warren can't be guiding me through this, making sure the best practices are followed. This man is a wonderful human being and he cared about his patients, not only on a medical level, but on a personal level, so very much. Warren, we all wish you and your wonderful family, the best.

Gratitude and Prayers show details Gratitude and Prayers
by Constance Aguirre on Aug 14th, 2014

Michaels entire family is lost without but want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the special care you gave him. We don't know how you are but you are in our hearts and prayers forever. Their are only a few SPECIAL people in this world and YOU one for sure. Thankyou Dr. Fong. Connie Aguirre, Michaels Mother.

Devastated show details Devastated
by Warren F. (Fernandez) on Jan 31st, 2014

Dr. Fong treated me for recurrent blood clots. He was the only Dr. I saw for these clots that actually took the time to find out why I was getting so many clots. He found out but more than that Dr. Fong was the kindest & most professional Dr. I have EVER seen. In approx. Sept 2013 I received a letter that Dr. Fong was retiring because of health issues. I don't know what he was going through but Dr. Fong was too young to be retiring for any other reason than his health. I am shocked & so saddened to learn he had serious health concerns. To this day I have been trying to find out what was going on with Dr. Fong & I have failed. He was an incredible Dr., human being & kind,compassionate & the MOST caring Dr. I have seen. Dr. Fong took me in even though he did not accept my insurance...he was the Dr. on call at Hoag when I was admitted for a blood clot. When I followed up with him I went to his office & his secretary told me that Dr. Fong did not accept my insurance. Dr. Fong happened to overhear this & said he would still see me. He was sooo funny. He said to me "We Warrens have to stick together because there aren't too many of us (named Warren). After that he repeatedly showed his humanity to me every time I saw him. I saw him alot & he took such good care of me. I am at a loss because of his medical skills & most importantly because he was a Dr. that REALLY cared about me. God bless you Dr. Fong. Thank you for all you have done for me & for the relationship you cultivated with me. There will never be another Dr. like you. I cherish our stories that we shared about our lives & how both of us became to be known as 'Warren".

Love Dr. Fong show details Love Dr. Fong
by Barb Slater on Dec 5th, 2013

I've been with Dr. Fong since 1999 and have found him to be loving, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate. He has been with me thru tough times. When I moved to Northern Nevada I made sure to travel several times a year to see Dr. Fong. I am devastated that he is retiring - I will never find another doctor like him. God bless you Dr. Fong!

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by Cathy on Dec 4th, 2013

I just received a notice that Dr. Fong is retiring at the end of the year. I am so sad. I have been his patient for 20 years. He and his wonderful staff has been there for me through two melanomas and kidney cancer. (Terrifying for someone in their twenties and thirties with small children.) He was always so positive and made me feel there were choices full of hope. I have had so many surgeries and he was always the doctor who was first to visit. God bless you Dr. Fong. I am scared to go on without you, but am more confident that if cancer does get me in the end, it does not mean I need to suffer. God bless you with good health and a well deserved retirement. I love you!

Doctor is great but one nurse leave much to be desired show details Doctor is great but one nurse leave much to be desired
Oct 16th, 2013

A blond nurse whose name I don't know at oncologist office was extremely rude to me, a caregiver, our first day there to get 2nd opinion. No one told me what to bring by way of documents, so I paid hospital to give me patient's complete set of records going back to his first hospital stay in March when they failed to see he had a tumor already. I took them a CD with a zip file of all his records so they could find whatever they wanted. I gave it to them when we arrived. After sitting there for half an hour in waiting room, and another half hour in patient room, the doctor finally came in to see him. He eventually handed me back the CD, however, and told me it was unusable to them but didn't say why. He asked if I had any hard copies and I said yes. I pulled out 160 pages of documents. We found the March CT scan rather quickly but then I had to search page by page looking for any other pathology reports and the last CT scan, which was not easy to find. Then the doctor apparently ordered the nurse to call the hospital to get the records of the last CT scan and pathology report when I went to the rest room. She came in and asked was the scan in August or September as there had been come confusion because we've been dealing with this since January, and this is mid October. I said September. She left. But I decided to keep looking through my own paperwork in the meantime to see if I could find it faster. After about 30 minutes of looking, I finally found the most recent docs and went out to front office to give to them. The nurse there said in a snotty tone, "Oh, so you had these all the time?" I nodded yes and said nothing though I wanted to tell her off at that point. I returned to the office where my friend had now been put and in a while heard a male voice ask a question out in the other area. A female said real loud, "Well, they had the report all the time!" So we continued to wait to see the doctor. At one point I went out to front desk where this nurse was seated and she asked me what I wanted. I said that I had the name and contact information of the patient's cardiologist and thought they should have it and perhaps contact him to discuss the patient's condition prior to treating him in any way. She told me she wasn't going to take the info and for me to wait until after the doctor examined him and they would get it later. So I said, "ok". Soon the doctor came in and said to me, "Oh, I see you found the last CT scan." I said, "yes". We proceeded from there. The patient decided to go forward with the chemo and we left knowing he would start the next morning. No one ever asked me for the cardiologist's contact info and I forgot about it till I got home. So I called back and gave a different nurse the info with a request for the oncologist to talk to the cardiologist before we proceeded, which he did. This nurse asked me why I had not given them the info already and I told her I tried to give it to the blonde nurse and she refused to take it. I brought home the CD I had given to them and opened in my computer and it worked fine. So unless they had an Apple computer and couldn't read the PDF for some reason, then that nurse was just plain lazy and didn't want to scroll through the pages to find what the doctor wanted. She apparently was mad at me for making her contact the hospital for documents when I had some of my own, but I had to search and search to find the exact pages he wanted. In any event, I believe she was out of line to talk to me in any scolding way, particularly on our first visit. It sure left a sour taste in my mouth and if my patient and I had not been convinced that the doctor was the right person to treat him, I would have insisted we find another doctor after the treatment by the nurse. I don't think there is any excuse for her behavior. I once had a head nurse tell me it is their job to make OUR lives easier not more complicated and stressful. As for Dr. Fong, we like him and felt he really gave us good information and advice and he seems to love his work. He has a quirky sense of humor and it's kind of nice when you're dealing with life threatening issues. He is quite frank and very confident and we feel we made a good choice in spite of the mean nurse.

Grateful show details Grateful
Sep 1st, 2012

My mother saw 5 doctors at UCLA USC and my local hospital for hip pain. None of them could figure out why she was having the pain, The last doctor recommended that she she see Dr. Fong for her mild anemia. Dr. Fong insisted on doing a complete physical. He found my mother had a huge breast mass that she hid from all of us. She had breast cancer He scanned her and the pain was from cancer in her hip. That was 6 years ago. My mother is doing well and lives a full life. My family can never repay Dr. Fong.

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Very Strange physician show details Very Strange physician
Dec 1st, 2011

I found Dr. Fong to be a very quirky, arrogant, pompas physician. Very uncomfortable around him. No longer being treated by this loon!!!!

Sep 14th, 2011

I was surfing the net and saw this negative comment and I feel obligated to disagree with beware.I wanted to get pregnant and I was told no to because I have a rare blood disorder and it would be too risky. Dr. Fong told me somethings are worth risking and that he would help me through it. I did..Thank you Dr. Fong...and had a beutiful baby boy. Then the perinatologist wanted to do procedures on my baby and ship him off to CHOC without me. I cried and called Dr. Fong. He said it was a silly and uncessary thing to do. The pediatrician from CHOC visited me and my baby that night. She agreed with Dr. Fong and said the other doctors were just nervous because they didn't understand my condition. I'm sorry she had a bad experience, but Dr. Fong is the best and I have a baby boy to prove it

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If You're Pregnant, Beware show details If You're Pregnant, Beware
Jul 29th, 2011

I was treated by Dr. Fong during my twin pregnancy. During this time I was subjected to many painful procedures including being given IV iron, which I was allergic to, yet had to pay out of pocket for. While in his office the iron was administered via iv drip. I reacted instantly. Since he ordered and I paid for this expensive iron, he asked me to donate the unused portions. Of course, I did. He was a nice guy and liked him.He then insisted that I needed a blood transfusion and assured me it was necessary and that I would feel better. I asked him to talk to my perinatologist to confirm. I was in his office when he made the call. My perinatologist went ballistic and said absolutely not and that it was completely unnecessary. Dr. Fong told me the peri didn't know what he was talking about and assured me it was the right thing to do...for the babies. What was i supposed to do? I went. And laid in a bed for 8 hours and received a blood transfusion that I apparently didn't need. I still felt the same and my bloodwork continued to come back the same. Waste of my time.He also insisted that I have a VERY VERY VERY painful procedure where they test your bone marrow from your hip. I cringe when I think about how awful this was. Here I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins laying on a table in this man's office while he puts me through excruciating pain. I was screaming so loud and crying that the people in the waiting room must have been concerned. Later, someone told me this procedure is typically done while under anesthesia.This was again, another unnecessary procedure. My OBGYN and perinatologist urged me to stop seeing him. I did and everything was fine.However, I am now being billed for these procedures and this was all two years ago. These procedures plus all the bloodwork that he insisted be done in his office, which of course costs more.The office staff was nice enough and so was Dr. Fong. He exudes confidence and so I believed in him. I wouldn't do it again and I learned a valuable lesson.My advice to pregnant women, please seek care elsewhere.

Amazed show details Amazed
Mar 19th, 2011

I met Dr. Fong and I was truly amazed. I have gone to 5 different doctors for my problem and none of them seemed to grasp the issues at hand. Being at a University medical center for 35 years, I have encountered extraordinary physicians. However, Dr. Fong beats them all.He looked over 3 inches of information and gave the most clear and concise presentation I have ever had. I left the appointment knowing exactly what I had and the steps necessary to solve my problem. WOW! He was also the nicest doctor I have ever met. It was like talking to a family friend. I laughed at a doctor's office. Truly an amazing person and, I hope, a future life long friend.

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Best doctor ever! show details Best doctor ever!
Mar 14th, 2011

Very thorough and very compassionate.

Exceptional Doctor show details Exceptional Doctor
Mar 3rd, 2011

Dr. Fong is an exceptional doctor. Whenever I am having problems with a diagnosis I always come to see Dr. Fong (and I am out of State!). He is very compassionate and truly cares about his patients. He is definitely #1 in my book and many others. Thank you Dr. Fong!

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A terrific and compassion doctor show details A terrific and compassion doctor
Jan 5th, 2011

Dr. Fong is an exceptional doctor. I have been going to him for approximately 5 years. whenever I run into a health problem that I am having trouble getting diagnosed or resolved, Dr. Fong is always there to help me seek out the right doctor. Dr. Fong is #1 in my book.

Thankful daughter show details Thankful daughter
Sep 24th, 2010

My mother was a patient of Dr. Fong's for 5 years. She was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and Dr. Fong also dicovered a Stage IV bile duct cancer. He took wonderful care of my mother. In her 80 years of life, she always said that he was the best doctor she ever met. She trusted and loved him. She had 5 wonderful years of life. Even during chemotherapy, Dr. Fong made things so easy, so side effect free, and was so friendly, chemotherapy was almost like going to a friend's house for dinner as my mother used to say. She evential die of heart disease. Her cancer was 100% controlled. (My family feelsthat if Dr. Fong was a caardiologist she would be alive today.)Fot me, that 5 extra years allowed my 10 year old daughter to know and love my mother. If she died, like all the other doctors predicted in 6 months, she would not have even been a memory for my daughter, who was 5 at the time. Now she knows, and misses, my fun loving, joking, hallarious mother. Me too. Thank you Dr. Fong for everything!!!!

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Aug 20th, 2010

Dr.Fong found a huge mass of tumor (Hodgekins and Non-Hodgekins in me in 1995.He consulted with Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York for treatment. The treatment was not easy to go through, but it proved to be successful.I feel that Dr. Fong and his fine staff saved my life.

Jan 17th, 2010

Outstanding oncologist. Went to UCLA, USC, and City of Hope, he is still the best of the best. Very attentive and intelligent. Survival of patients is off the charts. Met several patients with Stage IV cancer that have been alive for years. Personally, I have Stage IV pancreatic cancer. I was diagnosed at the same tine as Patrick Swazy. I am still alive and in excellent health. All the money in the world would not get you the same care I receive at Dr. Fong's.

Forever Thankful show details Forever Thankful
Oct 18th, 2009

I came to Dr. Fong without any hope. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Gastric cancer. I saw doctors at UCLA and Scripps. I had no hope. I also had no money. My insurance ran out a week after I saw the experts. They wouldn't see me anymore because I could not pay, but assured me that Hospice was my only hope anyway.I went to the local free clinic, SOS. They said only one doctor reliably answers the call, Dr, Fong. He reviewed my scan, and told me the diagnosis of Stage IV disease was based on a lung metastasis. He wanted to biopsy it to make sure. Guess what, it was a benign lesion. I really had Stage III disease, which has a low but real cure rate. He treated me aggressively with a targeted agent and chemotherapy and collected a favor from one of his world famous surgical oncologist friends. The targeted agent and chemotherapy eradicated the cancer. At surgery, none was left. He gave me three more cycles, so it wouldn't come back. I am now 2 years out and alive and cancer free. He did this all for me for nothing. I was always made to feel like family and a VIP. I will always be thankful.

Pancreatic cancer patient show details Pancreatic cancer patient
Aug 22nd, 2009

Dr. Fong is a miracle. He saves lives! When I first went to him I was devastated. UCLA gave me 6 months OR LESS. City of Hope gave me NO HOPE. I was just diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Sitting next to me in Dr. Fong's waiting room was an elderly lady: 10 years Stage IV lung cancer; across a middle aged man: 7 years Stage IV bile duct cancer; a young man: 9 years Stage IV colon cancer; a young mother; 9 years Stage IV colon cancer. They reassured me that Dr. Fong kept them alive and in excellent health and high quality of life, with his "magic touch" and out of the box thinking. When I met him, he was the most informative, compassionate, and enjoyable person (doctor too) I have ever met.That was 5 years ago, 3 chemotherapy regimens later. Stage IV pancreatic cancer, alive, well, healthy, and having fun. All thanks to Dr. Fong. God bless you Dr. Fong from the MANY people you saved and their appreciative families!

Breast cancer show details Breast cancer
by karen b on Jul 27th, 2009

I don't know who wrote thoses ugly comments about Dr. Fong. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met. Treats me like family. Saved my life. Absolutely THE BEST!

Jul 4th, 2008 on

going to see a doctor for an illness can already be tramatic as it is so do yourself a big favor, do not go to dr. fong. from the moment that he stepped into the exam room and introduced himself, he was cold and belittling to say the least. definitely one

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Jun 19th, 2008 on

Horrible experience with this doctor. Very unprofessional and arrogant. Do yourself a foavor and keep searching for a better doctor. This one needs to get himself checked.

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