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 |  BEWARE  |  show details
Sep 27th, 2012

BEWARE!I am writing this warning about Dr. Kramer's deceptive business practices. Dr. Kramer may be a great surgeon, but there are many other qualified and excellent surgeons who are honest and forthright and transparent in their business practices.I will give details but first, let me say that I would probably have given Dr. Kramer a 4* if it were not for the dishonesty. My husband's rotator cuff surgery from a dirt biking accident turned out well (5*), but the WAIT time is always OVER an hour even though you have an appointment, and then when the Dr. comes in he does not want to be bothered with the details. His is a tad like a used car salesman (the word "slick" comes to mind). He spent a decent amount of time with us on our one appointment prior to surgery then after the surgery, it was SUPER quick. Also, he seems to really like the ladies paying way more attention to the wife or mother than the patient himself if it is a male.Anyhow, we booked the surgery and gave all our insurance information. We were told we were approved and my husband was scheduled for his surgery. We were told the surgery was done at a nearby surgery center. No ifs ands or buts. We are approved for surgery. Here is your date. Here is where it is being done. On the day of the surgery, we signed the typical forms and also met with a side vendor (we didn't know this was a part of it, but they were just there waiting for us... we spent 10-15 minutes with them) about an ice and compression machine and signed a bunch of papers related to that. We never met with anyone from the surgery center except to briefly sign the forms. The Newport Center Surgery place now claims that at this time we were informed that the surgery center was NOT IN NETWORK. This is not the case. We were NEVER informed that the facility was not in network. If we had been, we would have noticed that because this means it will not go toward deductible or annual out of pocket maximum (I am in the insurance industry... In would have noticed).Weeks after the surgery as we took our kids to the Dr. etc., we were not understanding why we were still having to pay medical costs... we should met our deductible AND annual max by now. We FINALLY figured out that it is because the surgery center amount we paid was not being credited toward anything... it was just going into the black hole of "out of network".I can even see if this was a surprise that they were out of network for us, but they take NO INSURANCE! They are out of network for EVERY insurance. So they know this EVERY SINGLE TIME with every single surgery. The Doctor's office never notified us and neither did the surgery center, even though they knew. Of course they have one of the zillions of forms we signed that says they are not in network, so there is nothing we can do legally... all we can do it warn you.IMPORTANT additional information: DR. KRAMER IS ONE OF THE OWNERS OF THE SURGERY CENTER! So it seems obvious that his deception is not accidental but purposeful to line his pockets with more money.We explained the problem to the surgery center and the Dr.'s office and they said "You know. You signed the paper". Period. It seems obvious this is the script they are used to delivering.This is so sad because we really wanted to trust them and now we are out not just our $7000 deductible and additional $2000 we have to pay in coinsurance (our 20% after deductible is met), but the WHOLE additional amount for the surgery center on top of it. So disappointed and disillusioned.

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 |  Best doctor ever!  |  show details
May 9th, 2012

I've had tons of injuries from sports and I've never had a doctor as awesome as Warren. He's down to earth, easy to talk to, and always has me feeling 110% again!

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Best Doctor Ever!  |  show details
by Freeman43 at Citysearch on May 9th, 2012 on

About 10 years ago I broke my arm while skateboarding at a friends house. The break was pretty bad and when I went to the emergency room I was told that the only person that could fix it was out of town that night. They called the doctor Warren and he arrived right away. While he set my arm back in place we talked about sports and when he found out I liked skateboarding he told me about some of the pros he`s worked with. When I went back for a checkup, Warren gave me a free pair of shoes and a poster signed by one of my favorite professional skateboarders.I`ve had tons of injuries from sports and I`ve never had a doctor as awesome as Warren. He`s down to earth, easy to talk to, and always has me feeling 110 again!P.S. I was shocked to see that Warren has anything less than 5 stars since I also have friends and family who`ve had nothing but good experiences with him.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  The Best There Is  |  show details
by isyen at Citysearch on Sep 20th, 2011 on

Ironically the 5 star ratings says \"run, don`t walk\" but I actually had a problem running and that`s way I went to Dr. Kramer. Now I`m on way to running again!Dr. Warren Kramer is the best there is. Period. I work for a very well-known global sports company. We have over 300 champion athletes on our team and Dr. Kramer is on our speed-dial. I tore my ACL 15 years ago and was recommended by my ortho at the time to skip surgery and rehab hard since technology just wasn`t there for knee surgeries. I`m glad I listened. 15 years later, I threw out my knee again on the job snowboarding and by then I was working for a major sports company. Several of my coworkers recommended Dr. Kramer to me.His waiting room is always busy. Do expect a wait but that`s because once you get in, he makes you feel like you`re his only patient. Dr. Kramer spends time actually listening to your concerns and addressing all your questions. He never rushes you. He provides excellent individual attention and he`s great at what he does. That all equals sometimes long wait times. But it is completely worth the wait. He did an ACL reconstruction and menisciptomy on my left knee. Three months later, he did an ACL reconstruction on my right knee. One week out of surgery, I was walking without crutches. Two months after the first surgery, I was already up on the elliptical machine. He cleared me to run at 4 months but I had to get my other knee surgery. I never felt in pain. I never felt that anything went wrong with the surgery and I honestly feel that I`ll be back to my former athletic self in half a year!Dr. Kramer and his very friendly office did their best to accommodate me at all times. He`s very personable and knowledgeable. I felt like I was in the best hands for my knees and I`m on my way to getting back on the slopes again soon!Dr. Kramer is also the official orthopedic surgeon of the Association of Surfing Professionals. I figured if surf champions trust him with their bodies, why should I I`m glad I did and I`m extremely happy and confident in my recovery.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
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Aug 25th, 2011

Excellent doctor, often running a little late but more than makes up for it when you get to see him. Gives clear explanations and quick to offer solutions. Has a great physician assistant (Carolyn) who offer early morning follow-up appointnments - very convenient

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
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Aug 24th, 2011

I've been a patient with Dr Kramer for 18 yrs. His expertise in joint repair is remarkable. He has repaired both my shoulders due to sport injuries and will soon repair a torn meniscus on my knee. I would never let anyone else touch me except him. He is personable and caring. A

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Outstanding physician  |  show details
Feb 2nd, 2011

Dr. Kramer is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in Orange County. The complainers on this site most likely have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to medicine and surgery. He did an excellent job on my surgery and I will go to him again if I have any problems in the future.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Excellent Orthopedic Surgeon  |  show details
by HuntingtonBeach at Citysearch on Feb 2nd, 2011 on

Dr. Warren Kramer III is an excellent physician. He did an outstanding job on repairing my ACL seven years ago and he also really helped me out with getting the right physical therapy for my shoulder. I had a SLAP tear on my right shoulder, but he told me that if I did the correct rehab with a good physical therapist that I wouldn`t need surgery and could get back to full strength and motion without going under the knife. He was right. He always does his best to do what is in the best interest of his patients, including avoiding surgery whenever possible. He`s not a magician so he cannot \"cure\" or \"fix\" everything that has ever gone wrong with you body, but he is a great doctor and I highly recommend him and all of the physicians and staff in his office. The complaints on here look completely bogus to me. If anything, some people might not like how long the wait can be to see him. However, if you`re good like he is, then you are going to have a lot of patients that want to get in to see you.

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 |  STAY AWAY & BEWARE! more like a slimy car salesman....  |  show details
Jan 2nd, 2011

just like the majority of reviews, Warren Kramer is a total sell-out and fraud of a doctor. Just by looking at him, it is very hard to believe this man in what he is diagnosing let alone allow someone of such a low caliber of morals and ethics to operate on your body! I felt like I was being evaluated and seen by a car salesman that was trying to "sell me something" rather than a professional doctor who had my health and well being in their interest. Its a shame that doctors like these are allowed to practice medicine and make a living off of scamming people out of their money and convincing them to have unnecessary surgery by instilling fear in them. This man should be a politician, not a physician. A complete sleezeball, SELL OUT! I am disgusted!

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Awesome Doctor  |  show details
by ChristyL at Citysearch on Nov 22nd, 2010 on

I have read through these reviews and have found little truth behind these complaints of Dr. Kramer. I have been a patient of Dr. Kramer`s for many years now and have found him to be not only a very good doctor but a generous person. I have sent many of my close friends and family to Dr. Kramer and they have had only positive experiences. If you want a doctor who cares about you and will do his very best to get you back to you sport, then Dr. Kramer is the guy to see. Yes there will be a long wait....he`s worth it!

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  avoid this doctor  |  show details
Sep 30th, 2010

Dr. Kramer is very good at marketing himself and signing you up for surgery. He is only interested in $, not your well being. He will do surgery on you wether it is required or not. I was told I did not need surgery by other orthopedic surgeon. I also spoke with other patients who did not do well after their surgery either. Avoid this surgeon, and seek other surgeons!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Only interested in MONEY !  |  show details
by Jolla on May 10th, 2010 on

I went to Dr. Kramer with a strong recommendation from my Chiropractor. Had MRI and Cat Scan already done which showed 6 injuries in the shoulder, including a full rotator cuff tear. In a lot of pain - had to wait 6 weeks for surgery, after waiting a week to just get in to see him to look at the MRI. I called the Surgery Center to get the time of my surgery 2 days prior to the date, as I had not heard anything. I was told it was at 730am. That afternoon, with only 36 hours to go til surgery, I received a call from Dr. Kramer`s office to inform me that my surgery was CANCELLED because my insurance Anthem BC was only going to pay a certain amount and it was not enough. I asked them how they could do this to someone at this late date and they replied. " Well you don`t expect him to do it for free, do you" I was also told that if I wanted to PAY CASH at the tune of 8-10 thousand dollars they would go ahead with the surgery. Otherwise they would call me with a date at HOAG. Kramer`s office knew six weeks prior what my insurance was, as they had the nerve to bill 700.00 for an office visit !!!!!!! SO, one can only assume they expected me to be desperate enough to pay cash or they had a cash patient waiting in the wings. LUCKILY I had gotten a second opinion and had my surgery successfully done within one week ! Go see Dr. Thomas in Mission Viejo......

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 |  Do not go to Warren G. Kramer III  |  show details
by john souza on Dec 12th, 2009 on

Had shoulder surgery done in august of 2005, had pain afterwards, went back to him, made me wait in the waiting room for 2 hours. did another mri for no reason, never saw me again avoided me at all costs, i want to file a lawsuit against him.

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 |  Avoid These Doctors  |  show details
by Case Management Nurse on Nov 21st, 2009 on

Frequent and high risk level of patient complaints promote cause for physician removal from clinical panel of physician specialists.

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 |  Not at all satisfied!!  |  show details
by klctrgrl1 on Jul 2nd, 2009 on

Very disappointed had shoulder surgery 1.40 min`s to "fix" several things. Told me he fixed them. Ops. notes don`t match what he told me. Had second opinion and another MRI a year later. Still in a lot of pain. Have to go to another surgeon to fix what Kramer was supposed to fix. I would NOT recommend him.

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 |  Stay away!!!  |  show details
by patientoc on Nov 7th, 2008 on

Don`t bother with the Karamers in that office. I have a lower back pain, went to check. They couldn`t find anything wrong, asked me to do a test. The test result was fine, so they didn`t know what to do. I asked for any other doctors they would recommend if they couldn`t fix it, and they told me that they would not recommend anyone because the test result was fine.I couldn`t believe someone would say that. if a patient feels something wrong, then there must be something wrong regardless any test!!! And I called to ask to talk to him in person, and they didn`t even bother.Stay away from the doctors who ONLY know what the text books tell them to do and don`t even care about patients!!!

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 |  Warren is the best!  |  show details
by Equestiangirl on Sep 5th, 2008 on

Dr. Warren Kramer is exceptional. He did a remarkable job diagnosing the true problem with my knee which my previous Ortho Surgeon completely missed. My scar is hardly visible because he is so talented and cautious about those important details. I have meet numerous people who have been patients of Dr. Warren and they have nothing but rave reviews. I have never waited more than 20 minutes which is not bad for a busy practice like his. He has the latest in technology and the expertise to go with it. He`s the guy to go to.

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 |  Exactly Who You Want  |  show details
by gayebirtcher on Jul 22nd, 2008 on

Well worth the wait! He spent every minute of time that I needed and explained my disease in a way that I completely understand. He came highly recommended and referred me to a real guru in treating AVN. Not an ounce of ego or pride got in his way of being helpful and direct. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I may not surf but plan to dance gracefully into my old age. Thank you Dr. Kramer!!!

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 |  The Doctor from Hell  |  show details
by BigwaveRider on Mar 6th, 2008 on

This is the Doctor who left me stranded in the surgery center for 6 hrs. What a looserDr. Doonan is awsome he is just a regular DR. Krammer is the one you dont want!!!!!

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