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Sep 4th, 2014

This doctor is the most unprofessional medical professional I have ever known. It took the staff 4 months to get all my test lined up. Then when I wanted to get my results I had call up there every other day for 2 months to get them to return my phone calls. I was then diagnosed with a serious life long condition from the assistant on the phone the day before my appointment to get the official diagnoses, which freeked me out and serious results like that should be done by the doctor. Then the next day at the appointment my husband and myself were perfectly nice and asked him some questions about my condition and from the very first question he said,"I don't know, I am not GOD" in a loud demeaning voice. By the third question he got up and said to me I need a need doctor. I went to talk to him and he fussed at me in front of 30 doctors and medical staff and I cried it was so embarrassing. I was so shocked a doctor could act like that. I had put up with him and his staff putting me off and not doing their job and now they are dragging their feet while I am trying to get my records to give to my new doctor. If I new how this doctor would be I would of never gone to see him. I would not recommend anyone go to see him.

do not go to doc hwang show details do not go to doc hwang
by jane on Apr 20th, 2014

The staff is rude, incompetent, arrogant, have no respect of hipa regulations, cannot read a drug test, cannot identify classes of drugs they test for. The communication between office and patient and doctor has an obvious breakdown. He ran multiple unnecessary tests. He fired me as a patient and lied about it. He doesnt Listen. He is arrogant. He has no compassion. He referred me to rheumitologist that didnt take my insurance. His staff said they did. He fired me for not going to tha doctor! Said I tested pos for drugs....they misread results! Getting my records took 2 months cost $25 took 2 120mi trips. They have no integrity. It took 1 month to get refill of meds. DONT GO TO WILLIAM HWANG! GO BEAT YOUR HEAD AGAINST A WALL! IT WILL FEEL BETTER THAN THE RUNAROUND YOU WILL SUFFER IF YOU GO THERE.

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Most horrible doctor in Dallas show details Most horrible doctor in Dallas
Jan 2nd, 2014

My husband was referred to Dr. Hwang after an experience with syncope. I could not go with him on the first visit, but my husband kept texting me about his long wait. Several tests were conducted and we received a mysterious call from their offices regarding my husband had to come back immediately, Thinking something was horribly wrong, such as a brain tumor, we booked a noon appointment for the next day. We arrived at 11:45 and did not get in to see the doctor until 4:45. (There were other people in he waiting room that had been waiting longer than us!) When we got into the exam room, I asked the nurse why the wait was so long, The doctor rushed into the room and started screaming at us to leave his office, simply because we inquired about the long wait. We asked what the "emergency" to see him was and he said my husband needed to take folic acid. Really? That was the urgency to come back? We went back to the reception area, and I called my mother-in-law to tell her about the folic acid "emergency" when I saw two Methodist Hospital police officers approaching me. They said the doctor never wanted us back into his office, at which time I said, "That's going to be a real problem!" My husband and I are both paramedics and have many transports in/out of Charlton Methodist Hospital. We left stunned over the incident. About 2 weeks later I was transporting a patient in the building. One of the officers recognized me and came over to apologize for Dr. Hwang. The officer said they are called up to that office several times a week; whenever Dr. Hwang gets mad at a patient, usually from inquiring why the wait time is 4 hours. In retrospect, it would not surprise me if this doctor has anger management problems due to drug abuse. Nothing else makes sense as to why a doctor would actively chase patients off. Stay away from this horrible man!

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Bad patient consideration show details Bad patient consideration
by Carole A. Wilson on Jul 22nd, 2013

My total time in the office was terrible. At one point I went out to the desk to ask if I had been forgotten. I told him I was there to get a second opinion on my problems. His diagnosis was pretty accurate, however, he ordered (not suggested but ordered) tests for me in every direction. So many other doctors offices called me to set up times he had ordered, that I can't help but wonder if he gets a kick-back on those. His office called me twice to see why I had not scheduled some of those & that I could only tackle one problem at a time, the most urgent. I told them my reasons & that I had seclected a surgeon other than the one he referred me to & even told them why. Later I received a letter termininating our "relationship" because I had not followed his advice. A close friend told me he had been very rude on her last visit and then had termininated her as well. I guess we are supposed to be idiots with no ability to determine our own best care.

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by LINDA MIDDLETON on Jun 12th, 2013


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NOT recommended!! show details NOT recommended!!
Nov 24th, 2012

Hwang has ZERO bedside manner, unfriendly incompetant disgruntled staff, very little patient communication. If you need to talk to the doctor or ask a question his surly staff takes a message and may forward it to Hwang and you might get a call back days or weeks later, but probably not. Hwang sends you for expensive tests then doesn't spend but a minute looking at the results. He's short tempered an just unfriendly. When I needed to reschedule he freaked out and when I needed addition medication to get me to the rescheduled treatment he screamed I could just go to emergency.

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Nov 5th, 2012

Years ago this Doctor was a good, caring, person. The staff is so unprofessional. He seems like he isn't listening to you. The lab results are not discussed right away. He use to have a lot of patients in his office and now he doesn't. There is something wrong this dr. What everyone else says its true.

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Worse Dr We Ever Met show details Worse Dr We Ever Met
May 26th, 2012

Definitely would not recommend this physician to anyone. I (wife) went to this doctor 13 years ago and after my husband's appt on 5/23/12, clearly this is not the same doctor I met 13 yrs ago. We got our appt. very quickly, the staff was very courteous, the office was pleasant. The medical assistant took us back and we explained our problem and then waited for the doctor. I remember Dr Hwang being a straight forward person and seemed pleasant 13 yrs ago. However, this day, he introduced himself and asked questions, we answered, very standard stuff. Then he started his examination with my husband, the reason he was there was pain in his arms and wrist, the doctor asked a question and my husband was answering it and the dr stated he was performing his examination but my husband said he was just answering the question he asked, then the dr was lifting my husband's arms and pressing on his wrists, not explaining at all what he was doing or looking for, which was causing a great deal of pain and my husband was telling the dr that he was hurting him, when the dr suddeningly rolled back from him on the stool and told him he could see another dr. When my husband was explaining that he was causing him much pain, the dr said TO GET OUT OF HIS OFFICE and he walked out. I told my husband to get down from the table and come sit by me, thinking surely the doctor would come back in and continue. When the dr came back to the doorway he told us again to LEAVE THE OFFICE OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE and escorted us down the hallway stating he would call the police if we didn't leave and we were definitely leaving. Since reading reviews, this isn't the first time this has happened to someone. I will be reporting him to the Texas Medical Phys Licensing Board and to Medicare.

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Apr 25th, 2012

I was pleased with every aspect of my appointment. The wait time was short, he was very thorough in his medical evaluation, he seemed very knowledgeable, and was spot-on with his suspicions regarding my eventual diagnosis. My ONLY complaint is that I didn't get the results of my blood tests for one full month (they were ready after 24-48 hours). I had to call and politely beg and badger his staff twice a week in order to get him to review my results and for them to be released to me. That is absolutely unacceptable.

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Good technical doctor - bad attitude toward patients show details Good technical doctor - bad attitude toward patients
Apr 9th, 2012

While Dr. Hwang may be very good at what he does in a technical sense, he and his staff need a LOT of training in relating to patients with compassion and respect. Dr. Hwang sent referrals all over the place for me to go, but never once explained why or what I should expect. When I asked for him to call me and calm my fears, the receptionist told me I had to leave my questions with her and she would relay the answers. When he referred me for a sleep study, and I asked where it was to be done, the receptionist did not know and did not care to find out for me so I didn't get it done. I feel like a piece of meat, not a person, when dealing with Dr. Hwang and his staff. I still have a ton of questions about my case and treatment but do not believe I will ever get satisfactory answers.

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Oct 29th, 2011

Terrible bedside manner. Bad temper.

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Inconveniance show details Inconveniance
Mar 26th, 2010

On March 19th I received a phone call from one of the recetionists at this office. I asked two specific questions before making the appointment. "Do you take Humana Medicare, and does Dr. Hwang do power chair evaluations?" Her response was yes to both questions. My response, "Great, since Dr. Hwang takes Humana Medicare and does power chair evaluations, I would like to make an appt for my grandmother." My grandmother is in a wheel chair bc her legs are extremely swollen due to her diabetes and weight. Dr. Hwang met with her, and after discussing her symptoms to him, he then tells her he does not do power chair evaluations. I told him that our entire purpose for the appt was to have a power chair evaluation and along with that some info on her leg condition. I was polite when I asked for my grandmother's money back, since we made an appt for something he no longer does and could not do. He told me that he would give me the money back and remove her from his files, but when I said okay, thank you, he became upset and started to tell us he would like us to leave his office. I guess he was upset that I wasn't upset about being removed from his files. I was trying to move her wheel chair and my two kids as fast as I could, and he then insisted to come out to the waiting room to explain to her that he was removing her from his files and he wanted nothing to do with either one of us and we should leave now. We were trying to leave, but I guess he wanted to make it extra clear we were not welcome there. He also stated that he was just doing his job, and he did, my problem was that his receptionist did not do hers. If she had told me from our initial conversation, before setting the appt, that Dr. Hwang no longer did power chair evaluations, I would not have wasted this office's time, my grandmother's swollen legs, or my own time. Be sure to ask specific questions twice and perhaps three times for this office. On a good note, his nurses were very nice, helpful, and professional, as for Dr. Hwang, he was not and one of the few most unprofessional doctor's I have ever encountered.

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Dr. William Hwang show details Dr. William Hwang
Nov 6th, 2008

Don't use Dr. Hwang unless you have 3 hours to wait in his waiting (appropriately titled) room or want to have the police called when you complain about the excessively long wait.

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Great Neurologist show details Great Neurologist
by mawmawperson on Sep 24th, 2007 on

My husband is a patient of Dr. Hwang, our primary care physician sent us to see him because of some problems he was having. Dr. Hwang heard and answered our concerns and was extremely helpful to us. Today my husband is doing much better, I would recommend anyone to him or his clinic.

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