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Jan 13th, 2015

Dr. Lestini changed my life! It was an excellent experience from start to finish and I have recommended him many times. He was there for me before and after my double neck fusion and is the most caring surgeon I have ever dealt with. I was able to return to my life and sports activities thanks to Dr. Lestini and his team.

Blessings show details Blessings
by Gayle Gray on Oct 7th, 2013

Part of my daily ritual is to ask myself, “What am I really grateful for in my life?” More often than not, the answer includes Dr. William Lestini. Since a car accident in 2011, I hadn’t been able to do much walking without increasing back pain. I had been through neurological tests, physical therapy, pain management procedures, massage and chiropractic therapy; as well as acupuncture, without any permanent relief. Just one year ago the pain became so severe I could no longer work. I was referred to an Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon. After my first Surgical Consultation surgery appeared imminent. I was desperate for relief but hesitant about surgery. You hear such horror stories. Since we were in the area that day, I asked my daughter if she might drive me to my Chiropractor’s office. Dr. Dicie Nathani’s compassionate care had offered great relief without additional medication. I had no appointment but I just felt the need for reassurance. As I was explaining my presence to her office manager, Dr. Nathanie stepped out of her office and asked to see my MRIs. I explained my reluctance to surgery and she instantly replied, “Before you commit to any Surgeon, you need to see this Doctor. I have worked with many of his patients and they can’t say enough wonderful things about him.” The name she wrote down on the back of her business card was Dr. William Lestini. I had already scheduled a second opinion with another Surgeon but immediately contacted Dr. Lestini’s Office, as well, for an appointment. While I had to wait until late October for my appointment, it was well worth the wait. Talk about Divine Intervention! I am blessed to have had many such moments during my lifetime, but this one rates right up there near the top. From our first consultation, I knew he was the one. Using x-rays and a skeletal model, he explained thoroughly all the damage that existed and the surgical corrections that could be done. While his recommendation meant a more extensive surgery, he explained it would eliminate probable additional surgery in the future. He never criticized the other doctors’ recommendations but only addressed the reasoning supporting his own. He coaxed both my daughter and me to continue to voice our questions and concerns until we were completely satisfied. Even though I was his last appointment after a day of surgery, he couldn’t have been more patient, informative and comforting. We scheduled my surgery for his first available opening. Of course, the day of surgery, I was a little bit anxious. My daughter and I were chatting and joking to reduce the anxiety when Dr. Lestini came in to offer his reassurance and humbly ask if we would pray with him! What a comfort to seek guidance from the highest power. I felt humbled and doubly blessed. The day after surgery, I was up and walking, free of the pain I had lived with for so long. Of course, I had surgical pain but that was to be expected and managed with medication. During my post-surgical care, Dr. Lestini and his staff were as attentive as always. They worked me into that day’s schedule on the rare occasion that I experienced a sudden attack of “different” pain. After x-rays confirmed everything was as it should be, Dr. Lestini would explain, again, how tissue and nerves were coming back to life and I would experience differences as I continued healing. I had my surgery on November 28,2012 and have been free of pain medication since February 2013. I just completed my nine month checkup and everything is in place and healing as it should be! I continue my therapeutic walking every day, weather permitting, and have had additional success with the aquatic therapy Dr. Lestini recently ordered. It has greatly improved my core strength and eliminated stress on a bad knee. I can’t say enough about the excellent care I received from everyone at Triangle Spine and Back Care. From the moment I walked into the office, I was welcomed with a smile and assured my wait would not be long. It never was. Insurance can often be a nightmare but Michelle made everything come together seamlessly. Amanda couldn’t have been more supportive and made certain that all my medical information was kept current and I was well prepared for surgery and aftercare. From reception to radiology, it was evident everyone worked together as a team. Every individual was extraordinarily helpful, courteous, friendly and professional. I’ve tried to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Lestini many times during my visits but he simply responds, “Don’t thank me, thank him,” pointing heavenward. “He is the healer, I am only the instrument.” I do thank God every day for his healing, Dr. Lestini, and his Staff!

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dissapointed patient show details dissapointed patient
Sep 12th, 2013

My experience with Dr. William Lestini was mixed. I was referred to him a couple years ago for my back pain. At first, he came across very professional and knowledgeable. He recommended surgery and I have to say, I did not doubt his recommendation and went forward with the surgery. All my preoperative appointments and interactions with him were all positive and he was very kind. My problems started post operative with Dr. Lestini. I was having a hard time with pain the first day of surgery and told him and I had mentioned how I can handle my pain and whatever I was on just was not working, he then told me I do not have a good pain tolerance. My husband was with me and he also heard him say that. Not a professional response for a surgeon at all and not what a patient wants to hear when they are in pain. Being in the medical field, I asked if he could stop my pain pump and we could try oral pills instead. That was started the next day. When Dr. Lestini checked my surgical site and dressing, he was very rough. He did not explain things or take time in removing it. I actually spoke to one of the nurses about this. It has been a year since my surgery now, and I could continue to write negative experiences I have had with him. He has certainly lacked professionalism in my postoperative visits and I have been shocked by comments . I have had my pain questioned, told that basically he wasn't sure the proper safe dosage to give me on a medicine I requested to take before I had a test done that he was ordering. He then told me that I was one of only a few people that had problems doing this test etc. Again, a comment like that is not needed. I believe in "tough love" , but this was just rudeness. I wanted to give myself time before I wrote this review to see if my feelings have changed but for other patients out there I feel I needed to go ahead and do this. I have seen so many doctors with my condition and thank goodness this is the only negative experience. I pray he will have more kindness and patience with any more future clients.

Another Dr told me he would not "touch it" show details Another Dr told me he would not "touch it"
by Debbie on Sep 12th, 2013

Thank you Dr Lestini for allowing God to use you to help others! I had neck fusion surgery with another Dr and he told me that he would not operate on my lower back - that I would have to find someone else. By the time I saw Dr. Lestini, my pain was 10 . I had tried everything short of surgery. I was only 50 years of age and walking had become a challenge. As I would talk with others, I continued to hear Dr. Lestini's name. In fact, a physical therapist told a friend of mine that they send all of their patients who have been "messed up" by other surgeons to Dr. Lestini. I was very impressed that Dr Lestini called me himself the night before surgery. This really helped to ease my mind. He also asked if he could pray with us before surgery. I had surgery a year ago and I cannot believe how fantastic I now feel. I am back to walking several miles a day, traveling, working and living life again. Although it took a couple of months to get on his surgery schedule, it was worth the wait. I feel so good!!

Took the time to explain my condition and answer questions show details Took the time to explain my condition and answer questions
by Casey on Aug 13th, 2013

He gave thorough explanations of my condition and answered our questions. He called me personally to answer questions about my procedure. I liked that his faith is demonstrated in the office decor and he gives glory to the Lord through his medical practice.

Retired Sheriff show details Retired Sheriff
Nov 14th, 2012

I was very impress with Dr. Listini.He was very friendly and reall help my problem.

Was discarded for an interview/consultation because they didn't take my insurance told me to wait till I had an insurance they took show details Was discarded for an interview/consultation because they didn't take my insurance told me to wait till I had an insurance they took
Mar 28th, 2012

I was calling to see about an initial interview and case reveiw with Dr. Lestini. I didn't even get my name or problem out. The receptionist ask me who my insurance was with. I responded a bit puzzled. She told me they didn't accept that. I told her that my company was changing over to cigna soon. She told me to wait till then. Silence...I said that is funny, I have good insurance that will cover the bill even if I submit it myself. She didn't answer. Then I told her that I already had an appointment with a different Neuro Surgeon, Dr. Robin Keoleveld. They never ask about my insurance. Dr. Keoloveld's assistant only ask for my MRI report that I faxed over, and she scheduled the appointment soon BASED ON MY MEDICAL CASE - I was a patient to them. I also told her I did not like being treated as a bill. She started explaining about insurance. I hung up. They never got any of MY information. How Sad. I was only a bill to them.

Excellent surgeon show details Excellent surgeon
Jan 30th, 2012

After exhausting all other remedies, Dr. Lestini performed spinal fusion and stabilization on me in 2008. I recovered quickly and have been pain-free since.

I Wish I Had Seen Him First show details I Wish I Had Seen Him First
Jan 27th, 2012

Dr. Lestini had been recommended to me by 3 or 4 people. I had my first back surgery a year before I saw Dr. Lestini. I had more pain after the surgery than I did before. Finally someone in my Sunday School class recommended Dr. Lestini. They told me he is a Christian and prays with his patients too. I called for an appointment. Dr. Lestini ordered tests that had not been done before. He found nerve damage which he didn't feel surgery would help. I was devastated, I had lost all hope. He recommended for me to do a trial for a Neuro Stimulator Implant. It works! I had the Boston Scientific Stimulator implanted in May 2011. I only hoped for some pain reduction but I have gotten far more. I immediately had a reduction of pain betweent 80 & 90%. Now I think it is actually healing the nerve damage.I am able to do everything I was doing before. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lestini and his staff.

One of a kind show details One of a kind
Jan 22nd, 2012

Dr. Lestini is one of a kind doctor. He tended to my pain and listened to me when others had not. I would recommend him to anyone interested in spinal surgeries.

Jan 13th, 2012

When I first saw Dr.Lesini I was in severe pain,I could barely walk or stand. Dr. Lestini diagnosed and being the skilled surgeon he is, fixed my back problem. That was five years ago, and today I have no back problems. I am very thankful to Dr. Lestini.

Jan 5th, 2012

My experience with Dr. Lestini and everyone in his office was outstanding. I am in my 70's and have been in any number of physicians' offices over the years, and have seen several physicians.From my very first visit, where the receptionist (at the time, it was a woman who was a senior citizen, herself), to the x-ray technician, I knew I was at the right place. Dr. Lestini seemed fully present to me as I told him about my back problems. He listened and responded. He told me my options. Because of my age and previous back surgery (by another surgeon) he recommended what was best for me.His visit in the pre-op room, his reassurance, his visits to my hospital room (I can still see him sitting in a chair near my bed, sipping coffee, and just being with mejust as a relative or friend would do.) were just what I needed in a medical professional. In the post op visit, he stressed the importance of physical therapy. I followed his advice, and strictly followed it. Today, I am fine.When I observe others in pain while walking, I think, Why? Often times I tell them about the relief I received from what Dr. Lestini did for me. I can stand for 5 hours at work without a break, can walk 4 miles, take water aerobics and can move at the same rate of those younger than I, can bend over and touch my toes, etc. I could do none of these activities prior to my surgery. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Lestini.

Edward show details Edward
Jan 5th, 2012

I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery that Dr.Lestini performed just four months ago.I am 71 years old and had a lower back problem the last 30 years.I have been to pain clinics for injections that lasted 3 months at the most.I had decompression for several months costing me thousands of my dollors with no releif.I was deathley afraid of surgery when I was told how good Dr.Lestini was at it.Upon my first visit he recommended a myelagram to determin the severity of my problem.The result showed me and the Dr.what he had to do.Fuse 3 4 5 & S1.I am almost pain free now & better every day.I can only only praise Dr.Lestini for giving me my life back,he is a gifted doctor.

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This office has a no-care attitude period show details This office has a no-care attitude period
by Ricos on Sep 2nd, 2008

These people will not give you any pain meds that will help your back.I have several herniated discs.I was given hydrocortisone shots and darvacet.I had already gone thru physical therapy and had mri's,not to mention the very painful discagram.They would not give me any pain meds to help me,but then told me i coulg go to a pain clinic,upon deciding to go to a pain clinic they gave me a referal for a clinic ...the same clinic they sent me to,for hydro shots. The clinic told me they wouldn't give me any pain meds either.Take it from someone who has experience here and avoid,because they could care less about your suffering.I thought since i had insurance i would be treated with the proper care,not true here.I never got to see the actual doctor just his P.A. Beth Turner..LIES LIES AND MORE LIES...This outfit should be banned from practice altogether,nothing but trouble.