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narcissistic charlatan show details narcissistic charlatan
Mar 14th, 2015

The fact that Rader's California medical license was revoked in 2014 has not dampened his offshore stem cell marketing business --- he continues to operate Stem Cell of America, using a website loaded with video testimonials praising "Dr. Rader". What is not divulged is how these various figures have been compensated, with discounts and repeat "free" follow-up treatments., referral bonuses, etc. For years, it has been operated as a kind of pyramid scheme for the desperate and unwary, with Rader (at best) capitalizing on the placebo effect and the wishful thinking of his patients, and (at worst) on the co-conspiratorial greed of a select group of so-called "true believers." Avoid this scam.

Dr. Rader Changed My Daughter's Life show details Dr. Rader Changed My Daughter's Life
by Eileen Phoenix on Mar 14th, 2015

Dr. Rader changed my daughter's life. We will be grateful to him forever.

Feb 20th, 2015

William Rader had his medical license revoked by the California Medical Board for committing fraud on a multitude of counts.

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Published Author show details Published Author
by Clifford S. Coull on Apr 18th, 2014

I don’t know Dr. William Rader but I have been following Medra for years. I have spastic paralysis on my left side (arm & leg) which resulted from a blow to the back of my neck at a hospital ER visit. It resulted in lesions forming on my brain stem. I am interested in what stem cell therapy can do for me. I made contact with Medra to inquire about the possibilities of stem cell treatments for my condition. I was first contacted by Mr. Ken Venisnik. He lives in Arizona and does artistic work with copper. His son was successfully treated by Dr. Rader and as a result, actively promotes Dr. Rader’s stem cell therapy. I received a follow-up call from Mr. John Brower, another father whose son was treated successfully by Dr. Rader. He told me that he was Dr. Rader’s medical assistant and of his son’s condition. He mentioned that in testimonials he used different names because he was Catholic and didn’t want to be hassled by the church for getting embryonic stem cell treatments for his son. He also told me that he was a retired New York police officer. He retired after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. It didn’t surprise me that these two fathers worked at promoting Dr. Rader. Who wouldn’t want to work for a man who saved their son? After reading all the reports on Dr. Rader, being a scam artist, that the success stories are lies, when asked why the stem cells worked so well, his reply was that he didn’t know and attributed it to God or Nature. This resulted in the likening of his stem cell treatments to snake oil by medical doctors. Where is the scientific medical research to prove these claims? Dr. Rader is definitely under attack by the medical establishment and he is not the only one. Dr. Joseph Mercola is another medical professional that is continually attacked for his giving nutritional advice and concerns about our food quality, pharmaceutical treatments, which adversely impact the quality of our lives. I don’t hear medical professionals explain the fact that we are all here because our Fathers impregnated our Mothers and their body then produces a complete human body, with 99.9 percent accuracy, in nine months. I thought that this was the work of those little guys we call stem cells. What more proof do you need about what stem cells can do? Or do you think that this is snake oil. If we want to talk about liars, let’s talk about the biggest liar in the Medical room. Big Pharmaceutical Companies continually advertise their products in the media. They describe how taking their products relieve the symptoms of what is ailing you. They are not in the business of making you well, because that would be putting themselves out of business. They are in the business of making you feel well taking their products. Stop the products, the symptoms come back. Stem cell treatments offer great potential for the cure of many ailments that we now live with daily. Scientists don’t argue with that point. They just keep saying that we are not there yet and maybe not for ten years. This must be a concern for the pharmaceutical industry because a lot of their products would no longer be required if this is realized. In 2004 The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) was created after 59% of California voters approved California Proposition 71 (2004: The California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative). Immediately after the election, lawsuits were filed to block its implementation. The lawsuits were eventually thrown out but it did delay the implementation of CIRM a few years. Who do you think was behind these lawsuits? Big Pharma (as Dr. Mercola calls them) are worldwide. They control the media with huge advertising dollars. They control government agencies, like the FDA, with huge tax dollars. They control the medical profession with huge donations to medical schools for research and gifts of vacations, etc. to doctors for prescribing their products. In short, they are a powerful influence on our medical care.

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Rader is a Quack show details Rader is a Quack
by Dr. Young on Dec 22nd, 2013

Dr William C Rader is a pathological lying fraud and the positive reviews on this board are trolls working for him. He has been charged with fraud, among many criminal charges, by the California Medical Board

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Dr. show details Dr.
by Alexis Arroyo on Aug 12th, 2013

This doctor is one of the most brilliant scientists out of the mainstream corrupted medical doctors, pharmaceutical, insurance companies and medical schools that profit from human suffering. He has a profound understanding of true medicine (the only that prevents and cures) and is profoundly compassionate of the human condition. He has been attacked by the mass media and ignorant doctors who have no understanding whatsoever about true regenerative medicine by use of human fetal stem cells. He will pass into history as a great pioner and stand on the side of those that challenged the medical establishment in the past. I have wittnesed many of his cures.

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Dotor is a scam show details Dotor is a scam
by Eugene B on Aug 4th, 2013

This doctor is trained as a psychiatrist but is taking advantage of desperate people, especially parents of sick children. He takes people to Mexico to inject "stem cells", and promises that he will cure them with a procedure that has "zero risk". There is not one iota of medical data to support what he is doing. He has already been kicked out of the dominican republic for the same scam.

He saved my life show details He saved my life
Apr 2nd, 2013

Back in 2009, I got treated for Muscular Dystrophy by Dr. Rader. It total changed my life. I was bed ridden for 5 years prior to the treatment. I have been slowly getting better. When people ask me about Dr. Rader, all I say is keep an open mind. It might change your life too. There is a lot of negative stuff out there because of political and religious reasons.

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Scammed by stem cell fraud show details Scammed by stem cell fraud
May 2nd, 2012

William C Rader scams desperate people out of their life savings. His testimonials are LIES. It is too late for me but others be warned. There are no miracle recoveries/improvements from his miracle stem cells. He should be in jail. Google "William C Rader, the truth about medra."

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Fined by the Medical Board for false and misleading advertising show details Fined by the Medical Board for false and misleading advertising
Jan 12th, 2012

Dr William C Rader of Medra bankrupts families of disabled children by using his psychiatric skills to prey upon their emotions -usually soon after a diagnosis or accident. His sale people rush your decision, making you think time is of the essence to receive his magical treat all 10 minute stem cell treatment in Mexico. The monetary cost is $30,000 but the emotional toll of being cheated by a genuine doctor has no limit.

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The Best Doctor!! show details The Best Doctor!!
Jan 1st, 2012

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy. I was diagnosed over 30 yrs ago by traditional US doctors who thru the years did nothing. Im now 48yrs of age and was ready for a wheel chair. I found and met Dr. Rader who gave me hope in my life again. I received stem cells and I am up on my feet stronger than I have been in yrs. I was also in bed most days with all kinds of all of the aches and pains are all gone. People might say or think that it's not true and it's all a scam...I'm here to say that it is NOT!!!!

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Snake oil Salesmen show details Snake oil Salesmen
Jun 4th, 2011

Dr. Rader is a notorious stem cell fraud who preys on the desperate and vulnerable scamming them out of their life savings. He has been exposed by 60 minutes, The BBC, Quackwatch, the ISSCR and a variety of media and internet venues

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Apr 4th, 2011

A true assest to the medical community. Able to clearly look outside the box. A real life saver, & brilliant doctor.

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