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 |  Sometimes Excellent; Sometimes Poor  |  show details
Feb 24th, 2014

Constantly changes appointment without regard to my time, distance or age, sometimes changing the same visit 3 or more times. Huge errors on printed forms in diagnosis blamed on new computer program which they've had over a year. Waiting room is packed and wait is at least an hour and has been 2 or more hours several times. Feel he has me come more often than necessary since I don't have diabetes, but am trying to prevent it. I do think he is very knowledgeable of his area of specialty. I see the PA most of the time for the same cost as seeing him, she is good, but not fair charge. Did spend a long time with me on my first visit. Since then maybe 5 minutes at the most. I am looking for a new endocrinologist but their reviews don't look too good either!

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 |  Wonderful Physician and staff  |  show details
by Jane Doe on Jan 3rd, 2014

I came to Dr. Mamish's office after an absolutely terrible experience with Dr. Riche. Dr. Mamish and his staff have never made me regret the decision to come to another provider. I have nothing but accolades for this Dr. and his staff. Bedside manner is second to none and I always feel that he has a personal interest in my health. The only negative is that the waiting room is often crowded and wait time is longer than average. I can deal with this because the care provided exceeds that of any Physician I've ever dealt with. Thank you Dr. Mamish and Staff (Phyllis, I always love your positive caring attitude)! I will always refer my friends and family to you.

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 |  No other endo could seem to help  |  show details
by Thyroid cancer on Sep 7th, 2013

In reading some of the reviews, I am apalled! My mother and I are both patients. My mom first went to him after going to other endos. By the time she met Dr Mamish, her eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Dr Mamish discovered her thyroid cancer. He was so compassionate and caring and he made sure his medical staff took great care to inform us on what to expect in the next stages of her care. This was a frightening time for my family but thank God for Dr Mamish! He made himself available to my mom after hours, awesome man! Keep practicing Dr Mamish and thank you! The wait in his office is worth the care.

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 |  Great FNA  |  show details
by Rebecca on Aug 1st, 2013

I saw him two days ago for a cyst on my thyroid. He listened to what I had to say, waited for me to finish speaking, and then responded in a very respectful manner. With the nature of my visit being somewhat serious, he created an environment where I felt comfortable, and respected. There is something about his calm and understanding presence that made me feel like I was receiving the best care possible. Lastly, I would like to mention that he is extremely good at what he does. He preformed am ultrasound-guided FNA (fine needle aspiration) which is where a very fine needle is inserted into the neck. I am not good with getting blood drawn (I usually pass out). However, when Dr. Mamish preformed this procedure, I felt almost zero pain! There was no numbing medicine used on me whatsoever, but I was okay with that because I felt I could trust him and I'm glad I did.

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 |  patient  |  show details
by Kathleen mack on Jul 12th, 2013

Ive read other reviews on here where people wrote that Dr Mamish has a"god complex" , hitting the nail on the head. Mamish was extremely rude to me when I seen him at my appt Yesterday tearing into me for cancelling my thyroid scan due to my 6 yr old being very ill , and then told me thatd why my insurance Co. Wouldn't pay for my rescheduled scan. He kept calling me Mary and when I asked him why he wsd calling me Mary , he replies "because that's your name (my name is Kathleen) I snapped back at him saying " NO ITS NOT !"HE LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS THE CRAZY ONE ! His office manager said they left a message with my 6 yr old for me to call yhem back , which was a lie because I have a code lock on my phone to whete he would not be able to answer it. I left that place in tears, and called them today releasing myself from that jerks care. wasspeaking to me in a loud , rude manner. He wad berating me ( im 41 yrs old). Then he tried telling me thst his staff called my phone to schedule lab work amd

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 |  Find another Dr. Before you find Mamish and staff.  |  show details
by sAg on May 21st, 2013

There are others Endos in Pensacola. Go to one of them and save the Pain and inconsiderate waste of your time. Appointments are very difficult to get over the phone even if you can get by the 15 min wait and RUDENESS on the other end. If you are a secure person, you may not be bothered that the person Facing the other side of the glass does Not even look up to acknowledge your being. Bring a short Russian novel to read as you wait with the grossly Overbooked masses. Bring a small jacket. After you finish your book, watch TV, and look at the pyramids on the wall, you get weighed. You Then will be sentenced to solitary confinement in a small TV less room like a prisoner. If all is going as usual, In total over an hour has passed and you Roll the dice to see if you are blessed to see Dr. Mamish, who thinks he is a god, or a lovely PA who nods then leaves the room and has her nods over ruled. If Mamish opens the door....be prepared to be insulted no holds bared. Try and tell him how YOU feel (after all you Are there for YOU), " it is Nothing...." When you leave you feel as if you have done something Really wrong and confession worthy AND You get To Pay for it. On my first visit he told me I was Dying. Years later he twice said I was cured. when I questioned him he followed that up with "As long as I take my meds". I have a perpetual disease. there is No cure if you are close to Panama city / Destin, go to Dr. Camel.

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 |  Jr  |  show details
by Jack L Cobb. on May 18th, 2013

Excellent physician,caring passionate and very competent. He diagnosed my rare condition in 2008 and helped me achieve a much better quality of life which by the way was missed by other endocrinologists at Mayo and UAB. Now that I moved back to DC and going through this web page I have to stop and thank this man I really miss talking to him and miss his wonderful smile. He took all the time to review extensive records and ordered all the tests that led to the right diagnosis and right treatment.Thank you Dr Mamish for who you are ,what you have done to save my life and for beeing so gentle and caring ,I will never forget you. Jack

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 |  horrible doctor  |  show details
by ME on Feb 3rd, 2013

I went to Dr. Mamish for about 2 years and absolutely hated him, his ego is wayyyy too high. He doesn't care to hear what you have to say and by God if you ever accidently mess up on the way you take your medication he will NEVER let you live it down. And if you hate waiting, don't choose him as your doctor. You will wait at least an hour before being seen. I swear they schedule more than one patient at once. It's absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend this doctor to my worst enemy!

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 |  PCOS  |  show details
Oct 31st, 2012


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 |  Won't be going back  |  show details
Aug 20th, 2012

My follow-up visit today after having a scan done, didn't even happen. My appointment was at 10:00, and at 11:15, I left the exam room without being seen. I have been a patient since 2008 and this has always been the case, very slow and running behind, but today took the cake. I will be searching for a new doctor. They need to understand that my time is just as valuable as theirs!

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 |  Tired of poor customer service  |  show details
Jul 19th, 2012

I can't say how the care was because I never made it past the scheduling stage. The telephone system puts you on hold and then there is total silence. I held for about 25 minutes two times, with no MUSAK or message, and then gave up and made my appt. with someone else. If their reception/customer service is lacking that much to begin with, then I don't have too much faith in their medical care.

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 |  Dr refuses to listen or even look at numbers  |  show details
May 30th, 2012

I was referred to Dr Mamish by primary due to signs of hypothyroidism and Cushings. Since Dr Mamish was very booked , my primary ordered any tests that he would need before my second appointment. Dr Mamish didnt even look over the scans or reports that showed serious thyroid issues with a diagnosis of Graves. Dr refused to acknowledge and said the set of t3, t4, and tsh number told him I was fine(which they were NOT within normal range). Then tries to up a medication that I am unable to increase with instructions that could have put me in adrenal crisis. I will be seeking a second opinion from a dr that hopefully will at least take the time to review the information he was given before making up his mind. I like drs that try to work WITH you. Twice I have been to his office and twice I have left more confused than when I went in. I know some drs dont like patients to question them, but when I tried explaining my situation he was down right rude, as though I had insulted him. Drs need to realize that some people need to be treated as a whole and work with their other drs to achieve an overall goal of helping the patient.

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 |  His EGO stops him from being open minded  |  show details
Nov 17th, 2011

I have Osteoporosis. Been seeing Dr. Mamish for at least 4 years. I went to an great web site: "parathyroid.com" I wanted him to check my parathyroid but running some simple lab test. He refused. I wanted him to check my PTH levels, Vit D , Phosphate, magnesium, serium calcium, ionized calcium levels. He had'nt ordered any blood work on me in years. So I went to my family doctor and asked him to check my PTH level AND it came back elevated. When I told Dr. Mamish of what I read on the internet, he said, " I probably wrote it" which I know for a fact that he did not.I was trying to be respectful and keep my mouth shut. I should'nt have to go to other Physicians for bloodwork he should have ordered.

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 |  Don't go to him for Thyroid  |  show details
Jun 22nd, 2011

Was not pleased! Went there for hypothyroid. Started to tell him how I was feeling and he interrupted me and said "it doesn't matter how you feel, we only go by the numbers" I cried because he would not even listen to me. Then he said "there are other doctors you can go to" I just sat a cried. He does not want to work with you and could care less how you feel. He gave me a generic prescription that cost me 10.00 and ordered a test (just to appease me) Got home and looked up the symptoms for what he was testing me for and I had only 1 symptom. I would not recommend him to anyone.

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Apr 7th, 2011

i would never visist his office again , he was rude .

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Feb 11th, 2011

i have nothing but Respect for him. He has aways been very Professional and very informative with any Quesstion I had asked him

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Aug 7th, 2010

Dr. Mamish is horrible. I'm very dissapointed with the visits I've had with him. He basically accused my husband and I of lying because he couldn't find the reason for my sudden weight gain. When he met with us he was very unfriendly and then when I reviewed my medical record he wrote that I said things that I didn't. It seems like he was just trying to cover his butt so he could get paid and had no regards for his patient.

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 |  RUDE-RUDE-RUDE--No surprise for Sacred Heart  |  show details
Apr 7th, 2010

Went as a new patient for a better understanding of the thyroid disease and what would be best for me in regards to foods, supplements, etc since what I read online and people I spoke with was so conflicting. After stating this to Dr. Mamish and some assistant doctor-in-training, he looked at me and said "you're not fat because of your thyroid, you're fat because you eat too much and are lazy. Go to Books a Million and buy a book on calorie counting and go on a diet." Then his little assistant passed me a note suggesting I join Weight Watchers. Seriously?? I am aware I am overweight, but if you were listening, that's not why I was there. HORRIBLE bedside manner. Sacred Heart hospital has horrible customer service with ALL of their staff, from their housekeepers to their doctors. Baptist Hospital is SOOO much nicer.

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by Helen on Feb 24th, 2010


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 |  Referral  |  show details
by Liza Van Brussel on Aug 8th, 2009

I must say I am very disappointed in Dr Mamish and I have never met him. He was recommended to me so I called as a new thyroid patient for an appointment. I was told I needed a referral from my primary physician in Jacksonville. Got it, and lab results FAXed to his office. I called to make an appointment. I was told'we just received your referral today. Dr. Mamish has to review the record and then we will call you next Wenesday to schedule an appointment.' Flabbergasted at this point, I say ' I'm running out of medicine.' I was informed that those are his rules and to call my family physician in Jacksonville for a refill. I said 'I don't think he's gonna have a patient.' This is just a simple, well-documented hypothyroid condition. Nobody is this important. Bye Dr. Mamish!

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Sep 1st, 2006 on yahoo.com

As an endocrinologist: poor: Seemed to be in a hurry. Spent very little time analyzing the data we brought in. I felt weary of his dosage chart adjustments, they were hastily written on a piece of paper with no explanation of the reasoning and after about

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