Diabetes – Patient Education Overview

Diabetes is a life-long condition that occurs when the body cannot metabolize sugars properly, leading to high blood sugar levels. Adequate patient education is important for diabetics since this is a daily concern.

In diabetic patients, there is either not enough insulin made or a resistance to the insulin where the body does not respond to it, or a combination. Insulin, which is a hormone made in the pancreas, controls the rate where sugar is sent to other organs and body cells for use as fuel.

There are three common types of diabetes:

Type 1

  • The body does not manufacture enough insulin
  • Daily injections needed
  • Speculated Cause-virus, genetics, autoimmune problem

Type 2

  • Pancreas cannot keep up with insulin demand
  • Cause may be obesity and lack of exercise


  • Develops during pregnancy
  • May transition to Type 2 during the later years of life


Written by Barbara Hales, MD

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