Facial Wrinkles and Lines – Patient Education Overview

Wrinkles are creases, ridges or folds in the skin. They usually manifest due to damage to the skin from:

  • Aging - Inner layer of skin (dermis) thins out. The elastin (protein responsible for skin stretching) and collagen fibers (protein skin architecture) loosen and unravel with decreased elasticity.
  • Smoking - Hinders production of new collagen
  • Sun exposure - Ultraviolet rays cause excessive creation of abnormal elastin and malformation of collagen fibers (solar scars). As the rebuilding process is duplicated continually, wrinkles develop.
  • Poor hydration - Puckering of skin secondary to a decrease of fluid.
  • Genetic predisposition - Poor skin flexibility, skin folds and depression formation tends to run in families.
  • Repetitive muscle contractions - Small muscle contractions with repeated behaviors in frowning, squinting or other facial expressions cause prominence of wrinkles over time.

Dehydration or prolonged water emersion are both responsible for wrinkle formation.

Because it is felt that wrinkle formation is a sign of aging, by ridding the wrinkles and improving the condition of skin, it is felt that the face can be rejuvenated, creating the appearance of youthfulness and a rested state.


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