Doctors Who Treat High Cholesterol – Patient Education

Most likely, a family physician will first detect high cholesterol from a routine blood test. It may also be diagnosed and treated by the following doctors listed:

  • Gynecologist – Female health specialist.
  • Pediatrician –  Specialist in infant, childhood and adolescent care.
  • Gerontologist – Doctor for senior or elder health.

Once a high cholesterol problem is discovered, it can be helpful to consider a team approach to the problem, especially if you are in a high-risk category. These specialists deal with the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol:

  • Nutritionists - Formulate a diet plan that will lower LDL and triglycerides while assisting in a diet program.
  • Personal trainers – Create a personal workout program that will help get a person into shape safely.
  • Nurse educators – Assist individuals in understanding the condition and its significance along with the necessary treatment protocols.
  • Psychologists/Therapists - Help individuals decrease stress or smoking as well as helping any mental adjustments that contribute to the condition.
  • Cardiologists – Treats diseases to the heart and blood vessels. While high cholesterol itself may not merit a consultation with the cardiologist, it would be wise to see a cardiologist if there are other risk-factors present like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and/or family history of high cholesterol or heart problems.