How to Prepare for Your Hysterectomy Doctor Visit

Before surgery for any type of hysterectomy is scheduled, a complete physical examination is performed as well as a thorough review of the following areas listed in this patient education guide:

  • History of previous surgery
  • History of previous medical problems
  • History of allergies

If there are significant medical problems, you will be asked to see a family doctor for medical clearance – an authorization by the physician that you are physically able to tolerate the surgery and anesthesia.

The indication for surgery and type of surgery will be discussed thoroughly, along with benefits, risks, and any concerns expressed by the patient.

Depending on your insurance coverage, you may need to obtain a second opinion or a pre-surgical approval by the insurance company.

Pre-surgery preparation includes the following steps:

  • Smoking cessation for 6-8 weeks prior to surgery, as wound healing is hindered by smoking
  • Discontinuation of aspirin or other blood clotting medications for 10-14 days prior to surgery if possible to decrease excess bleeding risks
  • No eating or drinking from midnight on prior to the day of surgery
  • In some cases, only clear liquids for 1-3 days prior to surgery and laxatives to clean out the colon