Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Hysterectomy

From your initial diagnosis throughout your treatment and care, you will have questions about yourhysterectomy. This patient education guide lists helpful questions for you and your doctor to discuss so you can make informed decisions about your condition.

Question About My Diagnosis

  • Is there a risk that I have cancer?
  • What is the difference between a myomectomy and hysterectomy?
  • If I am already in menopause, does the ovary still perform a function?
  • Why do you feel that I need a hysterectomy?
  • Is there a website or forum that discusses the diagnosis in more detail?
  • How common is my problem?
  • Can there be any other conditions that mimic my diagnosis?
  • Are there other medical conditions associated with my problem?

Questions About My Treatment

  • What type of hysterectomy do you advise for me? Why?
  • What surgical approach are you planning? Why?
  • Will you be taking out my ovaries?
  • Is there something that I can take to prevent instant menopause?
  • Are there treatments that I can have instead?
  • Are there procedures that we can try first?
  • Is there medication to shrink down fibroids?
  • What type of anesthesia would I have?

Questions About My Lifestyle & Family

  • Will having this surgery diminish my sex drive?
  • When can I resume intercourse?
  • Will I need a private duty nurse when I go home?
  • When can I start exercising?
  • Are there exercises that could improve my condition?
  • When can I return to work?
  • When can I drive again?