Common Medications and Treatments for Hysterectomy

A determination will be made regarding they type of hysterectomy surgery needed and as to whether or not the ovaries need to be removed and whether the cervix needs to be removed depending on the test results (possibility of cancer). Read more about treatments in this patient education guide.

If a hysterectomy is done for the indication of cancer, a further tumor workup is justified with possible chemotherapy and radiation therapy (pending pathology results).


How It’s Done


Chemotherapy Drugs can be given orally or through an intravenous (IV) line which is inserted into an arm vein with an IV bottle attachment having a sugar and water solution.

The protocol for duration and frequency of treatment is dependent upon the particular drug combination, extent of cancer and facility that is administering the drugs.

Drugs destroy tumors and cancer cells

(Often combined with radiation therapy)

Radiation Therapy After lying down on an exam table, a machine suspended over your body sends out high-energy radiation beams to the localized area where the cancer is located. Adjuvant therapy- postoperative treatment to prevent cancer recurrence

Treatment of returning cancer



You are placed on the exam table/bed in a fetal position with knees to the chest and the back curled out.  The back is prepped with antiseptics and then local anesthetic is used to numb the skin over the site for the epidural.

A needle is carefully inserted into the space above the spinal cord and a thin catheter is threaded through this needle into the epidural space.

The needle is then removed and a small pressure bandage is applied to cover the injection site. Pain medication is given through the catheter (and can be attached to a pump with a button to press for more pain relief as needed.

Helps provide comfort.

Recover faster and decrease complications by getting you mobile in less time.

Steroid injection through an epidural line relieves pain and helps a patient recuperate with exercise and rehab.