Doctors Who Treat Influenza / The Flu

Healthcare providers that care for an individual on an ongoing basis would most likely be the ones to diagnose and treat influenza, most commonly referred to as the flu. These include:

General Practitioner (family practice) - This doctor deals with prevention, discovery and treatment of illnesses in all age categories.

Internist - A physician who focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of adult illness.

Gynecologist - A clinician who specializes in female health.

Gerontologist - This is a specialist in senior or elder health.

Nurse Practitioner - A Nurse Practitioner focuses on prevention, wellness and education of patients about health and health choices.

Pulmonologist - A Pulmonologist focuses on health and disease of the lungs. This type of doctor will treat someone with influenza if respiratory problems or pneumonia sets in secondary to the initial influenza viral infection.

Written by Barbara Hales, MD