Doctors Who Treat Multiple Sclerosis

As multiple sclerosis is diagnosed, treated and managed, you may encounter the following team of doctors and specialists. Having a team of doctors or specialists with varied expertise will more accurately help diagnose the possibility of having multiple sclerosis and enable better management of disabling symptoms.

Members of the multiple sclerosis treatment team include:

  • Neurologist - Helps diagnose and manage symptoms of multiple sclerosis affecting nerves like shakes, weakness of muscles or limbs and thinking abilities.
  • Physiatrist - A doctor who specializes in rehabilitation therapy. This doctor designs a treatment plan to help keep as much function as possible.
  • Occupational Therapist - Plans out strategies to help perform tasks that will be needed at work
  • Nutritionist - Plans out daily dietary needs, vitamins and meal plans to achieve maximum balanced health
  • Physical Therapist - Designs an exercise program to maintain balance, coordination and strength.
  • Speech Pathologist - Assesses and formulates exercises to treat communication problems
  • Psychologist - Assesses disturbances in mood (depression, anxiety, tension) or mental health associated with multiple sclerosis and provides therapy to improve the problem
  • Psychiatrist - Doctor who provides medication or shock therapy to improve mental health issues associated with multiple sclerosis
  • Urologist - Doctor who deals with urinary tract problems and supplies advice or medication for any dysfunction in this system due to multiple sclerosis
  • Nurse - Provides education for multiple sclerosis and helps coordinate care
  • Social worker - Puts patients in touch with support groups and helps with insurance or disability forms as well as any agencies that will be needed for additional services
  • Family Physician or Internist - Coordinates care from all the specialists and treats any conditions or disorders that may be occurring simultaneously


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