How to Prepare for Your Osteoporosis Doctor Visit

Having made your appointment with a healthcare provider, there are certain actions that you need to take in order to maximize the benefit of your Osteoporosis doctor visit. Please read the osteoporosis patient education guide listed below.

Bone density tests are done with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). Although it is painless and easy, there are a few steps to take in preparation.

  • Stop taking calcium supplements two days prior to the DEXA scan as increased levels can cause inaccurate measurements.
  • Meals are eaten as usual.
  • Do not take osteoporosis medication the day of the test.
  • Wait two weeks or more for the scan if you are also undergoing a barium enema or other radiological test using contrast material as it will interfere with the scan result.
  • Inform the technician if you are right or left-handed since scanning of the hip is done on the non-dominant side.
  • On the day of the scan, wear loose-fitting clothes without metal zippers.