Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Seasonal Allergies

From your initial diagnosis throughout your treatment and care, you will have questions about your seasonal allergies. This patient education guide lists questions to discuss with your doctor so you can make informed decisions about your condition.


Question About My Diagnosis

  • What makes me allergic to certain allergens?
  • How do I find out which plant pollens I am allergic to?
  • Will I need to see a specialist for my allergies? Will insurance pay for this?
  • How often will I need to see the specialist?


Questions About My Treatment

  • What type of medication is used to treat seasonal allergies? Are there side effects?
  • Will I have to take medication forever?
  • Will other medications I take interact with my allergy medication?
  • Can I drink alcohol while taking my allergy medication?
  • Am I a candidate for allergy shots? How do allergy shots work?


Questions About My Lifestyle & Family

  • Do I need to change my daily activities and routines to avoid my allergens?
  • Do I have to stay indoors during my allergy season?
  • Other than staying indoors, are there steps I can take to minimize exposure to my allergens?