Common Tests or Labs to Diagnose Seasonal Allergies

At an appointment with an allergist, he or she will ask many questions about your health history and perform allergy tests to determine which allergens trigger your seasonal allergies. Skin tests and blood tests are the most common forms of allergy testing.



Why Test?

What Happens?

Normal Result

Skin Prick Test To find out if your body produces antibodies that react to a specific allergen A needle is used to place a tiny amount of allergen just below the surface of the skin on your lower arm or back. If you are allergic to that allergen, there will be swelling or redness at the test site.
Blood Test To measure the levels of specific antibodies to allergens, such as pollen and mold, in your blood Blood is drawn with a syringe, typically from the arm. Antibodies to a specific allergen in the blood indicate a possible allergy to that allergen.