Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Stroke

From your initial diagnosis throughout your treatment and care, you will have questions about your condition. Listed below in this stroke patient education guide are a list of questions to discuss with your doctor so you can make informed decisions about your condition and your care.

Questions About My Diagnosis

  • What caused my stroke?
  • Will my symptoms get worse?
  • Will I become completely disabled?
  • Will I ever regain some or all of the physical function I lost?
  • Will I ever regain some or all of the brain function I lost?

Questions About My Treatment

  • Are there medications to help with my post-stroke symptoms? Are there side effects?
  • Are there medications to help prevent another stroke? Are there side effects?
  • Will physical therapy help me improve physical function?
  • Is there therapy that will help me improve brain function?
  • Are there alternative or complementary therapies that may help manage my symptoms?

Questions About My Lifestyle & Family

  • Do I need to make any changes to my diet or daily routines?
  • Will exercise help me recover from my stroke?
  • Are there certain jobs or activities I can’t do because I’ve had a stroke?
  • Is it safe to have sex after a stroke?
  • Is there a support group in my area for stroke survivors and their families?


Written by Laurie LaRusso, MS, ELS