Hepatitis C

5 steps to find the right doctor for you

What types of doctors diagnose and treat hepatitis C infection?

If your “regular” doctor suspects you or a family member may be infected with the hepatitis C (hep C) virus, or if a blood test has confirmed a hep C diagnosis, you might think you’d be referred to an infectious disease specialist.

However, because hep C is so often a chronic (long-term) infection that can seriously damage your liver, most people who have it and need to see a specialist are referred to:

  • A gastroenterologist or pediatric gastroenterologist (if the patient is a child): a doctor with advanced training who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the digestive tract

Some gastroenterologists, called hepatologists, specialize in caring for people with liver diseases such as hepatitis C (“hepar” means “liver”).