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Established in 2004, HealthCARE Express is a group medical practice specializing in urgent care and occupational medicine. Dr. Tim Reynolds and Dr. H.J. Platt had a vision to bring quality healthcare, with a focus on urgent care and wellness to the city of Texarkana. Both physicians are board certified in emergency medicine and had been working in the emergency room at Wadley Hospital when they realized an urgent care center was needed in the community. As the vision for the clinic grew, so did the number of patients and doctors. The clinic soon increased staff and brought on Kevin McCann, RN-CFNP and Steve Foltz, RN-CFNP. In 2005, the group added occupational medicine to the practice. In January of 2006, the clinic expanded and opened in a new, state-of-the-art, healthcare facility on Richmond Road in Texarkana, Texas. In December of 2008, a second facility was opened on West 7th Street in Wake Village, Texas. Combined, the clinics see an average of almost 200 patients daily and are staffed by 4 medical doctors and 11 mid-levels. In January of 2010, HealthCARE Express announced plans to open a third location in Longview, Texas on West Loop 281. The clinic opened in June 2010, and is staffed by one medical doctor and one mid-level. HealthCARE Express clinics are designed to treat patients of all ages. Each clinic has rooms specially designed for children, to help make their visits more enjoyable. Our pedi-rooms feature murals of Sponge Bob and of Klondike, the HealthCARE Express polar bear mascot. Klondike periodically pops in to visit children in their rooms and is also a regular fixture at community events. All HealthCARE Express clinics feature state-of-the-art technology, including on-site labs and digital X-Rays.

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