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1 reviews for Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Center

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Apr 24th, 2014

The staff was very professional and wonderful to deal with. However, Dr. Callahan was quite the opposite. She was extremely short and seemed utterly unconcerned about my skin cancer screening, which the main reason for my visit. Instead, she chose to focus on the damage the sun has caused to my skin over the years, which I knew was irreparable prior to my visit with her. The damage had been caused some years ago, and pointing out that there was nothing to be done was redundant and unnecessary. The lecture I received about taking proper care of my skin was also unnecessary. Had she bothered to inquire and had not been in such a rush to leave the exam room, I would have told her I have done everything I possibly could to take care of my condition. Overall, I found her to be extremely unaware of such a sensitive subject, and believe she could use a lesson in tact when it comes to dealing with patients.